Karma Flower

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"Karma Flower"
Code name
Respawn time
5 to 7 cycles
Locations (amount)
Drainage System (3)
Industrial Complex (3)
Shaded Citadel (3)
Sky Islands (3)
Garbage Wastes (2)
Outskirts (2)
Shoreline (2)
Chimney Canopy (1)
Farm Arrays (1)
Subterranean (1)
The Exterior (1)
Downpour Locations (amount)
Drainage System (4)
Chimney Canopy (2)
Subterranean (2)
Outer Expanse (1)
Waterfront Facility (2)
Metropolis (1)
Looks to the Moon (region) (1)
Undergrowth (2)
Silent Construct (2)

"Here is a strange energy"

Karma Flowers, also known as Wheel Flowers, are rare, yellow objects which can be found growing at specific locations throughout most of the game's regions. They can be eaten to prevent Karma loss.


Karma Reinforcement

When eaten, Karma Flowers protect the player's current karma level, reinforcing it with an additional outer circle. This reinforcement is consumed upon Slugcat's death, preventing their current karma level from decreasing. Attempting to starve also consumes the reinforcement without any positive effects.

Dying with karma reinforcement spawns a new Karma Flower at the location of Slugcat's death, which is marked on the map with a special yellow symbol. Dying or hibernating before consuming this Karma Flower causes it to disappear.
Karma Flowers are automatically consumed when slept with in Shelters, and their reinforcement cannot be stacked.


Monk spawns a Karma Flower on every death, regardless of whether they had Karma protection the cycle before.


Hunter's permadeath Karma Flower, a natural Karma Flower, and a death Karma Flower.

Karma Flowers do not spawn for Hunter. Upon Hunter's permadeath, a Karma Flower can be permanently found at the spot of their death when playing as another Slugcat on the same save file. Unlike other Karma Flowers, which respawn after 5-7 cycles, Hunter's Karma Flower respawns every cycle as long as the Slugcat hibernates in the region where it is located.

If Hunter runs out of cycles and dies in a different spot, the old Karma Flower gets overwritten, instead spawning at the most recent permadeath location.

Reinforcing the current karma level
The reinforcement being consumed when starving
The reinforcement being consumed on death

Downpour-Exclusive Content

This section contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.


To gain maximum Karma from Echoes, Artificer must first have reinforcement from a Karma Flower.


As Spearmaster, Karma Flowers cannot be consumed normally and must be hit with a Needle or hibernated with.


Karma Flowers do not spawn naturally in Expedition. Instead, they spawn on death if the player had reinforced Karma from the Karma Flower perk. These Karma Flowers do not despawn and can only be destroyed by being handled and lost.

Monk still spawns a normal Karma Flower on every death.

Downpour-exclusive content ends here.


Karma Flowers can be used in trades with Scavengers, having exactly half the trading value as one Pearl.

Map Locations

This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!


All static Karma Flower locations throughout the world.
Spoilers end here.


  • ✔️DLC Slugpup can eat Karma Flowers, which triggers reinforcement of the player’s Karma.