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"Spider" redirects here. For Rain World's other, larger spider-like creatures, see the Big Spider, Spitter Spider, or the ✔️DLC Mother Spider pages.

Code name
Food Pips

Inedible As any Slugcat


As any Slugcat: Shaded Citadel

Downpour Regions

As GourmandAs Rivulet: Shaded Citadel

As Artificer: Shaded Citadel, Metropolis

As Spearmaster: Shaded Citadel, Looks to the Moon (region)

Coalescipedes, also known as Spiders, are swarming creatures that are weak on their own but capable of overpowering their prey with large numbers.


Coalescipedes are pure black in coloration. They resemble real-life spiders, having 8 legs, a fused head and thorax, and a larger abdomen. They come in various sizes and may join up with one another to form a monstrous Coalescipede chain. Coalescipedes link together from largest to smallest, with the largest at the front.


Slugcat throws a Flashbang in a dark room, illuminating the screen and killing all Coalescipedes in the room.
Coalescipedes being killed by a Flashbang


Coalescipedes are driven away by light, meaning that they are easy to avoid if the player uses a light source such as a Lantern, Lantern Mouse or the light emitted when a Neuron Fly is consumed. Coalescipede chains can be broken up into smaller, less aggressive segments with Spears or Rocks. Throwing weapons may also cause them to release Slugcat if they have been captured. Individual Coalescipedes can be killed if hit in the center with most weapons; in chains, only the few at the front are damaged.


The use of Flashbangs is very effective when fighting Coalescipedes, as their flash is able to kill Coalescipede chains of any length instantly.

Coalescipedes die instantly when touching Spore Puff gas; however, Spore Puffs are not found near regions where Coalescipedes spawn.

Abilities & Behavior


Individual Coalescipedes and small chains are not aggressive; they become aggressive to a creature when the total mass of the Coalescipede chain exceeds the creature's. On average, a Coalescipede chain must comprise 8 or more Coalescipedes for it to become aggressive to Survivor.

Light Aversion

Coalescipedes are averse to light. They become agitated and scurry away from light sources such as Lanterns, held Lantern Mice, and environmental lighting. The more intense the light is, the more agitated Coalescipedes become and the faster they run away from it. The weak glow produced by undetonated Flashbangs and Slime Mold have little to no effect on Coalescipedes. Lantern Mice, when not being held by Slugcat, barely agitate Coalescipedes with the light they produce, and Coalescipede chains hostile to them are not averse to their light whatsoever.

Coalescipedes, when hostile to a creature holding a light source, are only averse to that light for a short period of time. This period of time can vary, in some instances being nearly imperceptible and in others lasting well over 8 seconds.


Default relationship Wants to eat (1.0)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)  •  Coalescipedes (0.0)  •  Big Spiders (0.0)  •  Spitter Spiders (0.0)

Variants & Attributes

Coalescipedes can vary in size. Regardless of size, Coalescipedes' proportions are constant.


  • Coalescipedes are one of the 10 backer-created creatures.
  • A low ambient drone plays in some areas where Coalescipedes are often present. [citation needed]
  • Coalescipedes are implied to be the infant forms of the ✔️DLC Mother Spider, and when the Mother Spider is killed or gives birth, a large chain is released.