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"Bubble Weed"
Code name
Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Drainage System (10 as Monk, 2 as Survivor, none as Hunter)
Shoreline (2, +5 as Monk)

Drainage System (12 as Hunter/Artificer, 5 as Rivulet, 1 as Spearmaster) Chimney Canopy (7 as everyone), Submerged Superstructure (25 as everyone)

Five Pebbles (25 as ???, 0 as Artificer/Gourmand/Spearmaster)

Respawn time
4 to 9 cycles

Bubble Weed or Bubble Grass are green plants that have oxygen-filled bubbles at the tips of their branches. Bubble Weed are found in aquatic regions, such as Drainage System, Shoreline, ✔️DLC Submerged Superstructure, Chimney Canopy, and ???'s Variant of Five Pebbles. These plants act as oxygen tanks underwater, providing 20-30 seconds of air before Slugcat's own reserves are used up.



Bubble Weed releases a stream of bubbles underwater, indicating extended breathing time. During this process, each bubble on the plant is exhausted individually, until the entire plant is dark and wilted. When found in the world, Bubble Weed plants are often found attached to the ground, with all bubbles filled. When thrown, these plants have tendency to float upwards before descending slowly to the ground. Bubble Weed are buoyant enough to float on the surface of water.

Bubble Weed stuns all varieties of Leech until it has run out of air. This interaction only happens when underwater.


  • Bubble Weed was added to the game in the 1.5 update.
  • Bubble Weed will slowly release its air when underwater, regardless of if the slugcat is holding it.
  • Two individual stalks of Bubble Weed can be held at the same time but doing so underwater drains both reserves simultaneously with no added benefit.
  • Slugcat can boost underwater without using up Bubble Weed faster.
  • ???s version of Five Pebbles and Submerged Superstructure are tied for the most Bubble Weed in any region at 25
  • If not held, Bubble Weed floats to the top of a region gate during the heating part of the gate sequence.
  • Swallowing Bubble Weed allows for easier transport, especially through lightly flooded areas, as the reserves aren’t used up while inside Slugcat's stomach.
  • When ✔️DLCArtificer holds Bubble Weed, it burns up and cannot be used.