No Significant Harassment

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This section contains major plot details from Hunter. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Hunter, then read no further!

No Significant Harassment is a flippant and sarcastic Iterator who is mentioned in several Pearl readings and plays a role in Hunter's story in the base game. In the ✔️DLCMore Slugcats Expansion, he has additional dialogue that can be found in Spearmaster's campaign.


No Significant Harassment tends to poke fun at others and has little regard for subjects that other Iterators take seriously.[1] Despite this, he appears to care for others in his circle and is willing to go out of his way to help them. Directly preceding the events of Hunter's campaign, No Significant Harassment noticed a lack of rain from Looks to the Moon's can and sent Hunter to deliver a green Neuron Fly to her.[2] This Neuron Fly contained sixteen "slag reset keys", meant to allow an Iterator to flush the buildup of slag from their systems.[3]

In Hunter's ascension cutscene, a green Iterator appears to catch Hunter in their arms; though not explicitly stated in-game, this Iterator is implied to be No Significant Harassment due to his association with the color green as well as being the only Iterator who Hunter has some personal connection with.

This section contains major plot details from Spearmaster. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Spearmaster, then read no further!

During the events of Spearmaster's campaign, No Significant Harassment appears to be a good friend and confidant of Seven Red Suns, as the two converse regularly and share their concerns with one another. No Significant Harassment often teases Seven Red Suns, though he does take their concerns seriously and offers to listen and provide support.[4]

No Significant Harassment considers Looks to the Moon a close friend and says as much to Seven Red Suns.[5] He worries about Looks to the Moon's state, as there had been no contact with her after she sustained damage caused by Five Pebbles' actions. He made multiple attempts at some point to contact her directly, though with no apparent success.[6][7]

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