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"Adult Noodlefly"
Adult Noodlefly icon.png
Adult noodle infobox img.png
Code name
Food Pips

3 Food pip.png Hunter head.png

DLC icon.png3 Food pip.png Artificer head.png

DLC icon.png1.5 Food pip.png Gourmand head.png

DLC icon.png1 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png


Slugcat head.png: Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

Survivor head.png: Outskirts

Hunter head.png: Outskirts, Chimney Canopy

Downpour Regions

Gourmand head.pngArtificer head.pngSpearmaster head.png: Outskirts, Sky Islands

Noodlefly idle.gifNootfly.gif

Noodleflies (frequently nicknamed "Noots" or "Noodles") are neutral creatures, often seen flying around in groups of a single adult leading a few infants.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Adults have long, wiggly bodies, four slim wings, two oval eyes, short, stubby legs and a stretchy, thin tubular mouth. They also possess a retractable needle which they use to fend off predators and other Noodleflies. Their bodies are mostly monotone, featuring a lighter strip of color in the middle, and slight gradients on the legs. Their slim and almost teardrop-shaped wings are usually shades of white or grey, though they sometimes may transition and gradient into more vibrant colors closer to the body. The needle is initially white at the tip and a pale red near the mouth, and turns black shortly after being exposed to the air.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Getting stuck in the floor and killed

Adult Noodleflies are frail but fierce and surprisingly tough to avoid for the inexperienced player, making up for their low health with high mobility, which makes it very difficult to hit them from a distance while airborne. They utilize two attacks in combat: the poke - a quick, close-range, temporarily stunning jab, and the stab - a lethal, long-range lunge with a well telegraphed wind-up. If dodged, the stab can lodge the Noodlefly into a wall or floor, trapping it for around 3–4 seconds. This leaves an opportunity to kill it with a Spear icon.png Spear. Making contact with the tip of the needle may stun the Slugcat and cause it to drop any items.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Hiding in pipes or tunnels is an effective evasion strategy, as adults are unable to attack while in one. They may still try to attack from outside one, however. Alternatively, the player may attempt to get very close (practically touching it), as doing so makes the Noodlefly unable to attack, and may even cause it to fully retract the needle for a short amount of time.

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Adult Noodleflies fly across the region with their offspring. They spend most of their time in the air but may also crawl through pipes and tunnels. Adults mainly fly about idly, watching other creatures like the Slugcat head.png Slugcat at a distance (with the exception of other Adult Noodleflies, who are always hostile to one another).

Dodge[edit | edit source]

Dodging a thrown Spear

Adult Noodleflies can swiftly dodge thrown objects such as Spears and Rubbish icon.png Rubbish. This has a very short cooldown, rendering them near impossible to hit in flight.

Aggression[edit | edit source]

If an Adult Noodlefly perceives another creature as a threat to either it or its offspring (including when a Noodlefly Egg icon.png Noodlefly Egg is being held by the player), it becomes aggressive and begins hunting down the offending creature.

Within the game's code, a value called tempLike determines a creature's relationship with an Adult Noodlefly. This number slowly increases over time, but certain actions lower it. If it falls below -0.25, the adult becomes hostile for as long as it stays there. Notably, being the closest to an injured Infant Noodlefly instantly sets this amount to -1, the lowest possible, which is why an adult can often stay aggravated for an entire cycle if it was angered this way. Attempting to chuck Spears or Rubbish at the Noodlefly, and hitting it with Rubbish also decreases the value. In practice this means that missing 50 throws with Rubbish, 12 throws with a Spear, or hitting one 16 times with Rubbish turns it hostile for a short period of time.

Noodlefly egg aggro.gif
Losing aggro after a Noodlefly Egg is dropped
Noodlefly kiss.gif
Noodlefly fall.gif
Falling off a wall

Relationships[edit | edit source]

(Applies to both adults and infants)

Infant Noodleflies[edit | edit source]

"Infant Noodlefly"
Infant Noodlefly icon.png
Infant noodle infobox img.png
Code name
Food Pips

2 Food pip.png Monk head.pngSurvivor head.pngHunter head.png

DLC icon.png2 Food pip.png Gourmand head.pngArtificer head.pngRivulet head.png

DLC icon.png0.5 Food Pip Half.png Spearmaster head.png

DLC icon.png0 Food pip empty.png Saint head.png


Slugcat head.png: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

Hunter head.png: Chimney Canopy

Gourmand head.pngArtificer head.pngSpearmaster head.png: Outskirts, Sky Islands, Farm Arrays

Infant Noodleflies share most physical traits with adults but are much smaller. They have slim, mostly monochrome bodies with a lighter strip of color in the middle, four wings, barely visible oval eyes and a tubular mouth, but only two vestigial legs. They also produce much higher pitched sounds when compared to adults.

Infants are passive but avoid other creatures. They stay close to their parent, sometimes holding onto its tail as they fly around. Infant Noodleflies can be eaten, but cry out when grabbed or otherwise killed, alerting the nearest adult in the region.

Noodlefly hang.gif
Hanging onto an adult's tail
Noodle juvenile idle.gif
Flying around
Noodlefly die.gif
Crying out before death

Variants & Attributes[edit | edit source]

Adult Noodleflies have a large color range, sporting various shades of red, pink, purple, white or black, even blue and cyan. The ends of their wings and legs are oftentimes differently colored, but seem to use the same palette as the body. Their eyes are most often grey or white, but may very rarely be different colors. Infant Noodleflies have less variation in their palette, mainly featuring shades of red with a little pink, and some grey as well.

* Notes:

  • Every color is represented proportionately to its likeliness.
  • Only the main body color is shown here; various highlights, gradients, and differently colored body parts may be added to it.
  • These colors are subject to change slightly depending on the palette of the room they are seen in. The ones shown here correspond to the default Outskirts palette.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Noodleflies were added in the 1.5 update.
  • When grabbed, Infant Noodleflies die after a second, even if they are immediately released.
  • Infant Noodleflies can be hit with Rubbish without them crying out.
  • Dead Infant Noodleflies that are carried to the next cycle in a shelter cry out after taking a bite out of them, though this does not alert the adult.
  • If an Adult Noodlefly is killed while stuck in a surface, it stays that way for a few seconds before falling off.
  • It is possible for two Adult Noodleflies to stab each other and die simultaneously.
  • When an Infant Noodlefly cries out, the nearest adult attacks the closest creature to the offspring, as opposed to the one that injured it. This makes spearing an infant from afar or grabbing and tossing it a niche way of dealing with predators and eating the infant without alerting the parent.
    • An Adult Noodlefly can also aggro onto an Overseer icon.png Overseer if it happens to be the closest. However, their stab is incapable of killing it, effectively locking them into chasing it around for the whole cycle.
  • Infant Noodleflies do not cry out upon being consumed by Daddy Long Legs icon.png Rot or Worm Grass icon.png Worm Grass.
  • If a Noodlefly parent is killed in a hibernation chamber and the children are still alive when hibernating, on the following cycle, the children spawn in the chamber whether they were there before or not.
    • If the previous glitch is performed and the babies are killed or eaten, a new Noodlefly spawns and starts hunting the player.
  • When used against other creatures, the stab deals a little more damage than a Spear thrown by the Survivor (1.22), and the poke deals the equivalent of 5 pieces of Rubbish (0.05).
  • If a Noodlefly has more than one target, it targets the closest one.
    • If the two targets are of similar distance away, it switches between them, often causing it to miss.
  • Adult Noodleflies are incapable of hurting Infant Noodleflies. This can be seen by trying to stab an Infant Noodlefly while playing as an Adult Noodlefly in Safari Mode.