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Code name
Weapon, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Shaded Citadel (27)
Subterranean (6)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles

Flashbangs, referred to in-code as Flare Bombs, are blue glowing spheres found growing on stems in the darkest areas of the world. They create bright flashes of light when thrown, and can be used to incapacitate certain creatures.



When thrown, Flashbangs ignite in a bright blue flash, briefly illuminating the entire screen. The flash of light blinds all creatures in the room for a short time, giving Slugcat time to escape or attack. Flashbangs instantly kill Coalescipedes and poisons Big Spiders, quickly killing them with the kill credit going to the creature that threw it. Other types of Big Spiders are not killed by them, but are still blinded.

Flashbangs have a large range: they're capable of affecting creatures up to 80 tiles away if there are no walls between the flashbang and the creature, and up to 30 tiles away otherwise. As a single screen is 68.15 tiles, the creatures can be more than one screen away from the flashbang and still get blinded. The length of the blinding depends on the distance: creatures less than 3 tiles away are blinded for 20 seconds, creatures more than 30 tiles away are blinded for half a second, and it linearly scales between these two distances.

Flashbangs can be activated remotely from explosions, but not other weapons.


This section contains major plot details from the end of the game. If you have not yet completed the game on any difficulty, then read no further!

  • If Remix is enabled and the Remix setting Vanilla Exploits is disabled, then Guardians cannot be blinded. However, in Ĉasisto's campaign, they are set to always see Hunter, regardless of whether they're blinded or not.
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