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James Primate (lead composer of Rain World)'s Bandcamp and many songs from the soundtrack can be found here.

An interactive reference map can be found here.

A playlist of all Rain World music (Rain World - The Hidden Songs) can be found here.

Code Name File Order Arena The
RW_8 Sundown (Theme I) 01 102 01 01 (A-Side) Combination of Sundown (No Rain Version) and Main Menu Rain
Sundown (Theme I)
(No Rain Version)
55 Main Menu and Credits
TitleRollRain Main Menu Rain 02 95 Main Menu and Credits
Main Menu Rain (Looped) [†] 116
RW_Intro_Theme Pictures of the Past 03 93 02 02 (A-Side) Intro Cutscene
Passages 04 52 16 Passage screen (after selecting an available passage while hibernating)
TH_SU Threat - Outskirts 05 103 04 03 (A-Side) Outskirts - threat music
NA_40 Unseen Lands 06 50 39 37 SU_A53 Outskirts - right of central karma flower
RW_1 Urban Jungle 07 01 53 03 04 (A-Side) SU_B04 Outskirts - left of middle shelter
NA_01 Proxima 08 13 01 SU_A07 Outskirts - room before the Scavenger Toll on the path to Farm Arrays
RW_9 Mud Pits 09 03 56 05 DS_B02 Drainage System - outside of Drainage System gate to Outskirts
RW_38 The Wet Moist 10 17 72 DS_B04 Drainage System - left of middle shelter
RW_15 Old Growth 11 07 60 DS_B01 Drainage System - room above middle flooded section
RW_51 Swaying Fronds 12 29 85 27 DS_A26 Drainage System - dark narrow ⅃-shaped room right of leftmost large pipe
TH_HI Threat - Heavy Industrial 13 104 07 05 (A-Side) Industrial Complex - threat music
BM_HI_GATE Industrial Atrium [*] 14 03 HI_B04 Industrial Complex - outside of Industrial Complex gate to Outskirts
RW_43 Bio-Engineering 15 22 78 06 HI_B04, HI_A07 Industrial Complex - room outside as well as room outside+right of Industrial Complex gate to Outskirts
RW_50 Mist Engine 16 28 84 26 HI_A18 Industrial Complex - first room on the path to Garbage Wastes
TH_GW Threat - Garbage Wastes 17 105 11 08 (B-Side) Garbage Wastes - threat music
RW_52 Garbage Worms 18 30 86 10 07 (A-Side) GW_B01 Garbage Wastes - outside Garbage Wastes gate to Industrial Complex
RW_39 Lack of Comfort 19 18 73 21 GW_D02 Garbage Wastes - three-way partially flooded room connecting paths to Drainage System, the leftmost merchant, and the BLL spawn pool
RW_37 Garbage City Shuffle 20 16 71 GW_C02, GW_C04 Garbage Wastes - room left of mushroom patch and room after Shoreline scavenger toll
RW_43 Albino 21 23 77 27 (D-Side) GW_E01 Garbage Wastes - long room left of BLL spawn pool
RW_19 Stone Heads 22 09 63 30 23 (D-Side) GW_C03 Garbage Wastes - room before Scavenger Fortress toll
TH_SL Threat - Shoreline 23 106 13 10 (B-Side) Shoreline - threat music
BM_SL_SHORE Gate to the Shoreline [*] 24 08 SL_B02, SL_D05, SL_F01 Shoreline - rooms outside the gates to Shaded Citadel, Subterranean, and Garbage Wastes.
RW_46 Lonesound 25 25 80 22 SL_D06 Shoreline - large hub island room
NA_21 New Terra 26 30 18 SL_A06 Shoreline - small unlock room near Subterranean gate
RW_18 The Captain 27 08 62 14 11 (B-Side) SL_A05 Shoreline - indoor room right of the tower
NA_11 Moondown/Digital Sundown (Theme II) 28 23 15 11 12 (B-Side) SL_AI Shoreline - Looks to the Moon, Looks to the Moon's chamber
RW_26 Black Moonlight 29 10 65 08 06 (A-Side) SH_D01 Shaded Citadel - western bridge outside Shaded Citadel gate to Industrial Complex
NA_25 Demonic Riser 30 34 22 SH_B17 Shaded Citadel - first room on spider-infested path to Memory Crypts, right of the leftmost hub room
NA_17 Dripping Time 31 26 09 14 SH_A05 Shaded Citadel - room outside central top shelter
RW_58 Lantern Mice 32 92 30 SH_C10, SH_A21 Shaded Citadel - top path tunnel room as well as the room to the right of it
RW_40 Floes 33 19 74 17 13 (B-Side) SH_E05 Shaded Citadel - eastern bridge outside Shaded Citadel gate to Shoreline
NA_34 ELSE III 34 43 31 SH_A08 Shaded Citadel - Echo room
NA_08 Dark Sus 35 20 08 SH_B05, SH_A24 Shaded Citadel - parkour unlock room and room outside the bottom shelter before path to Memory Crypts
BM_SH_CRYPTS Memory Crypts [*] 36 06 SH_B12 Shaded Citadel - Shaded Citadel entrance to Memory Crypts
