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Code name
Weapon, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Farm Arrays (8, 13 with More Slugcats Expansion)
Garbage Wastes (4, none as Artificer and Spearmaster)
Industrial Complex (2, none as Monk)
Respawn time
7 to 10 cycles (variations: 2-3, 2-4, 2-5)

A Beehive with an unusually tall stem

Beehives, also referred to as Paincones, are environmental hazards that can be triggered with creature proximity or picked up and thrown at range. Not lethal by themselves, Beehives are capable of immobilizing even the largest creatures for a short period of time. They appear as reddish-black bulbs growing on long, swaying stems with small black 'bees' hovering around them.



Beehives in the wild normally activate with creature proximity but can be pacified with the use of a Spore Puff, allowing them to be carried by Slugcat with no activation risk. Beehives can also be quickly plucked off their stems and thrown before activation. They are sometimes carried by Scavengers.

When thrown or activated, a large quantity of 'bees' bursts out of the hive, flashing red and white as they attack nearby creatures. These 'bees' tether creatures to surfaces with thin web-like strings and last for 9-10 seconds. A few strings can be broken by movement, but the creature is immobilized for a few seconds. 'Bees' and their strings deal negligible damage; however, they can render creatures vulnerable to attack.


  • Beehives were added in the game's 1.5 update.
  • It is possible to be killed by Beehives, though this is usually only doable in the Arena's sandbox mode. The player must first fill up a large pit with Beehives, then detonate them all at once with a Cherrybomb. The massive swarm of bugs may cause the game to lag and create strange effects when they attach to Slugcat (e.g. making sharp turns for no reason). After a while, Slugcat abruptly dies. This is not intentional and is likely due to a glitch that arises when such a large number of entities are on-screen and manipulating Slugcat at once, placing the game engine under a large amount of stress.
  • Many creatures can be killed by Beehives if enough are thrown, as each 'bee' that attaches to a creature deals a minuscule amount of damage. However, this is unlikely to be possible outside of the Arena unless the creature's health is brought down low enough beforehand.
    • With ✔️DLCDownpour's Joke Rifle, this is much easier to achieve, as the insects that it fires when loaded with a Beehive behave much more consistently, making it possible to ensure that most or all of them affect the target. Relatedly, Rifle-fired insects almost never target the Rifle user, so using it to be killed by Bees is impossible.