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"Infant Noodlefly"
Code name
Food Pips

2 🌕 As MonkAs SurvivorAs Hunter

2 🌕 ✔️DLCAs GourmandAs ArtificerAs Rivulet

0.5 🌗 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster

0 🌑 ✔️DLCAs Saint


As any Slugcat: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

As Hunter: Chimney Canopy

Downpour Regions

As Monk: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays, Outer Expanse

As SurvivorAs Gourmand: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays, Subterranean, Outer Expanse

As HunterAs ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Outskirts, Chimney Canopy, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays, Subterranean

As Rivulet: Outskirts, Farm Arrays

As Saint: Rubicon

Infant Noodleflies, frequently nicknamed Noots or Noodles, are passive creatures, often seen flying around in groups or attached to a parent Adult Noodlefly.


Infant Noodleflies share most physical traits with adults but are much smaller. They have slim, mostly monochrome bodies with a lighter strip of color in the middle, 4 wings, barely visible oval eyes, 2 vestigial legs, and a tubular mouth.

Various Infant Noodleflies



Infant Noodleflies can be grabbed and eaten for 2 food pips 🌕🌕.

Grabbing an Infant Noodlefly is risky, as their cry alerts the nearest Adult Noodlefly and causes them to become aggressive. However, this can be used to Slugcat's advantage, as the Adult Noodlefly will target the closest creature to the Infant Noodlefly when they cry out. This means that grabbing an Infant Noodlefly and quickly throwing it at another creature may cause the Adult Noodlefly to target that creature instead.

As ✔️DLC Saint, this is no longer effective, as Infant Noodleflies remain calm upon being grabbed. Licking them still results in death, but this is more difficult to effectively use as they cry out immediately after being licked.

Abilities & Behavior

Infant Noodleflies are passive and avoid other creatures. They stay close to Adult Noodleflies, sometimes holding onto an Adult Noodlefly's tail as they fly around. Infant Noodleflies can be eaten, but cry out when grabbed or otherwise killed, alerting the nearest Adult Noodlefly in the region. They always die shortly after being grabbed. They also produce much higher pitched sounds when compared to Adult Noodleflies.

Infant Noodleflies hatched from Noodlefly Eggs follow Slugcat until an Adult Noodlefly is encountered, at which point they begin following the Adult Noodlefly.

Hanging onto an adult's tail
Flying around
Crying out before death

Variants & Attributes

Infant Noodleflies have fewer variation in their palette than Adult Noodleflies, mainly featuring shades of red with a little pink and some gray.

* Notes:

  • Every color is represented proportionately to its likeliness.
  • Only the main body color is shown here; various highlights, gradients, and differently colored body parts may be added to it.
  • These colors are subject to change slightly depending on the palette of the room they are seen in. The ones shown here correspond to the default Outskirts palette.


Default relationship Uncomfortable with (1.0)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)  •  Batflies (0.0)  •  Vulture Grubs (0.0)  •  Hazers (0.0)
Afraid of Miros Birds (0.9)  •  Brother Long Legs (0.9)  •  Daddy Long Legs (0.9)  •  Leviathans (0.9)  •  Red Centipedes (0.8)  •  King Vultures (0.6)  •  Vultures (0.5)  •  Pole Plants (0.3)  •  Monster Kelp (0.3)
Attacks Infant Noodleflies (0.9)  •  Adult Noodleflies (0.9)


  • Infant Noodleflies can be hit with Rocks without them crying out.
  • Dead Infant Noodleflies that are carried to the next cycle in a shelter cry out after taking a bite out of them, though this does not alert the adult.
  • Infant Noodleflies do not cry out upon being consumed by Rot or Worm Grass.