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This section contains major plot details from the "5P" region and beyond. If you have not progressed past this region, then read no further!
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This section contains major plot details from the "LttM" region and beyond. If you have not progressed past this region, then read no further!
Five Pebbles as seen in the dream after visiting him.
Five Pebbles as seen in the dream after visiting him.

Five Pebbles is the iterator met at the heart of the Five Pebbles Safari Icon.png Five Pebbles supercomputer, inside the General Systems Bus subregion. He is one of only two iterators you can meet in the game, the other being the ailing Looks to the Moon (character) icon.png Looks to the Moon.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Five Pebbles is initially non-aggressive and his interactions vary based on the Slugcat head.png Slugcat. The first time you meet him as the Monk head.png Monk or the Survivor head.png Survivor, he raises your karma to rank 10 and gives you the Mark of Communication, allowing you to receive telepathic communication. Meeting him as the Hunter head.png Hunter instead provides the same effects as meeting an Echo icon.png Echo, and adds 5 cycles to the character's cycle count. Lastly, he gives you directions to escape the facility and ultimately complete the game.

About[edit | edit source]

Orange alien creature in the middle of a machine, connected to the wall by a mechanized arm like an umbilical cord.
Five Pebbles, the first time you meet him.

Five Pebbles is one of seven known iterators, working to solve the Great Problem: How to ascend beyond the Cycle of reincarnation without using Void Fluid. The problem was so great to the Ancients that they created huge, complex superstructures high above the ground, large enough to house cities atop them. The artificial intelligences within worked to solve the problem and their failure to do so drove many, including Five Pebbles, to madness. In his frustration, Five Pebbles began an experiment to create an organism capable of self-replication and rewriting the self-destruction taboo out of his organic cells. The process of this experiment is described in the RWPearl.png Pearl found in Chimney Canopy Safari Icon.png Chimney Canopy. Doing so deprived Looks to the Moon (character) icon.png Looks to the Moon of her water supply, eventually causing the whole facility to collapse and leaving her in an incapacitated state until Hunter head.png Hunter revives her with the green Neuron Fly FP icon.png Neuron Fly containing slag keys. When Looks to the Moon forced communications with Five Pebbles to plead for him to stop the excess water consumption, he reacted with rage, as Looks to the Moon had interrupted him at "the worst possible time" and caused his experiment to turn into the Daddy Long Legs icon.png Rot instead. By now, it was too late for Looks to the Moon, as she succumbed to her lack of water. Additionally, he created the Brother Long Legs icon.png Rot infestation in the Garbage Wastes Safari Icon.png Garbage Wastes region, by dropping infected material there in an attempt to get rid of the Rot in his own superstructure.

If you visit him for a second time, he is displeased by your visit, and only lets you stay a short time. On the third visit, he becomes hostile and demands the player leave immediately. If the player stays too long, he kills them through unknown means.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Main article: Five Pebbles (character)/Dialogue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Five Pebbles can move freely around his chamber while Looks to the Moon (character) icon.png Looks to the Moon can only slide around her island, because of the damage she has sustained.
  • Unlike Looks to the Moon, Five Pebbles wears a cloak. She dressed similarly to Five Pebbles before her ruin.
  • Five Pebbles has four yellow dots on his forehead, but they're too small to be seen in game.
  • Five Pebbles reveals that his hardware is succumbing to damage by time, and by extension the other remaining iterators' superstructures. Looks to the Moon is worse off.
  • Five Pebbles' puppet has no HP in his code, rendering him unkillable.
    • Despite this, if the player manages to hit the puppet, he defends himself by responding violently, interrupting his dialogue and killing the player.
  • After finishing his monologue, Five Pebbles orders the player to leave, pushing them towards the access shaft should they take too long. Sticking around makes them kill the player after a warning.
    • Returning to his chamber makes them demand Slugcat to leave immediately and never return.
      • After this, he kills Slugcat on sight after a short delay without warning. His room can still be crossed, but it must be done very quickly.
Slugcat no right.pngLarge DLC icon.pngDOWNPOUR-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT
This section contains details concerning the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.

Five Pebbles' can as seen in the background of Outer Expanse, representing a typical iterator superstructure. This structure is heavily obscured by clouds in-game.
  • Of all the Slugcats he encounters, he dislikes Spearmaster head.png Spearmaster and Gourmand head.png Gourmand the most. He's most friendly to Artificer head.png Artificer (as they share a Scavenger icon.png common enemy), Hunter head.png Hunter (as they both suffer from the Daddy Long Legs icon.png Rot and they were sent to help Looks to the Moon (character) icon.png Looks to the Moon) and Rivulet head.png Rivulet (As they're his last hope to truly save Looks to the Moon).
    • Spearmaster is killed on sight should they return to his chamber.
    • Because of Artificer head.png Artificer’s possession of a Citizen ID, he does not kill them if they re-enter his room, and reads any RWPearl.png Pearls brought to him, due to Looks to the Moon's absence from the campaign. Colored Pearls are labelled and stored on the bottom right of his chamber, mirroring his own Pearl collection on the left. This behavior is the same when Spearmaster shows Pearls to Looks to the Moon inside her facility.
      • If Remix option Key Item Tracking is disabled, any Pearls left in his room disappear.
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