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Code name
Edible, Weapon
Food Pips

1 🌕 As MonkAs SurvivorAs Hunter

✔️DLC1 🌕 As GourmandAs ArtificerAs Rivulet

✔️DLC0.5 🌗 As Spearmaster

✔️DLC0 🌑 As Saint

Locations (amount)
Shoreline (33)
Downpour Locations (amount)
As any Slugcat: Submerged Superstructure (18), Waterfront Facility (15)
As Saint: Shoreline (17)
As ???: Shoreline (29), Sky Islands (10)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 1-3, 1-5, 1-8, 2-4, 2-6, 3-5, 3-7)

Jellyfish are white, floating saucer-shaped organisms with long, thin tentacles that drape into the water they live in. Despite resembling creatures, they are considered foreground objects, meaning that they reflect thrown  Spear &  Rocks (if the vulnerable jellyfish Remix setting is disabled), and can be pushed around.



When thrown, Jellyfish flash white for about 3 seconds, delivering a powerful shock to any creatures that touch them during this period. Shocked creatures cease all function and shake violently on the ground. The intensity of the shock generally depends on the mass of the creature, with lighter ones experiencing stronger, longer shocks. Repeatedly throwing a Jellyfish to stun and dealing damage while it's unable to fight back can make killing even a large predator much easier.

Stunned creatures can't track the Slugcat, making those few seconds the perfect opportunity to hide or get away, while stunned  Vultures fly away upon regaining consciousness, similarly to how they try to fly away when stabbed twice with Spears. It is also possible to utilize Jellyfish to evade  Leeches, as they get caught up in the Jellyfish's tendrils.


Jellyfish are edible, filling up 1 food pip 🌕 when eaten.


  • Jellyfish's shock deals 0.1 damage to creatures.
  • The player is not credited for kills caused by a Jellyfish shock, unless they deal damage by other methods immediately before it. This means that the kill gives no points or Outlaw progress, and that the creature respawns the next cycle with no chance of lineaging.
  • In water, Jellyfish may grab onto creatures below them with their tentacles, delivering a much weaker shock.
  •  Adult Centipedes are almost immune to Jellyfish shocks, and  Leviathans have full immunity.
  • The Slugcat can grab and hold onto Jellyfish even while they're flashing white.
  • Jellyfish are capable of stunning creatures even when partially eaten.
  • Due to the intensity of the shock depending on the mass of the creature, it completely immobilizes  Rain Deer, making them fall to the ground and potentially get eaten by  Worm Grass.
Stunning a  Salamander
Stunning a Vulture
Stunning the Slugcat