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Given the long development time of Rain World, there was bound to be content that didn't quite make it in. This page is meant to document everything that was cut from the most recent release of the game.

Nightcat[edit | edit source]

Nightcat portrait.png
Nightcat is a Slugcat head.png Slugcat found exclusively in arena mode from versions 1.5 to version 1.9, being removed by the Downpour DLC due to its modified handling of Arena characters. Nightcat has no campaign or special abilities and is identical to Survivor besides the color. They have dark blue skin, two white eyes, and a white nose. Since they never appear in single-player mode, they are most likely not canon to the Rain World story. The most likely reason for Nightcat's inclusion in the game was to give the arena mode a fourth Slugcat for multiplayer. All four vanilla Slugcats have the same abilities in non-Downpour Arena mode. In Rain World's DLC Downpour, the secret Slugcat, ??? icon.png ???, has some similarities to Nightcat. Oddly, Nightcat is included in the additional ending art for the Gourmand's campaign, if the food quest is completed.
Nightcat in the "Hive" arena map.
Nightcat in the "Hive" arena map.
Comparison of Arena character select screens without (top) and with (bottom) Downpour installed, showing Nightcat in 1.9 without downpour.
Comparison of Arena character select screens without (top) and with (bottom) Downpour installed, showing Nightcat in 1.9 without Downpour.
Slugcat no right.pngGourmandspoiler.png SPOILER WARNING: Gourmand
This section contains major plot details from Gourmand. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Gourmand, then read no further!

Nightcat makes a cameo appearance in Gourmand head.png Gourmand campaign, showing up several times in the ending's slideshow. Gourmandending3.png Gourmandending4.png
Spoilers end here.Slugcat thumbsup left.png

Brain Trees[edit | edit source]

"A brain... tree... that drips? It seems significant somehow. But not all of the mysteries of Rain World are there to be solved."[1]

Brain trees are large, seemingly organic growths that drip down with a mucus-like substance. Not much information has been provided about their potential role in gameplay, but they were likely just aesthetic background elements. Despite originally being cut content, they can now be found in Garbage Wastes Safari Icon.png Garbage Wastes during Spearmaster head.png Spearmaster's campaign.

The Slugcat with a Brain Tree in the background.

Bubbles[edit | edit source]

Bubbles (also referred to as Bubble Barnacles) were first revealed in this alpha trailer. These transparent, red orbs would trap Batfly icon.png Batflies that flew into them; after accumulating enough, a Bubble would retract into the den right below it, containing some kind of creature that creates the Bubbles, and presumably eats the Batflies they trap.[2]
Bubbles seemed to have little negative effect on the Slugcat head.png Slugcat, only popping and causing knockback when touched. It's possible that this mechanic was later repurposed for Snail icon.png Snails, which also produce a large pop when the Slugcat gets too close.

The Slugcat near the bubbles seen in the alpha trailer.

Mimic Beetles[edit | edit source]

Mimic Beetles were small, passive creatures, appearing throughout some of Rain World's development builds.
Though not much is known about Mimic Beetles, they likely behaved similar to most Bugs. These beetles appeared to fly around in very large groups. Additionally, like White Lizard icon.png White Lizards, Mimic Beetles could camouflage themselves by taking on the color of the background.


Slugcat Pups[edit | edit source]

Slugcat pups were a feature present in the early Lingo builds of the game. They couldn't defend themselves or get around as easily as a fully grown Slugcat. Initially, the player was tasked with carrying, protecting, and feeding them. One pup could be carried at a time, and another could be led by hand simultaneously. Pups could also carry additional Rubbish icon.png Rubbish or Spear icon.png Spears. Green, yellow, and black pups have been featured in developer screenshots and videos, while gameplay and development ideas were discussed at length in the Rain World Devlog.

Pups were not ported over to the Unity version of the game and no publicly available builds featuring them exist. The developers have briefly discussed the difficulty they added to the game.[3]

Survivor and 3 slugcat pups seen in a 2014 Rain World Alpha teaser
Slugcat no right.pngGourmandspoiler.png SPOILER WARNING: Gourmand
This section contains major plot details from Gourmand. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Gourmand, then read no further!

A completely separate implementation of Slugpup icon.png Slugpups was added to the Downpour DLC, unlocked by completing Gourmand's food quest and getting one of the endings. Afterwards, slugpups will begin spawning randomly in shelters on subsequent playthroughs, where they run from the player until tamed. After sleeping with a slugpup, a set of three food pips will appear above the player's hunger bar - this is the slugpup's own separate hunger bar, flashing red when the slugpup is captured by a creature[4].

Spoilers end here.Slugcat thumbsup left.png

Light Pink Playable Slugcat[edit | edit source]

This Slugcat was shown in at least two alpha videos of Rain World Gameplay and was available contemporaneously with the Pups feature cut from the game as of the same teaser linked in the previous image; however, this Slugcat predates that video, and can be seen in the following linked public video circa 2012 showing early alpha gameplay[5] . This Slugcat is the same color as one of the adult Slugcats in Survivor head.png Survivor and Monk head.png Monk's intro cutscenes, and those cutscenes probably reference this Slugcat and its white partner - the protagonists of early Lingo builds of the game - as the "parents" of the modern C# version of Rain World, especially considering the screenshot shown below and to the left, which features pups in the color of Survivor and Monk along with a blue one also shown in said cutscene.
Image of cut slugcat from a 2012 alpha build of RW.
Image of the cut slugcat from a 2012 alpha build of RW.
Survivor and 3 Slugcat pups, as well as the light pink playable slugcat.
Survivor, Monk, and 1 other pup, as well as the light pink playable Slugcat and a white Survivor-like Slugcat.

Suburban[edit | edit source]

"Underground. Dirt, tunnels, pipes, bogs, sewers. Featuring more maze-like elements. It might get dark here the lower you go, and certain creatures might even glow."

Suburban was intended to be the first region of the game. Though the area wasn't included in the final release, it was an early version of what would eventually become Outskirts Safari Icon.png Outskirts. Some rooms of Suburban were scrapped, while others were re-used in different regions. Outskirts is still referred to as "SU" in game-files. A late version of this region, which was very close to becoming Outskirts as seen in the final game, was mapped by the community, and may be viewed here, along with four other alpha regions.

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