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Code name
Food Pips

4 🌕 As Hunter

4 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

2 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Gourmand

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: Shoreline

As Hunter: Subterranean

Downpour Regions

As any Slugcat: Shoreline, Subterranean, Submerged Superstructure

As MonkAs SurvivorAs HunterAs GourmandAs Rivulet: Pipeyard

As ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Pipeyard, Waterfront Facility

"This creature is dehydrated. You can carry it back to water."

Jetfish are neutral, aquatic creatures found in and around Shoreline that propel themselves through the water at high speeds. They can be held and used as a fast mode of transportation through bodies of water.


Jetfish have black, medium-sized bodies and 2 bright purple eyes. They have shorter pectoral fins, longer tail fins with joints at the midpoints, and a vent between the tail fins which expels water. Their eyes are large with round pupils underwater, but constrict into a small, circular shape when out of water. Their heads may sometimes have whiskers.



When held, Jetfish propel Slugcat quickly through water and grant immunity to Leeches. Blue Fruit can be dropped on the water's surface to lure them up, granting an opportunity to grab on. They are easily controlled using directional inputs and allow Slugcat to safely pass through flooded tunnels and outpace aquatic predators like Leviathans. The force of their water jets can also propel Slugcat into the air.

Swimming by

Jetfish are cumbersome to carry over land and too heavy to be carried up poles by Monk and Survivor. Slugcat cannot carry other objects while holding a Jetfish.

Abilities & Behavior

Jumping in and out of water

Jetfish swim through water at high speeds, sometimes swimming near the surface and jumping out of the water using their water jets. They flop and jump around when on land.

Jetfish are completely immune to Leeches.


Jetfish catch and eat Blue Fruit, Bubble Fruit, Batflies, Leeches, ✔️DLC Glow Weed, ✔️DLC Lilypucks, and Squidcadas. These may all be used to lure Jetfish to a desired location.


Jetfish attempt to ram into Slugcat at neutral or lower reputation. This temporarily stuns Slugcat and knocks objects out of their hands. Groups of Jetfish can be dangerous, as they can stun-lock and drown Slugcat. Jetfish deal a small amount of damage every frame when ramming, making it possible for them to kill other creatures, including other Jetfish. Ramming damage occurs even if Slugcat is holding the Jetfish.

There is a Remix toggle to prevent Jetfish from knocking objects out of Slugcat's hands, however, this toggle does not work without the More Slugcats Expansion being enabled, nor does it prevent ramming. This behavior is also extremely dangerous for Slugpups, because if a Slugpup is hit by a Jetfish on land it dies, and it is easy for Slugpups to drown.

Temporarily hovering mid-air due to the water jet


Default relationship Ignores (0.0)
Wants to eat Batflies (0.2)  •  Red Leeches (0.2)  •  Sea Leeches (0.2)  •  Squidcadas (0.1)
Afraid of Vultures (1.0)  •  King Vultures (1.0)  •  Leviathans (1.0)  •  Salamanders (0.5)  •  Lizards (0.2)  •  Pole Plants (0.2)  •  Monster Kelp (0.2)  •  Dropwigs (0.2)
Reputation-based Slugcats (1.0)

Variants & Attributes

Jetfish's pectoral fins can take on a variety of shapes, whereas their tail fins vary only in length, thickness and joint angle. The same is true for the 0-3 sets of whiskers found at the fronts of their bodies, which may also protrude in different directions.


All Jetfish in Subterranean and ✔️DLC Pipeyard are albino. Albino Jetfish have white bodies, red eyes, and a pink gradient on their whiskers and tail fins. In Arena, any Jetfish has a 4% chance to be albino.[v1.9 Remix only]

Albino Jetfish with regular and constricted eyes


  • Hunter is strong enough to perform a slide pounce while holding a Jetfish. Doing so causes them to travel approximately two and a half times farther compared to a normal slide pounce. This property can be used to easily obtain the Jellyfish Arena unlock.