RW_55 White Lizard 37 34 91 18 14 (B-Side) UW_D01 The Exterior - The Leg, outside The Exterior - The Leg gate to Shaded Citadel - Memory Crypts
BM_UW_UNDERHANG Underhang 38 10 19 UW_C03 The Exterior - Underhang, left of the uppermost The Leg room
BM_UW_WALL The Wall [*] 39 12 UW_D07 The Exterior - The Wall, outside The Exterior - The Wall gate to Chimney Canopy
NA_35 ELSE IV 40 44 32 UW_A14 The Exterior - The Wall, echo room
NA_28 Stargazer 41 37 23 25 17 (C-Side) UW_H01 The Exterior - The Wall, roof (city view) room
TH_SS Threat - Superstructure 42 107 20 15 (B-Side) Five Pebbles - threat music
BM_DS_GATE Drainage Duct [*] 43 02 SS_B01 Five Pebbles, first anti-gravity room coming from The Exterior - Underhang entrance
NA_09 Interest Pad 44 21 09 SS_A09 Five Pebbles, left of first anti-gravity room coming from The Exterior - Underhang entrance
NA_16 Drastic FM 45 25 13 SS_F03 Five Pebbles - Unfortunate Development, bottom tall room
NA_26 Energy Circuit 46 35 23 SS_D03 Five Pebbles - Recursive Transform Array, room with 13 zappers above central anti-gravity generator room
NA_41 Random Gods (Theme III) 47 51 22 16 (C-Side) SS_E07, SS_L01 Five Pebbles - General Systems Bus, all rooms
TH_CC Threat - Chimney Canopy 48 108 25 19 (C-Side) Chimney Canopy - threat music
BM_CC_CANOPY Clairvoyant Canopy [*] 49 01 CC_A02 Chimney Canopy - outdoor room located outside Chimney Canopy gate to Industrial Complex
RW_48 Wind Chimes 50 82 24 CC_B06 Chimney Canopy - inside bottom left chimney
RW_55 Sky Sprite 51 33 90 29 CC_C11 Chimney Canopy - outdoor room left of bottom right shelter
NA_32 ELSE I 52 41 35 29 28 (D-Side) CC_C12, SB_A14 Chimney Canopy - Echo room;
Subterranean - Depths, 10-karma check room
TH_SI Threat - Sky Islands 53 109 28 22 (C-Side) Sky Islands - threat music
RW_29 Lovely Arps 54 12 67 26 20 (C-Side) SI_D03 Sky Islands - outside of Sky Islands gate to Chimney Canopy
RW_42 Kayava 55 21 76 27 21 (C-Side) SI_D01 Sky Islands - eastern hub room below Sky Islands - Communications Array
NA_23 Speaking Systems 56 32 20 SI_C06 Sky Islands - tall room to the right of eastern hub shelter
NA_20 Crystalline 57 29 17 SI_B11, SI_D05 Sky Islands - "space invader" rooms
NA_38 ELSE VII 58 47 35 SI_B11, SB_D01 Sky Islands - Echo room;
Subterranean - Depths, room after fissure room (past the Guardians)
NA_04 Silicon 59 16 04 SI_B12 Sky Islands - rectangular top room of leftmost tower
BM_SI_STRUT Serpentine Struts [*] 60 07 SI_B13 Sky Islands - outside Sky Islands gate to Farm Arrays
TH_LF Threat - Farm Arrays 61 110 31 24 (D-Side) Farm Arrays - threat music
RW_14 All Thats Left 62 06 59 29 LF_A14 Farm Arrays - outside Farm Arrays gate to Outskirts
NA_36 ELSE V 63 45 33 LF_B01 Farm Arrays - Echo room
NA_30 Distance 64 39 27 LF_D01 Farm Arrays - room left of scavenger hideout/rightmost shelter connector room
RW_49 Nest in Metal 65 27 83 25 LF_A01 Farm Arrays - right of one-way large pipes room
RW_47 Maze of Soil 66 26 81 23 LF_D08 Farm Arrays - long orange-lizard-infested room
RW_54 Raindeer Ride 67 32 89 32 25 (D-Side) LF_H01 Farm Arrays - long Rain Deer ride room with shelter in middle
NA_24 Emotion Thread 68 33 21 LF_J01 Farm Arrays - final Rain Deer ride room on the path from Farm Arrays to Subterranean
RW_28 Ferrous Forest 69 11 66 SB_G02, SB_G03 Subterranean - outside Subterranean gate to Shoreline, Miros-Bird-inhabited room left of double-floor train car room
RW_53 Leviathan Cave 70 31 87 28 SB_J02 Subterranean - Leviathan cave room
RW_41 Grumblebum 71 20 75 34 SB_A03, SB_H02 Subterranean - room right of western one-way pit, western one-way pit
RW_45 Deep Energy 72 24 79 33 26 (D-Side) SB_F03 Subterranean - massive fissure outside of Subterranean gate to Farm Arrays
NA_33 ELSE II 73 42 30 SB_A10 Subterranean - Echo room
NA_27 Silent Construct 74 36 24 SB_D04, SB_F02, SB_I01 Subterranean - Filtration System, room outside Subterranean - Filtration System gate to Drainage System, both large rectangular filtration rooms below it
VS_A_GOLD_SWIM Gold Swim 75 96 Void Sea - uppermost zone
VS_B_BIG_OPEN Big Open 76 97 Void Sea - second and third zone
VS_C_WORM_INFERNO Worm Inferno 77 98 Void Sea - second zone
