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Code name
Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Industrial Complex (3)
Outskirts (2)
Chimney Canopy (1)
Garbage Wastes (1)
Sky Islands (1)
Pipeyard (2)
Respawn time
4 to 9 cycles

Batnip, also known as "Fly Lures", are red, fern-like plants that attract  Batflies. It can be found across many regions, most commonly in those with large populations of Batflies.



Batnip attract any  Batflies that see it, allowing them to be caught easily. This effect works regardless of whether the Batnip has been 'uprooted,' but Batnip that is being held by a creature (such as Slugcat) is slightly worse at attracting Batflies. Batnip can be swallowed or stored in a shelter for later use, and last indefinitely without losing effectiveness.

A group of Batflies tasting some Batnip


  • The number of 'leaves' on a Batnip plant is variable, having between 6 and 10 leaves. It is possible for a Batnip plant to have an odd number of leaves, making it asymmetrical.
  • Batnip as ✔️DLCArtificer can be transformed into a  Cherrybomb for 1 food pip 🌕.