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"Eel Lizard"
Eel Lizard icon.png
Code name
Food Pips

8 Food pip.png Hunter head.png

DLC icon.png8 Food pip.png Artificer head.png

DLC icon.png4 Food pip.png Gourmand head.png

DLC icon.png1 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png


Survivor head.png: Shoreline, Chimney Canopy

Monk head.png: Shoreline, Drainage System, Chimney Canopy

Hunter head.png: Chimney Canopy

Gourmand head.png: Chimney Canopy, Shoreline

Artificer head.png: Chimney Canopy

Rivulet head.png: Chimney Canopy, Shoreline, Drainage System, Industrial Complex

Spearmaster head.png: Chimney Canopy

Saint head.png: Chimney Canopy, Undergrowth

Damage Multipliers
Head (Bite)4%
Throat (Bite)60%


Eel Lizards are a type of semi-aquatic Lizards icon.png Lizard variant introduced in DLC icon.png Downpour. They can be identified by their long spiny tail and slender frame and are the second aquatic Lizard after Salamander icon.png Salamanders, with which they share similarities. They are most commonly found in Shoreline Safari Icon.png Shoreline.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards are an aquatic, long-tailed Lizard. They possess a green or turquoise oval-shaped head with small spines behind their neck. The Eel Lizard has a distinctively slender, lengthy tail that moves in a wave-like pattern while swimming. The tail is adorned with various spines, which flare outward underwater.

The Eel Lizard inherits similar facial features to Salamanders, tending towards narrower faces. Another unique feature of Eel Lizards is that they only possess two legs, unlike other Lizards, which have four. These qualities make Eel Lizards most agile when immersed in water, though is also detrimental to its survival upon land.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards tend to lurk like Salamanders which can make them very difficult to distinguish underwater, but the glow of their head can give away their location. They are often lethal to a Slugcat head.png Slugcat in water, who by comparison lacks a mobility. Fighting them in water is very dangerous, as all weapons underwater quickly lose their velocity and cannot be used beyond short distances. Attempting to lure one out of the water to strike it may be difficult but rewarding due to their inherent vulnerability upon land.

Despite being slower and clumsier on land, they are able to crawl on backgrounds similarly to White Lizard icon.png White Lizards, which makes them a formidable threat even if not submerged. Rubbish icon.png Rubbish can be used to flip them over, exposing their soft body for a hit with a Spear icon.png Spear. They take about 2-3 Spears before they die.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards don't have great vision or hearing when a creature is on land, so avoiding entering bodies of water near them is recommended if possible. It is possible to throw an object or creature in the water to distract them or make them leave a specific area, allowing passage through pipes that were previously blocked by them.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards are nimble in water and can quickly close the distance between them and their prey. They have trouble precisely biting Slugcat head.png Slugcats, so using sharp maneuvers or jumping on the surface of the water is an effective way to dodge and get past them entirely. They cannot catch up to Slugcat when on land, but while in the water are one of the few creatures that move faster than Slugcat does.

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Swimming[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards are able to breathe and dive underwater similarly to the Salamander. They remain stationary underneath bodies of water, but immediately lunge at any creatures that fall in, surprising them with their quick reaction time and mobility.

Eel Lizards are much more mobile in comparison to the Salamander, capable of closing the distance between either prey, or easily evading predators such as the Leviathan icon.png Leviathan, though this comes at the cost of their agility upon land, meaning they oftentimes do not pursue prey above land.

Water Vision[edit | edit source]

Another quality shared by Salamanders is its proficient vision underwater, enabling Eel Lizards to more easily track prey.

Wall Crawl[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards can crawl on walls, though they very rarely use this capability due to them being most prominently underwater. This ability can occasionally aid traversal in water.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards are moderately difficult to tame, needing 2-4 feedings.

Eel Lizards are most helpful within aquatic regions such as Shoreline Safari Icon.png Shoreline, but their wall-climbing ability enables them to travel through Karma Gates. It should be noted that having an Eel Lizard as a companion is risky, as the Lizard is commonly inept at combat. Their clumsy biting can make certain combat with Lizards or other predators possibly fatal. However, they are one of the best Lizards icon.png Lizards for long-term companionship, as their swimming and wall climbing allow them to go through most regions.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Default relationship Rwtooltip.pngIgnores (0)
Wants to eatYeek icon.png Yeek (1)  •  Centipedes icon.png Centipedes (0.8)  •  Scavengers (Scavenger icon.png Scavenger Elite Scavenger icon.png Elite Scavenger Chieftain Scavenger icon.png Chieftain Scavenger) (0.8)  •  Slugpup icon.png Slugpup (0.5)  •  Eggbug icon.png Eggbug (0.45)  •  Big Spider icon.png Big Spider  •  Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spider  •  Mother Spider icon.png Mother Spider (0.35)  •  Lantern Mouse icon.png Lantern Mouse (0.3)  •  Infant Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Infant) (0.3)  •  Adult Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Adult) (0.25)  •  Dropwig icon.png Dropwig (0.2)  •  Hazer icon.png Hazer (0.15)  •  Jetfish icon.png Jetfish (0.1)  •  Squidcada icon.png Squidcada (0.05)  •  Grappling Worm icon.png Grappling Worm (0.025)
Afraid ofLeviathan icon.png Leviathan (1)  •  Rot (Brother Long Legs icon.png Brother Long Legs  •  Daddy Long Legs icon.png Daddy Long Legs  •  Mother Long Legs icon.png Mother Long Legs  •  Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs) (1)  •  Inspector icon.png Inspector (1)  •  King Vulture icon.png King Vulture (1)  •  Miros Vulture icon.png Miros Vulture (1)  •  Vulture icon.png Vulture (0.9)  •  Stowaway icon.png Stowaway (0.9)  •  Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipede (0.9)  •  Giant Jellyfish icon.png Giant Jellyfish (0.2)  •  Pole Plant icon.png Pole Plant (0.2)  •  Monster Kelp icon.png Monster Kelp (0.2)
Fights for territory withLizards icon.png Lizards (0.1)
Reputation-basedSlugcat head.png Slugcat (0.5)
Note: this is just the standard lizard table, this lizard type doesn't seem to have unique relationships to other creatures (though some creatures have unique relationships to it)

Variants and Attributes[edit | edit source]

Eel Lizards have a distinctively turquoise hue, though this can differ between individuals, as some can have color schemes alike to lime, or forest green.

Eel Lizards can individually have their own uniquely long neck spines, which can be longer or shorter. Their tails can also have more frequent, or pronounced protrusions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]