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"Glow Weed"
Code name
Food Pips

0.5 🌗 As MonkAs Survivor

0.25 🌘 As Hunter

✔️DLC0.5 🌗 As GourmandAs RivuletAs Saint

✔️DLC0.25 🌘 As Artificer

✔️DLCInedible As Spearmaster

Locations (amount)
Submerged Superstructure
1-3 (depends on number of bites left)

Glow Weeds are common, edible objects added in ✔️DLCDownpour. They are found deep underwater in Shoreline and Submerged Superstructure. They have similar physics properties to popped  Bubble Fruit.  Scavengers are also seen carrying them in Subterranean. They appear as oval shaped, yellow-green plants attached to a stem underwater, emanating a yellow glow.


Glow Weeds are primarily a food source, filling up half a food pip 🌗 when eaten. They can also be used as a weak light source underwater. When near the surface, they dim until becoming unnoticeable, making them unreliable above water. Glow weed can also be used to block  Spears.

Survivor eating Glow Weed

Glow Weeds do still retain their faint glow even after being relocated, allowing them to possibly be a portable  Lantern, albeit with dampened luminescence. Taking a bite out of a Glow Weed causes it to lose its distinctive glow.