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"Monster Kelp"
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Food Pips

Inedible Slugcat head.png

DLC icon.png1 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png


Slugcat head.png: Drainage System, Shoreline, Shaded Citadel, Subterranean

Hunter head.png: Outskirts, Garbage Wastes

Downpour Regions

Slugcat head.png: Chimney Canopy, Subterranean, Pipeyard

Monk head.pngSurvivor head.png: Submerged Superstructure, Outer Expanse

Hunter head.png: Submerged Superstructure

Gourmand head.png: Drainage System, Shoreline, Shaded Citadel, Submerged Superstructure, Outer Expanse

Artificer head.pngSpearmaster head.png: Outskirts, Drainage System, Shoreline, Shaded Citadel, Waterfront Facility

Rivulet head.png: Outskirts, Drainage System, Garbage Wastes, Shoreline, Shaded Citadel, Submerged Superstructure

Saint head.png: Submerged Superstructure, Undergrowth, Rubicon

Kelp transparent.gif

Monster Kelp is a stationary predator often found in or around bodies of water, which hunts by dragging unsuspecting prey into its den.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Monster Kelp are plant-like organisms which consist of a stipe (something akin to a stem) and blades (leaf-like growths). Monster Kelp is primarily black in coloration, accented by red or green edges around its blades.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Writhing around after being stabbed

Monster Kelp present a large and mostly-stationary target, and as such are fairly easy to kill, dying in ~3 Spear icon.png Spear hits. Thrown spears should be retrieved quickly to prevent the Monster Kelp from jerking them out of reach. For the same reason, it is also preferable to target the base of the stipe, as this remains the most stationary during combat. Monster Kelp may be impractical to kill when partially or wholly submerged in water, e.g. the partially submerged sewers in Shaded Citadel Safari Icon.png Shaded Citadel.

Evasion[edit | edit source]

Monster Kelp can be stunned long enough to get past by throwing a Spear, a Flashbang icon.png Flashbang, or alternatively Rubbish icon.png Rubbish (although this stuns it for a considerably shorter time) at it.

It is possible to distract Monster Kelp with objects that have player collision, such as Blue Fruit icon.png Blue Fruit or hydrated Bubble Fruit icon.png Bubble Fruit. Throwing one such object near or at the tip of their stipe may prompt them to grab the object and retreat into their den with it, granting a decent window of time to pass through.

Stealth[edit | edit source]

Slugcat sneaking past Monster Kelp

It is also possible to sneak past Monster Kelp by moving slowly. This is possible on both land and water (although the water must not be disturbed by something such as a waterfall) and can be executed by tapping the move button a bit at a time. If this is performed successfully, the Monster Kelp will not react to the player.

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Dragging an unfortunate Slugcat into its den

Senses[edit | edit source]

Monster Kelp utilize movement-based vision which takes the form of a full radial view from the tip of their stipe.

Monster Kelp are unable to hear sounds of any kind, including explosions.

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

Upon taking any amount of damage, Monster Kelp writhe around before either retreating into their den if the damage is lethal, or returning to an active state after a period of time determined by the damage taken. While writhing around, Monster Kelp are unable to grab anything. While not being damaging to Monster Kelp, Flashbangs are able to stun them for a considerable period of time.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Variants & Attributes[edit | edit source]

Monster Kelp vary in stipe length, stipe width, blade density, and individual blade length. They can have either green or red blades, but green-bladed Monster Kelp are exclusive to Shoreline.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Monster Kelp cannot be tranquilized by Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spiders' Dart Maggots.
  • While Kelp are only found in regions with lots of water, they are often found on land.
  • Some Pole Plant icon.png Pole Plants have a chance to lineage into a Monster Kelp when killed.
  • If the player is grabbed while carrying a Lantern icon.png Lantern, there is a chance the Monster Kelp drags the Lantern under the ground to eat, instead of the player.
  • Developer commentary on the design of this creature as well as that of Daddy Long Legs icon.png Daddy Long Legs can be found here.
  • While Monster Kelp is usually found growing out of the ground, there are various instances in Shaded Citadel and Subterranean of it growing out of the walls or ceiling.