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Code name
Weapon, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Chimney Canopy
Farm Arrays
Garbage Wastes
Industrial Complex
Shaded Citadel
Respawn time
None (respawning chance not determined by time)

Grenades, commonly known as Bombs and referred to in-code as Scavenger Bombs, are explosive weapons typically found in areas populated by Scavengers. They are small black orbs with a red center. When thrown, Grenades explode on impact, dealing significant damage and launching anything caught in the blast at high speeds.



Grenades can be thrown at a distance to stun and deal damage to creatures. A Grenade deals 0.8 impact damage, and its explosion deals up to 2 damage to creatures caught in its epicenter; only 70% of the damage is done to a creature that has thrown it. Throwing Grenades from close to mid-range is risky, as the explosion can stun or kill Slugcat. ✔️DLC Artificer is resistant to explosion damage and cannot be killed by Grenades, though they can still be stunned.

Grenades are useful when targeting large groups of creatures, particularly Scavengers; because they often carry explosives, throwing a Grenade may set off a chain reaction. Creatures can also be launched into pits due to the high stun and knockback.

Grenades detonate after being hit by a Rock or a Spear, even while carried by Slugcat or other creatures. They also detonate immediately when caught in the blast radius of an explosion. When traveling, carrying Grenades in Slugcat's stomach can prevent accidental detonations.

A Grenade thrown underwater does not explode, even if it hits a wall. When thrown at the water's surface, the Grenade can bounce off of it, or it may fall underwater and be disarmed. Any Grenade thrown into acid detonates upon contact with it.



  • Creatures hit by a Grenade leave a trail of smoke behind them as they are launched.
  • There is an approximately 1/10000000 chance that hitting a Grenade with a weapon such as a Rock or a Spear does not detonate it.