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"Chieftain Scavenger"
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Artificer head.png: Metropolis

The Chieftain Scavenger is a unique Scavenger icon.png Scavenger variant exclusive to the Artificer head.png Artificer campaign in the Downpour DLC. It can be found in Metropolis Safari Icon.png Metropolis, in the 12th Council Pillar, the House of Braids subregion.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Chieftain Scavenger has the standard appearance of a Scavenger but sports a unique mask, containing 2 large antler-like protrusions on either side. The 'antler' tips are painted red, with strings of white and pink pearl-like beads hanging from them. The edges of the eye-sockets have a ring of red paint, and there is a Karma 3 Icon.png Karma symbol painted on the forehead of the mask. Chieftain Scavenger has 3 Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipede scales attached to its body, and large red-orange eyes visible through the mask's eye sockets.

The Chieftain Scavenger is also uniquely the only non-Slugcat being seen in Rain World to have the Mark of Communication, and the only creature besides Artificer with a Citizen ID Drone.
Chieftain Scavenger perched on the ground

Tips[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

The Chieftain Scavenger is initially neutral to the player, aggressively pointing towards the exit in an attempt to urge them to leave. It only becomes hostile once it is attacked with a weapon, physically moved from its current position by the Slugcat head.png Slugcat, and, oddly enough, when presented with a gift such as a RWPearl.png Pearl. After being angered, it leaps to the right, threat music plays, and the Chieftain Scavenger begins to pick up and utilize the many weapons scattered across the floor. Scavengers and Elite Scavenger icon.png Elite Scavengers also enter on the left side of the room at the start of the fight, acting as extra threats and a way to block off the exit. Due to this, it is better to keep the fight on the right side of the room, as the new Scavengers stay on the left side, guarding the exit.

Spears[edit | edit source]

Fighting the Chieftain Scavenger is a lengthy ordeal, as its Red Centipede shells act as armor, requiring 3 Spear icon.png Spear hits or a Grenade icon.png Grenade blast to knock them all off. The Slugcat is able to get 1 Spear hit off right after aggravating the Chieftain, before it jumps off the platform. When all of the Chieftain Scavenger's armor has been dislodged, it only takes a few well-placed Spears to kill it and dislodge its mask.

One common strategy employed by players to circumvent the main challenge of the fight is to move all the Spears and Grenade icon.pngExplosive Spear icon.png Explosives either to one side of the room or out of it entirely before starting the fight itself. This prevents Chieftain Scavenger from having access to them.

Another way to limit the Chieftain Scavenger of weapons is to lodge all available Spears into walls. Unlike the Artificer, Scavengers are unable to dislodge Spears from walls, leaving them defenseless. This strategy is not foolproof, as the Chieftain Scavenger can use spears that bounce off their armor. This can be avoided, however, by stockpiling and solely using Explosives. They should not be placed together, however, as one explosion can cause a chain reaction.

Grenade icon.png Grenades[edit | edit source]

Artificer can use Grenades at point blank to deal damage. This is relatively safe if done at the right side of the room, as Artificer recovers more quickly and can move away or initiate a second attack before the Chieftain Scavenger can react.

Mauling[edit | edit source]

Using the Maul ability, Artificer can repeatedly stun then maul the Chieftain Scavenger. This method is very slow, but it removes the need to destroy the Chieftain Scavenger's armor.

Stunning[edit | edit source]

The Chieftain Scavenger can be knocked off of its platform with the Artificer's Concussive Blast ability.

Artificer can also use it to stun the Chieftain Scavenger, which disables its armor briefly. If this is done in a tight space, repeatedly stunning and jabbing it with a normal Spear can kill it with speed and ease.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

The Artificer can use their Explosive Jump ability to avoid Spears thrown by the Chieftain Scavenger. It is also a suitable escape option after striking the Chieftain Scavenger with a Spear. When paired with the Parry ability, Artificer is able to periodically stun and injure the Chieftain Scavenger with ease.

