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Code name
Weapon, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Subterranean (26)
Sky Islands (13)
Farm Arrays (12)
Industrial Complex (9)
Garbage Wastes (8)
Shoreline (4)
The Exterior (3)
Chimney Canopy (2)
Outskirts (2)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 1-3, 3-3, 3-5)

The Cherrybomb (also known as the Firebush or Gunpowder Plant, and referred to in-code as the Firecracker Plant) is a plant featuring several small red berries along a central black stem. It serves as a weak, non-lethal explosive.



When thrown, the berries activate and produce a series of small but loud explosions after a brief delay. The number of explosions a Cherrybomb does is randomly picked. Each explosion deals no direct damage but deafens all hearing creatures in its radius, stuns most smaller creatures in the radius, including Slugcat, and temporarily scares and disorients larger creatures such as  Lizards. Additionally, the explosions generated by them can ignite other explosives, and vice versa.

Furthermore, their explosions are capable of launching Slugcat, giving them a niche usage for movement purposes. However, they are somewhat unreliable as the launch is inconsistent and the Cherrybomb cannot be reused.


Cherrybombs may be used in trade with  Scavengers, though their value is quite low.


  • The size and amount of berries on a Cherrybomb varies between individual plants.