VS_D_THE_RIDE The Ride 78 99 Void Sea - when grabbed by the Void Worm in the third zone
VS_E_DEEP_GHOSTS Deep Ghosts 79 100 Void Sea - final zone
VS_F_THE_CORE The Core 80 101 Void Sea - final zone
The Core
(Looped) [†]
Deep Light (Theme IV) 81 111 38 30 (D-Side) Combination of Deep Ghosts and The Core
RW_Outro_Theme Outro Theme 82 94 Ending Cutscene
RW_7 Rooftops 83 02 54 Arena-exclusive
RW_10 Noisy 84 04 57 Arena-exclusive
RW_13 Action Scene 85 05 58 Arena-exclusive
RW_32 GREY CLOUD 86 13 68 24 18 (C-Side) Arena-exclusive
RW_33 Weyuon 87 14 69 21 Arena-exclusive
RW_34 Slaughter 88 15 70 20 Arena-exclusive
RW_16 The Coast / Shoreline 89 61 12 09 (B-Side) Songs and Rhythms album
NA_37 ELSE VI 90 46 36 34 Songs and Rhythms / Ambients and Instrumentals albums
NA_31 Pulse 91 40 37 28 29 (D-Side) Songs and Rhythms / Ambients and Instrumentals albums
What Fate a Slugcat 92 112 40 Release Trailer music
NA_02 Dustcloud 93 14 02 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_03 Wormpad 94 15 03 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_05 Sparkles 95 17 05 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_06 Past Echoes 96 18 06 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_07 Phasing 97 19 07 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_10 Qanda 98 22 10 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_11 Reminiscence 99 24 12 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_18 Glass Arcs 100 27 15 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_19 Halcyon Memories 101 28 16 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_22 They Say 102 31 19 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_29 Flutter 103 38 26 Ambients and Instrumentals album
NA_39 Cracked Earth 104 49 36 Ambients and Instrumentals album
RW_1 Urban Jungle (Alpha) [‡] 105 Alpha_8
RW_2 RW_2 106 01 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_3 RW_3 107 02 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_4 RW_4 108 03 Alpha Trailer music
Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_5 RW_5 109 Alpha_8
RW_6 Deathpit [§] 110 04 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_7 Rooftops (Alpha) [‡] 111 05 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_8 Sundown (Alpha) [‡] 112 Alpha_8
RW_9 Mud Pits (Alpha) [‡] 113 Alpha_8
RW_10 Noisy (Alpha) [‡] 114 06 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_11 RW_11 115 07 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_12 Three Moon Sunset [§] 116 08 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_13 Action Scene (Alpha) [‡] 117 09 Rain World Early Access + Soundtrack; Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_14 All Thats Left (Alpha) [‡] 118 Rain World Early Access + Soundtrack
RW_15 Old Growth (Alpha) [‡] 119 Rain World Early Access + Soundtrack
RW_16 The Coast / Shoreline (Alpha) [‡] 120 Rain World Early Access + Soundtrack
RW_17 Illegible Neon Signs 121 10 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_20 Polybius 122 64 11 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_21 Beat 123 12 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_22 Beat 124 13 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_23 Beat 125 14 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_24 Sky Islands 126 15 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_25 Night City 127 16 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_27 Train Tunnels 128 17 Alphas, Gems and Junk album, Expedition Mode menu song
RW_30 Free Mind Loop 129 18 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
RW_31 Sub Sub Sub 130 19 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
Theme V - Credits 131 31 Alphas, Gems and Junk album
BM_SB_FILTER Filtration System [*] 132 04 Unused
BM_SB_SUBWAY Desolate Subway [*] 133 05 Unused
BM_SS_DOOR Entrance of a Superstructure [*] 134 09 Unused
BM_UW_UPPERWALL Upperwall [*] 135 11 Unused
RW_53 Leviathan 136 88 Unused
TH_SU Threat - Outskirts (Pre-release) [**] 137 James Primate's
NA_37 ELSE VI (Pre-release) [**] 138 James Primate's
RW_41 Grumblebum (Pre-release) [**] 139 James Primate's
Threat - Superstructure (Switch Trailer Remix) [**] 140 James Primate's

