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This page covers combat techniques and basic tips. Click here to go to the main Controls hub page and access other movement tech pages.

Basic combat[edit | edit source]

Rubbish/Spear combo[edit | edit source]

Lizards icon.png Lizards have armored heads which protect them from most Spear icon.png Spear damage. To hurt them, the Slugcat usually needs to Spear them in their softer back.

Rubbish icon.png Rubbish flips Lizards over when thrown at their heads. A Spear can be thrown immediately after for a simple attack.

Remember to keep the Rubbish in the Slugcat’s right hand to throw first!


Note: There are some extremely niche conditions under which a Lizard does not flip when hit with Rubbish. These include the Lizard having just climbed up onto a ledge, and being hit with Rubbish when directly next to the Slugcat (essentially touching).

Pinning creatures to walls[edit | edit source]

Creatures can be pinned to walls with Spears to immobilize them for some time.


Stunlock[edit | edit source]

On taking damage, Lizards and some other creatures enter a stun state for a short amount of time. As Lizards lose more health, this amount of stun per spear increases.

This can be used to repeatedly spear creatures by pressing grab and instantly throwing again multiple times.


Spear cooldown[edit | edit source]

Spears cannot be picked up immediately once thrown, preventing the Slugcat from stun-locking more resilient creatures with one Spear.


Double-spearing[edit | edit source]

Spear cooldown can be circumvented with multiple Spears, as the cooldown applies per Spear, not for the player. This allows for more rapid stun-locking, and is useful for quickly incapacitating tough creatures.


Throwing midair[edit | edit source]

Spears can be thrown while midair to catch lizards on poles.


Slide spearing[edit | edit source]

Throwing a Spear or Rubbish forwards mid-slide causes the object to bounce off the floor and travel much further horizontally. This allows Spears to embed into walls much further away.


Spears can be slide-thrown from further away to hit targets.

Slide-spearing a Lizard in the mouth does 1.5* damage and stuns them for longer. This allows for consistent stunlocking with a single Spear.


Downwards/Upwards throwing[edit | edit source]

Backflipping to down/upthrow[edit | edit source]

To throw vertically, hold down/up and throw mid-backflip without holding any other buttons. If holding left or right, the object is thrown in that direction instead.

Spears thrown this way become embedded in the terrain and can be climbed, for increased movement opportunity.

Spears thrown upwards have reduced damage and velocity (about the same as a Monk head.png Monk Spear throw).


Downthrowing from slide-flips[edit | edit source]

You can also throw downwards mid-slideflip.


Pinning creatures to floors[edit | edit source]

Downthrown Spears can pin a creature to the ground.


Creature strategy[edit | edit source]

Slideflipping to pass lizards[edit | edit source]

Slideflipping can be used to safely pass Lizards without being caught. This works for Lizards with high aggression.


Lizard tracking - Move safety/Laziness[edit | edit source]

Lizards have differing levels of aggression depending on multiple factors, including Lizard spawn variation and the gamemode.

Less aggressive Lizards have slower reactions and can be backflipped over, for instance, while more aggressive Lizards quickly turn and snap the Slugcat out of the air if this is attempted. Backflipping is generally only recommended as a reasonably safe move for Green Lizard icon.png Green Lizards and Yellow Lizard icon.png Yellow Lizards.



If timed right, a Spear thrown during a Slugcat's crouch animation results in a successful stab to the Lizard's body.

It is recommended you only use this if cornered and without any Rubbish as a last ditch effort, as it is not only a difficult trick to pull off, but also has a relatively low success rate.

The upside to this strategy is that a successful stab to the 'throat' deals 1.5x damage.


Dealing with tongues[edit | edit source]

When grabbed by a Lizard tongue, reaching the same height and throwing objects at the Lizard is often effective.

If not possible, getting close to the Lizard often causes it to snap and miss the Slugcat, especially if done quickly.

Throwing at the same height as a White Lizard icon.png White Lizard's mouth has a chance to hit and is very effective when their tongue is out.


Grace period / Bite lethality[edit | edit source]

Lizard bites have a chance to immediately kill the Slugcat.

It is possible, for a short window after only being stunned by a Lizard bite, to pick up / throw Rubbish or a Spear which can often hit the Lizard and allow the Slugcat to escape.

Information on Lizard bite lethality can be found on the Lizard page.


Mask responses[edit | edit source]

When wearing a Vulture Mask icon.png Vulture Mask, Lizards run from the player for 17.5 seconds (while King Vulture Masks last for 30 seconds), starting from when they first see the Slugcat wearing the mask. After this timer has run down, the mask no longer scares that Lizard. This is extremely effective for passing through regions without trouble, or playing as the Hunter head.png Hunter. Yellow Lizard icon.png Yellow Lizards have a pack-based timer as long as they can communicate.