Garbage Worm

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"Garbage Worm"
Code name
Food Pips

As any Slugcat: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Shoreline, Chimney Canopy

Downpour Regions

As any Slugcat: Garbage Wastes

As MonkAs SurvivorAs HunterAs GourmandAs Rivulet: Industrial Complex, Shoreline, Chimney Canopy

As ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Industrial Complex, Chimney Canopy, Waterfront Facility

Garbage Worms are stretchy, worm-like creatures, found mostly in and around the Garbage Wastes implanted into either partially submerged spaces or terrain. They serve as an annoyance, stealing Spears from unlucky Slugcats and Scavengers.


Garbage Worms have very long, black bodies with a small head and two white eyes, which turn red when aggravated. Their upper body always wiggles in a constant wave pattern.


Retrieving a stolen Spear

Losing Spears

There are a few ways to avoid losing Spears to Garbage Worms:

  • Waiting for the Garbage Worm to hide. Standing near one for long enough causes it to retract back into the den, providing a few seconds to get past. Since Garbage Worms ignore Spears that are on the ground, simply dropping it and scaring them away is a great method. Alternatively, holding the Spear in the hand opposite the Garbage Worm also works, since in that case the Slugcat's body can block the Garbage Worm for long enough for it to go away.
  • Taking the Spear back. If timed correctly, it is possible to retrieve the Spear while the Garbage Worm is going back into its den. Garbage Worms also drop Spears when stunned with Rocks, but this method is risky since it aggravates every Garbage Worm in the region for the rest of the cycle.
  • Blinding the Garbage Worms. A niche but effective method if a Hazer or Flashbang is available.
  • Spearing a small creature such as a Vulture Grub, then picking the creature up without dislodging the Spear. Garbage Worms don't steal Spears that are carried this way, as they are not considered as being held. This can be done with multiple Spears at once.
  • Jellyfish can shock them, but precision is required as they must hit the Garbage Worms right at their base.
  • The ✔️DLC Gourmand's weight can knock Garbage Worms unconscious, but Gourmand's body must hit the Garbage Worm's heads.

Abilities & Behavior

Sucking up matter from the water

Though Garbage Worms are stationary, they can move around the room by changing the den they come out of. Their bodies wave at an increasing frequency while observing creatures, usually retracting back into their dens if one gets too close. When idle, Garbage Worms occasionally stick their heads in the ground, seemingly sucking up matter which passes down through their bodies.

Stealing Spears

Though they ignore Spears on the ground, Garbage Worms attempt to steal them from creatures. They do this by stretching towards the Spear, grabbing it with their heads, and quickly retreating underground. They can also grab Spears on Hunter's or a Scavenger's back.

Stealing a Spear from the Slugcat
Stealing a Spear off Hunter's back
Knocking a Spear off of a Scavenger's back


Though Garbage Worms cannot take damage, hitting them with weapons such as Rocks or Spears turns all Garbage Worms in the region hostile for the rest of the cycle, which is indicated by a change in eye color from white to red. In this state, they harass Slugcat by grabbing them with their heads and either flinging Slugcat through the air or holding Slugcat underwater to drown them.

Garbage Worms can only become aggressive towards Slugcat. They can be hit by a Scavenger's weapons, but this causes them to become hostile to Slugcat instead.

Turning hostile when attacked
Grabbing and throwing the Slugcat
Attempting to drown the Slugcat


Default relationship Ignores (0.0)
Afraid of Brother Long Legs (0.8)

Variants & Attributes

Garbage Worms' bodies vary in thickness and length. Generally, longer Garbage Worms are thicker while shorter ones are thinner.

Long thick body
Short thin body


  • Garbage Worms are easily distracted and might choose to observe a large creature even while holding onto a Spear, providing an opportunity to retrieve it.
  • Garbage Worms only retreat back into their dens after stealing a Spear due to their proximity to a creature. If somehow one gets a hold of a Spear without a creature close by, it simply holds onto it while behaving as it would without one.
  • Garbage Worms don't flee when the Rain arrives.
  • Garbage Worms were first mentioned in Update #5 on the Kickstarter page.
This section contains major plot details from Inv. If you have not made significant progress, completed the game as Inv, or solved their riddle, then read no further!

  • Garbage Worms can be killed by the orange acid in Nachos Will Never Be The Same.
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