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"Grappling Worm"
Code name
Food Pips

1 🌕 As Hunter

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

0.5 🌗 ✔️DLCAs GourmandAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: The Exterior, Chimney Canopy

Downpour Regions

As MonkAs SurvivorAs HunterAs GourmandAs RivuletAs Spearmaster: The Exterior, Chimney Canopy

As Artificer: The Exterior, Chimney Canopy, Metropolis

Grappling Worms, also known as Grapple Worms or Tube Worms, are small, tubular creatures found in Chimney Canopy, The Exterior, and ✔️DLC Metropolis. They attach to surfaces using long, sticky strands, and they can be held and used to grapple on walls and ceilings.


Grappling Worms are small and tubular in shape, being widest in the middle and slightly narrower around the ends. Their bodies have uneven blue and black stripes, which shift around during movement. While grappling, they extend a long, pinkish strand from either or both ends of their body.



Dangling from left to right

Grappling Worms can be held in one hand without any mobility loss. Pressing mid-air while holding one causes them to release a sticky line upwards. This line sticks to the nearest surface or pole above the Grappling Worm (if there is one), suspending Slugcat in the air. Pressing again retracts the line. Swinging from left to right before doing so boosts Slugcat's horizontal momentum upon retracting the line. This allows Slugcat to swing across large gaps.

Dead Grappling Worms cannot let out a line.

Grappling Worms cannot be thrown and must be set down by pressing and .

Abilities & Behavior

Swinging across a pit

Grappling Worms are completely passive and ignore all creatures.


Grappling Worms move by shooting sticky lines from the ends of their bodies. Once the line sticks to a surface or pole, the Grappling Worm can move across it. Upon reaching the end of the line, Grappling Worms often shoot out a new one and continue moving. In case the line fails to grapple onto anything, Grappling Worms quickly retract it back into their bodies and try shooting it out again.

Lines may also stick to creatures if they happen to be in the way, effectively restricting their movement to a small area around the Grappling Worm until they let go. Even large creatures such as Daddy Long Legs can get tethered, effectively immobilizing them. If Slugcat gets tethered, simply grabbing the Grappling Worm can make it let go.


Default relationship Ignores (0.0)

Variants & Attributes

Grappling Worms' stripes can take on various shades of blue.

* Notes:

  • While the palette does display all hues, saturations, and lightnesses, it does not show all the possible ways they can be combined in-game.


Staying attached to the ceiling after death
  • Grappling Worms can easily drown, as they are incapable of releasing their lines when submerged.
  • Grappling Worms often do not retract both ends of their line when hit by Rocks or Spears, meaning that they may hang above the ground after death.
    • Additionally, killing a Grappling Worm that is attached to Slugcat and then grabbing onto it while it is still attached has an unusual effect on the player's movement. This quirk of the physics engine affects all airborne moves, but is only beneficial when it comes to extended instant hops and crouch hops, which (with proper inputs) tend to be much faster compared to their normal counterparts.
  • Grappling Worms are prioritized the least by Lizards searching for food.
  • Grappling Worms formerly weighed down Slugcat when held, slowing movement and causing them to slip down poles. This was changed in update 1.5.
  • Grappling Worms cannot attach to poles in and before update 1.5.
  • If ✔️DLC Saint holds a Grappling Worm, the Jump button attaches and detaches both Saint's tongue and the Grappling Worm's line. It is therefore possible to be attached to two surfaces at once, but this has little to no effect on gameplay.