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Code name
Effect, Swallowable
Locations (amount)
Shaded Citadel, Subterranean, Chimney Canopy, Farm Arrays, Garbage Wastes, Industrial Complex
Respawn time
None (respawning chance not determined by time)

Lanterns are orange glowing objects made by  Scavengers, obtained from trading or stealing from them. Most Scavengers carry them in dark regions, mainly in Shaded Citadel, but sometimes also in Subterranean. Lanterns are crafted from an empty shell, smeared with an orange glowing substance according to Looks To The Moon.



Lanterns cannot be thrown as weapons, but can function as a distraction when escaping enemies. Lanterns are extremely useful for traversing dark regions such as Shaded Citadel and Subterranean Filtration System, as they're the second best light source available, only beaten by eating a  Neuron Fly, and are almost necessary to platform in dark areas at the beginning of the game and deterring  Coalescipedes and  Big Spiders.

Lanterns have a 20% chance of spawning every cycle in Scavenger Storerooms in Shaded Citadel or Subterranean, and 5% in other regions. Every object held by a Scavenger has a 60% chance of being a Lantern in Shaded Citadel and 42% in Subterranean, as long as this object is not already a  Spear.

As ✔️DLCSaint, Lanterns increase their internal temperature, staving off the cold and possibly even warming them in certain indoor areas. This effect occurs when a Lantern is swallowed as well as when held. When the blizzard is at full force, a single Lantern only keeps Saint at 3 pips of warmth indoors, even if they gain more from other sources. Even outside of Saint's campaign, the lantern will slightly glow after being swallowed to demonstrate this effect.


  • Lanterns generate the same radius of light as having eaten Neuron Flies, so they are the best light source before reaching Five Pebbles or eating one from Looks to the Moon.
  • Lanterns can be used to parry, as Spears bounce off when hitting one.
  • If the slugcat swallows a lantern, the slugcat will emit a low orange glow.[v1.9 Remix only]
  • The map can be used as an inefficient replacement for Lanterns, since the map reveals platforms or paths even if they are in the dark.
  • Going through Shaded Citadel as the Monk allows the  Yellow Overseer to outline the area around them, letting the player skip the hassle of obtaining a Lantern.
The Survivor holding a Lantern they retrieved from a Scavenger Merchant