[*] This soundtrack has not been named by the developers. Instead, the names in The Hidden Songs playlist, which are unofficial, have been used.
[†] This soundtrack has been altered and looped by Rain Land Society, and thus is an unofficial soundtrack. However, it will remain in the list for the sake of convienience.
[‡] This soundtrack from the Rain World alphas is unofficially named for the sake of clarity.
[§] This soundtrack's name is derived from James Primate's Soundcloud.
[**] This soundtrack from James Primate's is unofficially named for the sake of clarity.


  • Rain Land Society's "The Hidden Songs" includes additional songs, which will not be included in the table above for the following reasons:

- ELSE VIII (Unofficial) (track 48) is The Ride partially noise-cancelled by inverting Gold Swim. It is not an official track or an extension and thus will not be included.
- Project Moondown (Bonus Track) (track 113) and Project Mooncrypts (Bonus Track) (track 114) are fan creations made by Rain Land Society.
- Memory Crypts Rain (Looped) (track 115) and Memory Crypts Ambience (Looped) (track 117) are looped versions of ambience and will not be included because unlike the official music, its ambience consists of loaded sound effects.

Unused Threat music layers[edit | edit source]

Threat - Outskirts (Unused)[edit | edit source]

  • Note : this is an unofficial combination of all "SU_" layers, mixed so that it is close in intensity to the current version.

SU_1[edit | edit source]

SU_2[edit | edit source]

SU_3[edit | edit source]

SU_4[edit | edit source]

SU_5[edit | edit source]

SU_6[edit | edit source]

SU_7[edit | edit source]

Threat - Garbage Wastes (All Layers)[edit | edit source]

  • Note: this composition is unofficial and only done for the sake of showing how the threat layer below would fit into the song.

TH_GW - PERC2[edit | edit source]

Threat - Industrial Complex (All Layers)[edit | edit source]

  • Note: this composition is unofficial and only done for the sake of showing how the threat layer below would fit into the song.

