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Code name
Weapon, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Shaded Citadel (27)
Subterranean (6)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles

Flashbangs, referred to in-code as Flare Bombs, are blue glowing spheres found growing on stems in the darkest areas of the world. They create bright flashes of light when thrown, and can be used to incapacitate certain creatures.



When thrown, Flashbangs ignite in a bright blue flash, briefly illuminating the entire screen. The flash of light blinds all creatures, including  Guardians, for a short time. This gives Slugcat some time to escape or attack. Flashbangs instantly kill  Coalescipedes and  Big Spiders.


  •  Miros Birds (and by extension, ✔️DLC Miros Vultures) are the only creatures visibly affected by Flashbangs. Thrown Flashbangs cause their eyes to rapidly strobe.
  • Flashbangs can trigger Explosives and are triggered by them, but are not triggered by  Spears or other Flashbangs.
  • Unlike their smaller counterparts,  Spitter Spiders and ✔️DLC  Mother Spiders are unaffected by Flashbangs.
  • The flash created by Flashbangs is not stopped by walls, meaning creatures can be blinded through them.
Slugcat blinding several Miros Birds with a Flashbang