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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
"Eel Lizard"
Code name
Food Pips

8 🌕 As Hunter

8 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

4 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Gourmand

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: Chimney Canopy

As Monk: Shoreline, Drainage System, Pipeyard, Submerged Superstructure

As SurvivorAs Gourmand: Shoreline, Pipeyard, Submerged Superstructure

As Hunter: Submerged Superstructure

As Rivulet: Shoreline, Drainage System, Industrial Complex, Pipeyard, Submerged Superstructure

As Saint: Undergrowth, Submerged Superstructure

Damage Multipliers
Head (Bite)4%
Throat (Bite)60%

Eel Lizards are a semi-aquatic Lizard species exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour. They can be identified by their long spiny tail and slender frame and are the second aquatic Lizard after Salamanders. They are most frequently encountered in water-based regions such as Shoreline and Submerged Superstructure.


Eel Lizards are a semi-aquatic, long-tailed species of Lizard. They possess a green or turquoise oval-shaped head with small spines behind their neck and have narrower facial features than other Lizard species. They have an extremely long, slender tail covered in spines that flare outward underwater, and only 2 legs in contrast to the usual 4.



Much like Salamanders, Eel Lizards present a level of difficulty other Lizard species lack: their presence in water. Their good vision and underwater mobility make them a high threat to Slugcat when they are lurking in rooms that the player must pass. Combating an Eel Lizard underwater is difficult, as Spears and other weapons rapidly lose velocity when thrown underwater. However, these weapons can still be used in close quarters or when an Eel Lizard has bitten Slugcat in the water.

Slugcat hitting an Eel Lizard with a Spear underwater.

It is much easier to fight an Eel Lizard on dry land, though they are reluctant to leave the water. Eel Lizards are much slower on land and can be flipped over with a Rock to expose their soft belly for an attack with a Spear. Eel Lizards take 2-3 Spears before dying, and only require 1 hit with a Spear to flee back to their den.


Like other creatures, Eel Lizards have strongly movement-based vision. Sneaking past them on elevated platforms while crouching or moving slowly can help to avoid detection, as well as making use of connection pipes. However, their tendency to lurk underwater may block off pipes vital to progression. Eel Lizards can be lured away by throwing Rocks or Spears or by distracting them with prey.


Eel Lizards tend to lurk motionless underwater. With Slug Senses enabled, Eel Lizards do not appear on the map when they are 'lurking'. However, their glowing heads often give their position away, making them easier to avoid.

Eel Lizards are nimble in water and can quickly close the distance between Slugcat and themselves. However, they have difficulty biting Slugcat precisely due to their tendency to attempt to bite from further distances. Eel Lizards also have difficulty navigating level geometry, leaving the player at an advantage when an Eel Lizard gets stuck underwater or in a chunk of rough terrain.

Because Eel Lizards are reluctant to leave the water, staying on land when possible may be enough to avoid confrontation altogether.

Abilities & Behavior


Eel Lizards are able to breathe and dive underwater. They remain stationary underneath bodies of water and lunge at any creatures that fall in.

Eel Lizards are much faster in water compared to the Salamander, capable of giving chase or evading predators such as the Leviathan. However, this comes at the cost of their agility upon land.

Water Vision

Eel Lizards have excellent underwater vision. Despite their visual radius being on the lower end in comparison to other Lizards, their vision is entirely unaffected by being underwater. However, Eel Lizards have a low throughSurfaceVision, causing their visual radius to be cut in half when looking through the surface, either in or out of water. Like all creatures, the strength of their vision is directly tied to the movement of other creatures around them.


Eel Lizards are capable of climbing on background walls. However, this behavior is rarely exhibited, as Eel Lizards largely prefer to stay inside of water. Eel Lizards are also capable of climbing on poles like most other Lizards. Despite this, as of PC release v1.9.07b, Eel Lizards may glitch when attempting to exit water, stopping and freezing in place for a few seconds. When prey exits water, Eel Lizards are very unlikely to attempt to follow it out.


Eel Lizards are more difficult to tame than average, typically requiring 5 or more feedings.

Eel Lizards are most helpful within aquatic regions such as Shoreline, but their wall-climbing ability enables them to travel through Karma Gates. Their clumsy biting can make combat with Lizards or other predators fatal. However, they are one of the best Lizards for long-term companionship, as their high mobility allows them to traverse most regions.


Default relationship Ignores (0.0)
Wants to eat Yeeks (1.0)  •  Scavengers (0.8)  •  Elite Scavengers (0.8)  •  Chieftain Scavenger (0.8)  •  Infant Centipedes (0.8)  •  Adult Centipedes (0.8)  •  Centiwings (0.8)  •  Aquapedes (0.8)  •  Slugcat NPCs (0.5)  •  Eggbugs (0.45)  •  Big Spiders (0.35)  •  Spitter Spiders (0.35)  •  Mother Spiders (0.35)  •  Lantern Mice (0.3)  •  Infant Noodleflies (0.3)  •  Adult Noodleflies (0.25)  •  Dropwigs (0.2)  •  Hazers (0.15)  •  Jetfish (0.1)  •  Squidcadas (0.05)  •  Grappling Worms (0.025)
Afraid of King Vultures (1.0)  •  Miros Vultures (1.0)  •  Inspectors (1.0)  •  Brother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Daddy Long Legs (1.0)  •  Mother Long Legs (1.0)  •  Hunter Long Legs (1.0)  •  Leviathans (1.0)  •  Vultures (0.9)  •  Red Centipedes (0.9)  •  Stowaways (0.9)  •  Pole Plants (0.2)  •  Monster Kelp (0.2)  •  Giant Jellyfish (0.2)
Fights for territory with Lizards (0.1)
Reputation-based Slugcats (0.5)

Variants & Attributes

Eel Lizards have no possible variation in color and are always the same teal color, specifically #00A86B. This color may vary due to room lighting but is not affected by room darkness. Eel Lizards are characterized by their long tails, which are the second longest of any lizard type, beat only by Red Lizards.

Eel Lizards have seven possible cosmetic features: TailFin, TailTuft, LongShoulderScales, LongHeadScales, ShortBodyScales, SpineSpikes, and BumpHawk. While these may occur on any Eel Lizard, they always have the AxolotlGills and TailGeckoScales cosmetics. Eel Lizards are most commonly found with TailFins and TailTufts.