TH_HI - RENDER[edit | edit source]

Threat - Farm Arrays (All Layers)[edit | edit source]

  • Note: this composition is unofficial and only done for the sake of showing how the threat layer below would fit into the song.

TH_LF - CHORDS[edit | edit source]

Releases[edit | edit source]

Official OST[edit | edit source]

Rain World - Selections from the OST[edit | edit source]

"Selections from the Rain World Soundtrack.

Rain World is available worldwide!"
  • Released on March 31st, 2017, three days after Rain World's release on Windows and PS4.
  • This release has been delisted from Bandcamp, but is still accessible through the link.

Rain World - Songs and Rhythms[edit | edit source]

"Selections from the Rain World Soundtrack.

Rain World is available worldwide!"
  • This soundtrack is identical to Rain World - Selections from the OST in terms of music.
  • Released on February 22nd, 2019.

Rain World - Ambients and Instrumentals[edit | edit source]

"Selections from the Rain World Soundtrack.

Rain World is available worldwide!"
  • Released on February 22nd, 2019.

Alphas, Gems and Junk[edit | edit source]

"A pile of odds and ends from the Rain World OST that never made it into the other OST releases, for whatever reason.

Most of the early tracks were written for the Rain World alpha, which was conceived in a more uptempo, noisy percussion chiptune style that we wound up moving away from as time went on and we got more emo and dreary with it. Some real gems in that batch though, especially RW_4, which featured heavily in trailers and previews early on, but never fit into the game proper.

Also the latter part of the named tracks feature a couple of choice pieces written by Lydia, my absolute favorite of which is Swaying Fronds. That section is pretty solid, just didn't fit the pacing of the original OST release, or the more atmospheric themed "Ambients and Instrumentals" release. Im happy to have them see the light of day here.

Be warned though: in between those points there is a no-slugcats-land of loud, noisy, junk that was probably cut for good reason! Traverse at your own aural risk!"
  • Released on March 29th, 2019.

Rain World: Downpour (Original Soundtrack)[edit | edit source]

Official Soundtrack for Rain World: Downpour.

Rain World and the Downpour DLC is available worldwide!

*Rain World*






"Rain World: Downpour (Original Soundtrack)" was made possible by the following individuals:

James Primate

Lydia Esrig



Connor "12LBS" Skidmore



Artwork by AnnoyingFlower

Special Thanks to all of the Rain World community who contributed their amazing talents in order to make Downpour a reality and even extra thanks to every single player and supporter of Rain World for the past many years!

All copyrights 2022 Videocult Media

  • Released on January 19, 2023.

Vinyls[edit | edit source]

Rain World has three sets of vinyls, all titled "Rain World (Original Soundtrack) by James Primate" and containing 30 soundtracks from the game. The sets consist of two vinyls with fifteen songs each (the A-side and C-side have seven soundtracks whereas the B-side and D-side have eight). All three sets have the same vinyl cover, with the outer artwork being an expanded version of the Songs and Rhythms cover and the inner artwork being an expanded version of the Ambients and Instrumentals cover. In addition, all sets come with a 12" x 12" art print of a Slugcat.

The first set released was an exclusive variant with two glow-in-the-dark vinyls. The set was released in two limited runs by Limited Run Games which occurred simultaneously on December 18th, 2018. These two limited runs were the Rain World Slugcat Bundle (PS4), of which 100 were produced; and the Rain World Soundtrack Vinyl Exclusive Variant, of which 500 were produced.

The second set released was a variant with one marine translucent disc containing the A-side and B-side as well as one violet disc containing the C-side and D-side. The set was released on February 14th, 2019 by Black Screen Records, and can be found here.

The third set released was a variant consisting of two 100%-recycled and random-colored "Re-Vinyl" discs, with one disc containing the A-side and B-side and the other containing the C-side and D-side. The set was released on July 13th, 2022 by Black Screen Records, and can be found here.

Promotional Material[edit | edit source]

RW dayns[edit | edit source]

RW dayns is a remix of Sundown (Theme I) made by James Primate, and with accompanying art made by AnnoyingFlower.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song Grumblebum was mixed from a short voice recording of James and Joar at PAX.

Initial recording

Pitched recording

Sampled audio

Final song

Gallery[edit | edit source]