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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
"Electric Spear"
Code name
Locations (amount)
Chimney Canopy
Farm Arrays
Garbage Wastes
Industrial Complex
Shaded Citadel
Respawn time
None (respawning not determined by time)
5 Charged / 3 Uncharged

Electric Spears are a type of Spear exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour. They have a large, cone-shaped tip that glows blue and white and sparks with electricity when active. Active Electric Spears are often found wielded by Elite Scavengers, while inactive Electric Spears can be found in Scavenger Treasuries.



Electric Spears deal the same base damage as regular Spears, but they electrocute most creatures for an additional 0.1 damage when active. Electrocution stuns creatures for 7 seconds, and a bright blue flash is emitted upon impact. The Electric Spear must embed into a creature to take effect and use up a charge.

An active Electric Spear always starts with 3 charges; after the first 2 have been used up, it has a 20% chance with every hit to short-circuit and lose its final charge. When striking an electric creature ( Centipede, Giant Jellyfish, or Inspector) with an active Electric Spear, there is instead a 40% chance that it will be destroyed without inflicting damage, regardless of how many charges have been used. All electric creatures and Leviathans are immune to electrocution.

Because they are reusable, Electric Spears can be used to easily stun-lock most creatures. Flying creatures fall to the ground when electrocuted, leaving them vulnerable.

Hitting a creature with an active Electric Spear underwater fully discharges it and deals massive damage to all creatures in the water in a large radius, including Slugcat.

An Electric Spear discharging underwater by hitting a Salamander, also killing another nearby Salamander and several Leeches


Charging an Electric Spear with an Infant Centipede

Striking an electric creature with an inactive Electric Spear recharges it with no risk of destroying it. Dead Centipedes may still be used to recharge Electric Spears. Electric Spears can also be recharged by a Singularity Bomb's shockwave, hitting an electric coil in Five Pebbles, or the electrical storms in The Exterior.

Spear Lodging

Like other Spears, Electric Spears can be lodged into walls, floors, and ceilings to function as climbable poles. Electric Spears can be pulled back out and reused after being embedded, even if the Remix option "Pull Spears from walls" is disabled.


  • Inactive Electric Spears on the ground can be hard to distinguish from regular Spears, as their larger tip is hidden in the ground. Charged Electric Spears still emit sparks from their tip even when in the ground, making this a bit easier.
  • It is not possible to turn a charged Electric Spear into an Explosive Spear as Artificer. If the player attempts to, the Electric Spear shocks Artificer, causing them to drop all carried objects.
  • Hitting a wall with an Electric Spear produces the same visual effect as if it hit a creature, but a charge is not used up.
  • The exact design of any given Electric Spear's tip is re-generated upon the player entering a new room.
  • Each Electric Spear's tip is composed of 4 separate sections, and each section has one of ~4 possible 'pieces' it can be composed of:
    • a straight bar with no protrusions,
    • a straight bar with a perpendicular crosspiece (a sort of "T-joint"),
    • a sort of "brick" or "block" with at least one visible hole through it,
    • a block with no holes,
    • or, in the case of the tip, a sort of "ball" shape.