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The game Rain World was originally released by Videocult, for PC and PlayStation on March 3rd, 2017, and for Switch on December 13th, 2018. Up until 2022, their publisher since early in development has been Adult Swim Games.


Below are the individual developers that make up the Videocult team, with the latest major release that they have worked on independently (aside from the contributions of Adult Swim Games) being game version 1.5, the Arena / Difficulty update. Quoted information is taken from the Videocult website and the Rain World game website.

Joar Jakobsson

Joar Jakobsson

- Concept, Programming, Art and Design

Joar is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer who is obsessively interested in every art form there is. Torn between a compulsion to experience the world and a compulsion to never ever leave his desk, Joar especially enjoys game-making; believing it to be one of the most diverse creative mediums out there. View his work here.

@joar_lj Twitter

James Primate

James Primate in an interview with GAU Studios in 2014

- Music, Sound, Business Junk

Composer for numerous game soundtracks including Junk Jack X and Gnomoria, James is also one half of Chiptune duo Bright Primate and can usually be found making music with hacked Gameboys and such. In his spare time he enjoys pizza, synthesizers and vogon poetry. Hear his game work here.

Allegra "Del" Northern

- Artwork/Illustrations, Testing

Del is a freelance illustrator whom we have gradually absorbed into the Rain World team until she's become an integral part of it. In the little freetime she still has she's usually tweeting cat pictures.[1]

Lydia Esrig

- Music and Audio, Voice Acting, Testing

Lydia is the other half of aforementioned Chiptune duo Bright Primate - she has written several Rain World songs and contributed to countless. Legend has it that below the many layers of filtering, the neon lizards' hiss is actually a Lydia Primate voice sample.

From left to right, Lydia, James, and Joar.

Rain World: Downpour Developers

This section includes the growth of the Rain World team as they gain the new publisher Akupara Games, where numerous community members are brought unto the development team and their various projects are officially integrated into the next major release slated for the game; Rain World: Remix, which launched in tandem with the DLC Rain World: Downpour, for PC on January 19th, 2023.

More Slugcats Expansion Team

Rain World More Slugcats Expansion website

MSC Twitter

Andrew Marrero

- Project Lead, Original Concept, Lead Programmer, Tool and Engine Making



- Co-Project Lead, Lead Level Designer, Programming, Beta Testing Overseer



- Lead Soundtrack Producer


Connor "12LBS" Skidmore

- Co-Lead Soundtrack Producer



- Shaders, Custom Props, Environment Graphics, Rendering Tools, Ambient and Threat Music


Tom "Norgad" Starbuck

- Region Illustrations

Deviant Art


- Portrait Illustrations



- Portrait Illustrations & QA

@Raggedymuffinz Twitter

Shupa Mikey "Zyegnar"

- Cutscene and Portrait Illustrations

@shupamikey Twitter


- Cutscene and Passage Illustrations


Hasan Sefer

- Cutscene Illustrations


- Cutscene Illustrations

@flirpykid Twitter

Evan "Cappin" Muncy

- 3D Prop Renders, Level Design Assistance

Logan Soule

- 3D Prop Renders, Level Design Assistance, Arena Maps

Andy "Dakras" Dunn

Andy "Dakras" Dunn Prop and Environment Design - Custom Props, Decals, Region Prototyping

@DakrasHayashi Twitter

the one who screams i guess

- Programming, Polishing, Misc Feature Testing, Screaming Loudly In Dev Chat


- Concept Art, Spearmaster Redesign, Palettes and Room Effects, Cheerleading

@Minkimaro Twitter


- Level Design Assistance


- Arena Designer


Author(s): LeeMoriya


- Expedition Lead

Jolly Co-op

Author(s): Garrakx


- Jolly Co-op Lead

Remix (MMF - Many More Fixes)

Author(s): AndrewFM and Willburd

Dev Tools

Author(s): Videocult