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Code name
Locations (amount)
Subterranean (29)
Drainage System (25)
Outskirts (13)
Farm Arrays (13)
Shaded Citadel (7)
Chimney Canopy (19)
The Exterior (6)
Garbage Wastes (3)
Industrial Complex (3)
Sky Islands (3)
Pipeyard (4)
Outer Expanse (23)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 5-7)

Mushrooms are small, edible objects, usually found growing out of the ground in dimly-lit areas. They resemble fungi in shape, with a glowing cap and a slightly darker stalk below it. They can be eaten to temporarily slow time and increase Slugcat's mobility.



When eaten, Mushrooms slow down in-game time by 50% and increase Slugcat's mobility for about 20 seconds, which is visually shown as Slugcat shaking, blinking much faster, and emitting waves that distort surrounding pixels. These effects have a variety of applications in combat; they can make it easier to avoid getting grabbed, hit certain creatures' weak spots, or get away if needed. The increased running speed and jump height can also allow Slugcat to cross some otherwise impassable gaps and generally make traversing the world easier, while the slow motion effect may come in handy for catching nimble prey, like Batflies or Eggbugs.


Mushrooms can be given to Scavengers in exchange for other low value objects such as Spears and a small reputation increase.


  • Mushrooms are one of few objects that can take on a variety of colors, ranging from light green to light purple.
  • As ✔️DLC Spearmaster, hitting a Mushroom with a fresh needle instantly consumes it.
The difference in running speed
The difference in jump height
The color palette for Mushrooms