Dandelion Peach

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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
"Dandelion Peach"
Code name
Food Pips

1 🌕 As MonkAs Survivor

0.25 🌘 As Hunter

✔️DLC1 🌕 As GourmandAs RivuletAs Saint

✔️DLC0.25 🌘 As Artificer

✔️DLCInedible As Spearmaster

Locations (amount)
Sky Islands (29)
Rubicon (5)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles

Dandelion Peaches are edible plants that can be found in Sky Islands. They have blue centers with white puffs attached to the tips, resembling the seedheads of dandelions, and grow from stems of varying length.



Dandelion Peaches are primarily a food source, filling 1 food pip 🌕 when eaten (¼ of a food pip 🌘 as Hunter or Artificer).


  • Dandelion Peaches fall significantly slower than most other items.
    • The one exception is inflated Bubble Weed, which falls even slower than Dandelion Peaches.