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Strong and quick, with a fierce metabolism requiring a steady diet of meat. But the stomach won't be your only concern, as the path of the hunter is one of extreme peril.

The Hunter serves as the base game's hard mode. Though they are faster and stronger than Survivor, their campaign features a multitude of changes to make the game much more challenging.

For the main Slugcats page, see Slugcat.


The Hunter's campaign is only accessible after completing the game as either Survivor or Monk.


The Hunter eating from a dead Blue Lizard.

6 food pips are required to hibernate, while up to 3 may be stored for the next cycle.



The Hunter does not have an intro cutscene, instead playing a short animation before handing control over to the player.

Hunter's scripted movements which are performed at the start of a run

Food: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑|🌑🌑🌑

Karma: Karma 3

Cycles: 19

Area: Farm Arrays (LF_H01)



Hunter suffers seizure-like spasms

Unlike every other Slugcat, Hunter's cycles count down, meaning the player has a limited amount of time to do everything they wish. Cycles decrement upon Sheltering and are limited to 19 upon beginning the game. If Hunter visits Five Pebbles, he rewards them with 5 extra cycles and acts like an Echo in terms of karma, as opposed to raising it to Maximum Karma 10. This means that visiting Echoes is required; the player needs to raise their maximum karma 4 times before passing the Guardians.

At cycle 0 and below, Hunter becomes significantly weaker, suffers seizure-like spasms, and requires more food to survive. The cycle count descends into negative numbers, with each cycle below 0 making the effects of their affliction much worse. In this state, Hunter occasionally hallucinates, covering the screen in a shaking, dark red filter which partially obscures the player's vision. It is difficult, although not impossible, to survive for some time in negative cycles. Dying or quitting at this point causes the run to immediately end and the final score to be tallied.

Downpour's Remix option enables the player to select how many cycles Hunter starts with, as well as how many extra cycles Five Pebbles gives them.

General Changes

  • Any dead creature can be eaten for food.
  • A second Spear can be stored on Hunter's back. Hold PICK UP with the Spear in the main hand (Slugcat's right) or while holding nothing else to store, and hold again with an empty hand to take it off. It can be dropped gently on the ground by holding down and PICK UP while not holding anything. If already holding a Spear, picking up another sends it straight to their back.
  • Batflies and plants only fill 1/4th of a food pip.
  • Karma Flowers do not spawn, except on a permanent death.
  • Speed, jump height, and damage from Spears are all slightly increased.
  • Explosive Spears can rarely replace normal Spears (1/125 chance).
  • Creatures killed by Hunter have a higher respawn rate (50% chance per cycle, up from 33%).
  • Passages do not award a Passage token, so Hunter cannot teleport back to visited shelters by obtaining them.
  • Hunter is more visible to creatures, is louder, and gains a smaller stealth bonus when crouching.
  • Reputation is set to -35 at the beginning, which makes social creatures initially much more aggressive towards Hunter. Without interacting with any of these creatures, this reputation increases back to 0 in 5 cycles (cycle 14).
  • Dynamic difficulty is locked at its maximum, which has noticeable effects:
    • Lizards attempt to eat Hunter more eagerly, and their bites have an increased chance to kill.
    • Scavengers are more likely to attack Hunter, with higher lethality.
    • Vultures and King Vultures tend to prioritize Hunter over any other creature they see except Scavengers.
  • Echoes do not require visiting their location on a prior cycle to activate but do still require a high enough karma level to appear.


Lung Capacity Standard
Throwing Skill[*] 2
Spear Damage 1.25
Run Speed 1.2
Pole Speed 1.25
Mass 1.12
Loudness 1.35
Visibility Bonus 0.1
Crawling Stealth 0.3 (0.6x standard)

[*] Throwing skill affects velocity and trajectory.

World Changes


  • In the PC version of the game, Hunter can also be unlocked by placing a text file titled unlockred.txt in the main Rain World directory.
  • With Remix enabled, Hunter's description is altered to read, "Strong and quick, requiring a steady diet of meat. But the stomach won't be your only concern... this path is one of extreme peril where every cycle eats away at an ominous countdown."
This section contains major plot details from Gourmand. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Gourmand, then read no further!

  • Probably due to the same cause that limits Hunter’s time to 20 cycles, upon their final death, their corpse becomes Hunter Long Legs.
    • This can be seen only when playing as Gourmand if the player has a failed Hunter campaign in the same save slot, at the location of the permadeath.
    • Looks to the Moon also hints at this.
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