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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
"Joke Rifle"
Code name
Rifle, JokeRifle
Locations (amount)
Arena Mode, Expedition (Perk)

"Hold pick-up with compatible ammunition in hand to load the rifle"

The Joke Rifle is an item exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour that can be used in Arena Mode and as a perk in Expedition. It shoots rounds which differ based on the item that has been loaded into it.


When the Joke Rifle and a valid ammunition item are held at the same time, holding for about 0.5 seconds loads the item into the Joke Rifle, consuming it. Loading the Joke Rifle plays a brief animation and gives Slugcat a slight boost of vertical momentum. The type of ammo and number of rounds added to the Joke Rifle depends on the item used to load it.

The Joke Rifle can be aimed in any cardinal or diagonal direction by pressing a directional input. Pressing fires the Joke Rifle, spending 1 round and producing a projectile matching the currently active ammo type. Firing also pushes Slugcat in the direction opposite the firing direction. The strength of this push depends on the ammo type.

can be held to continuously fire as long as rounds are available. While firing this way, directional inputs do not change the angle of the Joke Rifle, and Slugcat can move normally. Tapping does not allow for a faster fire rate. The fire rate depends on the current ammo type.

When loaded or fired, the icon for the current ammo type and the number of currently loaded rounds appears briefly in the bottom-right of the HUD.

Valid ammunition
Ammunition Rounds loaded per item Rounds fired per second Effect
Blue Fruit 10 2.5 Fires a projectile that looks like a slice of the fruit. It stuns creatures for a similar amount of time as thrown Rocks, and does negligible damage.
Rock[note 1] 20 5 Fires a small rock that deals 0.1 damage and stuns for a very short time.
Pearl Infinite

[note 2]

20 Fires colorful sparks that deal no damage but propel the player opposite the firing direction. Firing downward allows Slugcat to jump as though they were aided by a Squidcada or by lower gravity.
Grenade 1 0.67 Fires a grenade with much higher velocity than when normally thrown.
Singularity Bomb

Rarefaction Cell[note 3]

1 0.36 Fires a Singularity Bomb as if it were normally thrown (even if a Rarefaction Cell was loaded).
Beehive 50 20 Fires individual bees which trap creatures in place similar to normally thrown Beehives, but are much easier to control, making it harder for the player to accidentally trap themself.
Cherrybomb 50 6.67 Fires a spark which does no damage but scares away creatures, similarly to a normally-thrown Cherrybomb.
Flashbang 10 0.67 Fires a projectile at a low velocity which illuminates its surroundings about as brightly as a Lantern Mouse. The projectile detonates like a normally-thrown Flashbang 30 seconds after being fired.
Spore Puff 5 0.67 Fires a Rock-like projectile that explodes like a thrown Spore Puff immediately on impact with a surface, and again about 2 seconds after it comes to rest.[note 4]
Noodlefly Egg [note 5] 2-3 1 Fires an injured Infant Noodlefly at very low velocity. The infant dies shortly after being fired, as if grabbed by Slugcat, angering nearby Adult Noodleflies.
Fire Egg 3 3.63 Fires a Fire Egg considerably faster than if thrown normally.
Void Ammo Type[note 6] 20 6.67 Fires a golden ring that stuns creatures and does roughly as much damage as a Spear. These rings travel only about half the length of a screen, are not affected by gravity, and barely move anything they strike. They are incapable of killing Batflies.
  1. Includes unpopped Bubble Fruit.
  2. The HUD indicates infinite ammo by rapidly changing the ammo count to a random two-digit number every frame.
  3. Though using the Rarefaction Cell is allowed by the Joke Rifle's unmodded code, the fact that the Cell is a two-handed item itself requires either mods, or use of bugs to allow both the Rarefaction Cell and the Joke Rifle to be held at the same time. The latter can temporarily break Slugcat's physics, requiring further bugs or ending the glitched hold to reset.
  4. If Slugcat is not crouching, the projectile's horizontal direction is mirrored.
  5. While loading the Noodlefly Egg into the rifle consumes it, Noodlefly Mothers forgive the player as if the egg was dropped (assuming they were not already angered).
  6. This ammo type is fully implemented but impossible to load into the Joke Rifle since no object corresponds to it, although it is possible to modify the game to allow some object not used as another ammo type (for example, Batnip) to be used to load it. On the HUD, this ammo type is represented by the tenth Karma symbol.

Loading Multiple Ammo Types

The Joke Rifle is capable of storing multiple different types of ammo at once, but only fires the most recently loaded ammunition. For example, if the Joke Rifle is loaded with a Blue Fruit followed by a Rock, it fires the Rock when next used. If Blue Fruit is loaded into the Joke Rifle next, it adds additional ammo to the already stored Blue Fruit and switches the active ammo type to Blue Fruit.

When the active ammo type runs out of rounds, the Joke Rifle does not automatically switch to another ammo type. Accessing a previously loaded ammo type requires loading another item of that type to make it the active ammo type. The Joke Rifle can hold more ammo than is loaded by a single item, allowing ample opportunity for reloading and maintaining multiple ammo types.


The Joke Rifle can be obtained in non-Story modes:

  • In Expedition, it is an unlockable perk. With the perk enabled, a Joke Rifle appears in the shelter that Slugcat starts in.
  • In Challenges 29, 32, 35, 64, and 66, the Joke Rifle spawns in a set position.
  • In Sandbox, the Joke Rifle is unlocked after completing Challenges 29, 32, and 35.


  • The Joke Rifle has roots in the earliest days of the Rain World modding community and is present, albeit in attenuated form, in the source code of Version 1.5, being created directly by Videocult. This was originally as an April Fools' joke on the Rain World Devlog, but was later used for testing the modding system.
  • The recoil for some ammo types is powerful enough to cause a crouching Slugcat firing downward to automatically turn around but remain crouched, as if a directional input opposite Slugcat's facing direction was input.
    • The recoil can also push Slugcat off of a vertical pole, especially if their body is on the side opposite the firing direction.
  • If Slugcat is crouching and the Joke Rifle is pointed in the direction opposite Slugcat's facing direction (possible by tapping the opposite direction very briefly), the projectile fires in the direction Slugcat is facing instead.
    • If the Joke Rifle is pointed diagonally downward and opposite Slugcat's facing direction, the projectile fires diagonally downward as well, but still in the direction Slugcat is facing.
  • At one point, it was planned to have the Joke Rifle appear after beating Artificer's campaign.