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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
"Caramel Lizard"
Code name
Food Pips

10 🌕 As Hunter

10 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

5 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Gourmand

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: Farm Arrays, Subterranean

As Monk: Outskirts, Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy, Outer Expanse

As SurvivorAs Gourmand: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy, Outer Expanse

As Hunter: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy

As Rivulet: Outskirts, Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy

As Saint: Outskirts, Garbage Wastes

Damage Multipliers
Head (Bite)4%
Throat (Bite)60%

Caramel Lizards are a species of Lizard exclusive to ✔️DLC Downpour. They are characterized by their large size and ability to leap and spit projectiles.


Caramel Lizards are large and bulky Lizards. They are the only species of Lizard to have 6 legs, with the middle pair being slightly shorter. Their bodies may vary in color but are always pale. Their other colors can vary from pale yellows to dark, desaturated oranges. They have rectangular heads with knobby spikes along the top.


A Caramel Lizard accidentally leaping away from a Big Spider while trying to catch it.


Caramel Lizards are a formidable threat with relatively high health, taking about 5-6 Spear hits to kill. Despite being unable to climb, their leaps make them capable of attacking Slugcat when on poles or elevated platforms. However, Caramel Lizards have difficulty navigating over uneven terrain, making them easier to evade. As with other Lizards, they can be flipped over using Rocks, though this has no effect when they are charging. They can also be scared off by the use of Cherrybombs.


Caramel Lizards, similarly to Green Lizards, have a line of sight that stays mostly on ground level. This causes them to often stand idle until they notice prey or a threat. Like all other Lizards, they are capable of hearing and investigate noises produced by creatures or items. Once a Caramel Lizard has noticed prey, they become difficult to lose; crawling, avoiding making noise, and avoiding their line of sight can help the player sneak past them.


Due to their leaping capabilities, Caramel Lizards can be hard to avoid. However, their attacks are slow and clumsy, making it easy to avoid them with backflips. When they leap, they become disoriented for a short duration, giving time to move past them. Staying on high ground or passing through tunnels below them is a reliable way to avoid Caramel Lizards. Additionally, they can be baited into leaping off ledges or away from Slugcat. Caramel Lizards also have difficulty turning around over terrain and in pipes, leaving time for evasion if they must turn to chase the player.

Abilities & Behavior


Caramel Lizards have a leaping attack, signaled by a short windup in which they hiss before leaping towards their target. This attack allows them to catch creatures on poles or reach platforms above ground level. However, this attack is clumsy and inaccurate, and they may hit walls or leap off of ledges. When they miss, they are disoriented for a short period of time.

A Caramel Lizard knocking Hunter off of a pole with its spit.

Projectile Spit

Caramel Lizards, similarly to Red Lizards, have the ability to launch projectile spit at their prey. While they do not deal damage, these projectiles heavily weigh down whatever they strike while also causing a large amount of knockback. Caramel Lizards must stop moving in order to use these projectiles. The centers of these projectiles share the same color as the Caramel Lizard's head.


Caramel Lizards are relatively easy to tame and require only 1-2 feedings. This can be complicated due to their leaping, which can make it more difficult for them to pick up food. Additionally, their large size can make it more difficult for them to exit shelters.

Once tamed, they attempt to fight off threats to the player like any other Lizard. They do not leap to follow the player onto higher terrain, which makes them unsuitable for long journeys, but their durability can be helpful in regions with lots of flat terrain.


Default relationship Ignores (0.0)
Wants to eat Yeeks (1.0)  •  Scavengers (0.8)  •  Elite Scavengers (0.8)  •  Chieftain Scavenger (0.8)  •  Infant Centipedes (0.8)  •  Adult Centipedes (0.8)  •  Centiwings (0.8)  •  Aquapedes (0.8)  •  Big Spiders (0.6)  •  Spitter Spiders (0.6)  •  Mother Spiders (0.6)  •  Slugcat NPCs (0.5)  •  Strawberry Lizards (0.3)  •  Lantern Mice (0.3)  •  Infant Noodleflies (0.3)  •  Blue Lizards (0.25)  •  Eel Lizards (0.25)  •  Adult Noodleflies (0.25)  •  Dropwigs (0.2)  •  Hazers (0.15)  •  Eggbugs (0.1)  •  Jetfish (0.1)  •  Squidcadas (0.05)  •  Grappling Worms (0.025)
Afraid of Miros Vultures (1.0)  •  Inspectors (1.0)  •  Brother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Daddy Long Legs (1.0)  •  Mother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Hunter Long Legs (1.0)  •  Leviathans (1.0)  •  Vultures (0.9)  •  Stowaways (0.9)  •  King Vultures (0.5)  •  Red Centipedes (0.5)  •  Pole Plants (0.2)  •  Monster Kelp (0.2)  •  Giant Jellyfish (0.2)
Fights for territory with Green Lizards (0.8)  •  Pink Lizards (0.2)  •  Lizards (0.1)  •  White Lizards (0.05)
Reputation-based Slugcats (0.5)

Variants & Attributes

Caramel Lizards, like Salamanders, are one of the few Lizard species to have hue variation to their bodies. They are also the only Lizard to have varying saturation in their cosmetic color in accordance to the HSL color system used for Lizards. Their heads can range from bright whites to pale yellows to dark ambers. Caramel Lizards use two different color ranges. 33% of all Caramel Lizards use one range, while the other 66% use a second range. Caramel Lizards also have a few unique head sprites, which feature large, bulky horns and knobs along the tops of their heads.

Caramel Lizards have seven possible cosmetic features: TailTuft, BodyStripes, BumpHawk, LongHeadScales, SpineSpikes, LongShoulderScales, and ShortBodyScales. They are most likely to generate with TailTufts and BodyStripes. The BodyStripes cosmetic is exclusive to Caramel Lizards.


  • Caramel Lizards are immune to bites from Red Lizards.
    • Additionally, their bites have no effect on Green Lizards.
  • Caramel Lizards are immune to Worm Grass.
  • Caramel Lizards prey upon Blue Lizards, Eel Lizards, and Strawberry Lizards.
  • Despite appearing bulkier than Green Lizards, Caramel Lizards are afraid of Vultures.
    • This is because their mass is actually 4.0, the same as an Eel Lizard, while Green Lizards have a mass of 7.5.
    • This leads to them also being affected by regular Vulture Masks.
  • Caramel Lizards are the only Lizard variant other than Red Lizards that can spit.