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Code name
Food Pips

1 🌕 As Hunter

3 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

0.5 🌗 ✔️DLCAs Gourmand


As any Slugcat: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

As Monk: Industrial Complex, Shaded Citadel, Chimney Canopy

As Hunter: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Shaded Citadel, Chimney Canopy, Subterranean

Downpour Regions

As MonkAs SurvivorAs HunterAs GourmandAs ArtificerAs RivuletAs Spearmaster: Outskirts, Shaded Citadel, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

As Monk: Industrial Complex, Chimney Canopy, Pipeyard, Outer Expanse

As SurvivorAs Gourmand: Pipeyard, Outer Expanse

As HunterAs ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Chimney Canopy, Subterranean, Pipeyard

As Artificer: Metropolis

As Rivulet: Industrial Complex, Chimney Canopy

The Eggbug is a skittish, passive creature that is agile and provides a great amount of food when killed.


Eggbugs are arthropods with 4 legs, 2 long antennae, and 6 detachable Eggbug Eggs. Their bodies range from dark brown to dark purple, with their antennae lightening in color near the tips. Their eyes and 'eggs' range from blue to green.



Eggbugs have very little health and only require 1 Spear to kill, but they are able to dodge thrown weapons and may be hard to hit from a distance. Attacking an Eggbug in close quarters gives them less time to dodge and makes it easier to land a hit.


Eggbugs release 6 Eggbug Eggs on death which fill 1 food pip 🌕 each, providing 6 food pips in total. Bringing a live Eggbug into a shelter and killing it inside can be particularly useful, as the food is then stored for later use.

Abilities & Behavior

Eggbugs are extremely skittish and are afraid of almost every creature, including other Eggbugs. When in proximity to creatures they are afraid of, they move faster and more erratically as they attempt to escape.

Eggbugs have good vision and are able to see in every direction at all times. They can hear and may twitch or even jump when startled by noises.


Eggbugs attempt to dodge all thrown weapons, such as Spears and Rocks, by jumping over them.


Default relationship Afraid of (0.1)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)  •  Batflies (0.0)
Afraid of King Vultures (1.0)  •  Red Centipedes (1.0)  •  Rain Deer (1.0)  •  Leviathans (1.0)  •  Miros Birds (0.875)  •  Guardians (0.875)  •  Vultures (0.75)  •  Daddy Long Legs (0.6875)  •  Green Lizards (0.375)  •  Red Lizards (0.375)  •  Brother Long Legs (0.3125)  •  Lizards (0.25)  •  Monster Kelp (0.25)  •  Pole Plants (0.175)  •  Scavengers (0.15)  •  Centiwings (0.15)  •  Spitter Spiders (0.15)  •  Dropwigs (0.15)  •  Big Spiders (0.1375)  •  Slugcats (0.125)  •  Garbage Worms (0.125)  •  Adult Centipedes (0.125)  •  Snails (0.0875)  •  Lantern Mice (0.0875)  •  Infant Noodleflies (0.0875)  •  Adult Noodleflies (0.0875)  •  Squidcadas (0.075)  •  Eggbugs (0.05)  •  Grappling Worms (0.03125)  •  Vulture Grubs (0.025)  •  Infant Centipedes (0.025)  •  Hazers (0.025)  •  Sea Leeches (0.01875)  •  Red Leeches (0.0125)  •  Coalescipedes (0.0125)

Default relationship Afraid of (0.1)
Afraid of Miros Vultures (1.0)  •  Stowaways (0.9)  •  Eel Lizards (0.5)  •  Inspectors (0.4375)  •  Train Lizards (0.375)  •  Mother Long Legs (0.375)  •  Lizards (0.25)  •  Mother Spiders (0.25)  •  Hunter Long Legs (0.25)  •  Giant Jellyfish (0.2)  •  Elite Scavengers (0.15)  •  Chieftain Scavenger (0.15)  •  Slugcat NPCs (0.125)  •  Caramel Lizards (0.125)  •  Aquapedes (0.125)  •  Yeeks (0.125)  •  Jungle Leeches (0.00625)
Antagonizes Firebugs (0.5)

Variants & Attributes

Eggbugs' 'eggs', antennae, and bodies vary in color. Their eyes and 'eggs' range from blue to green, and their bodies and antennae range from dark purple to dark brown. Their 'egg' colors are tied to their body colors.


  • Eggbugs were added in the 1.5 update.
  • Eggbugs can fling themselves off edges when trying to evade creatures and projectiles.
  • Killing Eggbugs and eating their 'eggs' contributes towards both The Hunter and The Outlaw passages, making Eggbugs a convenient way to achieve both.
  • Eggbugs drained by ✔️DLC Spearmaster do not drop any eggs, but still lose them.