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Code name
Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Industrial Complex (3)
Outskirts (2)
Chimney Canopy (1)
Garbage Wastes (1)
Sky Islands (1)
Pipeyard (2)
Respawn time
4 to 9 cycles

Batnip, referred to in-code as Fly Lures, is a red-orange, fern-like plant that attracts Batflies. It can be found across many regions, most commonly in those with large populations of Batflies.


Attracting Batflies

Batnip attracts any Batflies that see it, allowing them to be caught easily. This effect works regardless of whether the Batnip has been uprooted, but Batnip that is being held by a creature (such as Slugcat) is slightly worse at attracting Batflies.

If the Batnip is laying on the ground, it will attempt to attrack a batfly at a rate averaging at 8 times per second; the rate is decreased to ~1.9 times per second if it's held by a creature. This picks a random Batfly in the room and lures it to the Batnip for any duration of time between 0.25 and 2 seconds. If the selected Batfly is already lured to either this Batnip or a different closer one, is too far away, or is unable to see the Batnip, nothing will happen.

While being lured, the Batfly will randomly attempt to move towards the Batnip. The chance gets decreased if the Batnip is moving around quickly, making luring less effective. Once the Batfly is close enough to the Batnip, it will ruffle the Batnip and lose interest in it until lured again by the Batnip. If the Batnip gets moved to a different room, all Batflies immediately lose interest in it.

Batnip can be swallowed or stored in a shelter for later use and lasts indefinitely without losing effectiveness.

A group of Batflies tasting some Batnip


Batnip may be used in trade with Scavengers, though its trading value is low.


  • The number of leaves on a Batnip plant is variable, having between 6 and 10 leaves. It is possible for a Batnip plant to have an odd number of leaves, making it asymmetrical.
  • ✔️DLC Artificer can craft a Cherrybomb for 1 food pip 🌕 when swallowing Batnip.