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Chieftain Scavenger remains neutral until provoked or disturbed, sat atop a large platform. When in this neutral state, the Chieftain Scavenger follows the player with its gaze, occasionally frantically pointing towards the exit to the left. Attempting to give it any items results in it becoming hostile. After the fight with the Chieftain Scavenger is initiated, it periodically retreats to the other side of the room when hit with a Spear.

Leaping[edit | edit source]

The Chieftain Scavenger has the ability to launch itself through the air with a short start-up, much like Elite Scavengers. It utilizes this for quick traversal in its room, a way to avoid incoming attacks, as well as throwing Spears in midair at threats.

Chieftain Scavenger's Citizen ID Drone[edit | edit source]

Chieftain Scavenger's drone pointing at the player as "danger".

Like the Artificer, the Chieftain Scavenger also has a Citizen ID Drone that follows it around, pointing at danger. The drone is a deep maroon, with orange details on the side protrusions and bottom, and a bright flashing light in the center. The drone does not stray far from its owner, staying in the same screen at all times and floating around it. When the Chieftain Scavenger is killed, the light on the Drone begins to blink.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Default relationship Rwtooltip.pngIgnores (0.1)
IgnoresInfant Centipede icon.png Centipede (Infant) (0)  •  Infant Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Infant) (0)
AttacksOverseer icon.png Overseer (1)  •  Inspector icon.png Inspector (1)  •  Firebug icon.png Firebug (1)  •  Yeek icon.png Yeek (0.1)
Afraid ofRot (Brother Long Legs icon.png Brother Long Legs  •  Daddy Long Legs icon.png Daddy Long Legs  •  Mother Long Legs icon.png Mother Long Legs  •  Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs) (1)  •  Miros Vulture icon.png Miros Vulture (1)  •  King Vulture icon.png King Vulture (0.95)  •  Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipede (0.95)  •  Stowaway icon.png Stowaway (0.9)  •  Vulture icon.png Vulture (0.75)  •  Miros Bird icon.png Miros Bird (0.7)  •  Monster Kelp icon.png Monster Kelp (0.65)  •  Dropwig icon.png Dropwig (0.55)  •  Lizards icon.png Lizards (0.5)  •  Big Spider icon.png Big Spider  •  Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spider  •  Mother Spider icon.png Mother Spider (0.45)  •  Centipedes icon.png Centipedes (0.4)  •  Centiwing icon.png Centiwing (0.4)  •  Aquapede icon.png Aquapede (0.4)  •  Pole Plant icon.png Pole Plant (0.3)  •  Giant Jellyfish icon.png Giant Jellyfish (0.2)
UncomfortableGarbage Worm icon.png Garbage Worm (0.8)  •  Snail icon.png Snail (0.6)  •  Adult Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Adult) (0.5)  •  Lantern Mouse icon.png Lantern Mouse (0.1)
Reputation-basedSlugcat head.png Slugcat (1)  •  Slugpup icon.png Slugpup (1)
Considers as its packScavengers (Scavenger icon.png Scavenger Elite Scavenger icon.png Elite Scavenger Chieftain Scavenger icon.png Chieftain Scavenger) (0.5)
Note: They seem to have identical relationships as regular Scavengers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Chieftain Scavenger is one of the 4 creatures added in Downpour to not have an arena unlock. The others are the Train Lizard icon.png Train Lizard, the Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs, and the Stowaway icon.png Stowaway.
  • Defeating the Chieftain Scavenger leads to one of Artificer's 2 endings.
    • Picking up both the dead Chieftain Scavenger and its mask triggers this ending.
  • The symbol on the Chieftain Scavenger's mask is different in-game than Artificer's ending.
  • While the Chieftain Scavenger is not able to be eaten in normal gameplay, they can still be eaten by carnivorous Slugcat head.png Slugcats when spawned in with cheats or modifications.
  • In Safari mode, the Chieftain Scavenger does not appear.