Daddy Long Legs

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This section contains major plot details from the "5P" region and beyond. If you have not progressed past this region, then read no further!

"Daddy Long Legs"
Code name
200 (Core)
2.2 (Tentacles)
Food Pips

10 🌕 As Hunter

10 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

5 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Gourmand

0.25–1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: The Exterior, Five Pebbles (region)

As Hunter: Garbage Wastes

Downpour Regions

As Gourmand: The Exterior, Five Pebbles (region)

As Artificer: Garbage Wastes, The Exterior, Five Pebbles (region)

As Rivulet: The Exterior, The Rot

As Spearmaster: Garbage Wastes, Waterfront Facility, Five Pebbles (region)

As Saint: Rubicon

Damage Multipliers

The Daddy Long Legs, often abbreviated as DLL, is a significant mid-game threat taking the form of a large, blind, spider-like creature with long tentacles and acute hearing.

Brother Long Legs and ✔️DLC Mother Long Legs are similar, yet separately classified creatures.


The main body of a Daddy Long Legs is made up of several black spherical 'cores' of flesh that are each accented with a blue 'X' pattern, which are connected to its several long black tentacles with sticky blue tips. Daddy Long Legs have a variable number of cores and tentacles.

Proto Daddy Long Legs

Main page: Proto Rot



A Daddy Long Legs moving through a connection pipe.

As Daddy Long Legs have an incredible amount of health, combat is very rarely a viable strategy against them. Spears can be used to disable their tentacles, and once all of them have been disabled they can no longer move or consume creatures, but such a strategy is time-consuming and dangerous. Their tentacles regenerate health somewhat rapidly (12% every 10 seconds) and eventually reactivate, which can happen randomly when their health is above 0 but is more likely at higher health.[v1.9 More Slugcats Expansion only] Tentacles that are damaged, but not deactivated, are intermittently stunned, which is more likely to occur the lower their health is. Daddy Long Legs take extra explosive damage and a single Explosive Spear hit to the core is usually lethal, but Explosive Spears do not appear natively in the regions they reside in and thus are not always a viable option.


Navigating around Daddy Long Legs is the primary method of dealing with them. The Exterior The Leg, The Exterior Underhang, and Five Pebbles all have numerous tunnels which can be used to gain an advantage; Daddy Long Legs can travel through room and shortcut entrances but cannot fit their cores inside one-tile-wide tunnels, thus allowing the player to avoid them by getting to a spot that their tentacles cannot reach. Daddy Long Legs are very noise-motivated and nearly always immediately move to investigate the source of any noise they hear. Rocks and Spears can be thrown against walls to immediately attract them to a different location; however, the sounds of Slugcat running, jumping, hitting the ground and using a Grappling Worm also make noise and may attract Daddy Long Legs to the player's location.


Directly running away from a Daddy Long Legs in an open area is not recommended. They are faster than Slugcat, and running away is noisy, meaning they will know exactly where Slugcat is. Additionally, moving into another room does not necessarily guarantee the player's safety, as Daddy Long Legs are capable of moving through room entrance pipes and may do so if they suspect that their target has gone through one. Furthermore, Daddy Long Legs do not lose interest easily and may linger in the same spot for several minutes around where it last heard a sound.

Finding a secure tunnel with multiple entrances to hide out in and throwing Rocks or Spears towards where the player wants the Daddy Long Legs to go is the most consistent method to lure them away. The player can also distract them temporarily by feeding them smaller creatures, as they stay in place when eating. Daddy Long Legs may also be temporarily deafened by the loud noises made by explosives such as Cherrybombs and Grenades, allowing the player to evade them by disabling their ability to hear.

Abilities & Behavior


Daddy Long Legs are blind, relying on touch and hearing to navigate. When they hear something, their cores emit particles in the direction of the sound's source. They may extend their tentacles towards the source of the sound in an attempt to locate and catch prey.

A Daddy Long Legs emitting particles when hearing a noise.


Default relationship Wants to eat (1.0)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)  •  Batflies (0.0)  •  Red Leeches (0.0)  •  Sea Leeches (0.0)  •  Pole Plants (0.0)  •  Monster Kelp (0.0)  •  Garbage Worms (0.0)  •  Grappling Worms (0.0)  •  Daddy Long Legs (0.0)  •  Leviathans (0.0)  •  Guardians (0.0)
Wants to eat Brother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Infant Noodleflies (0.15)  •  Dropwigs (0.1)

Variants & Attributes

Daddy Long Legs have variance in the size and number of their cores and tentacles, having anywhere between 4-7 cores and 5-12 tentacles.

Brown Daddy Long Legs

A brown Daddy Long Legs (above) and a Brother Long Legs (below) in Garbage Wastes.

Brown-colored Daddy Long Legs can be encountered as Hunter in Garbage Wastes, and as ✔️DLC Artificer or ✔️DLC Spearmaster in ✔️DLC Waterfront Facility with a lighter color. Other than their brown coloration and lack of aggression towards Brother Long Legs, brown-colored Daddy Long Legs are identical to their normal counterparts, including their larger size.

Downpour-Exclusive Content

This section contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.

Golden Daddy Long Legs

This section contains major plot details from Saint. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Saint, then read no further!

A gold Daddy Long Legs in Rubicon

Golden-colored Daddy Long Legs can be encountered as Saint in Rubicon and are immune to Void Fluid. Golden Daddy Long Legs have a unique icon on the map.

Spoilers end here.

Downpour-exclusive content ends here.


A Daddy Long Legs being restrained by a Grappling Worm.
  • Brother Long Legs and Daddy Long Legs are jointly one of the 10 backer-created creatures.
  • The particles Daddy Long Legs emit when they hear a noise were added in 1.5.
  • Grappling Worms can sometimes tether Daddy Long Legs.
  • Daddy Long Legs are able to consume nearly every creature in the game short of the very largest (e.g. Leviathans), unlike Brother Long Legs, who are too small to absorb larger creatures like Vultures and Green Lizards.