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"Noodlefly Egg"
Code name
Locations (amount)
Farm Arrays (4)
Sky Islands (1, +6 as the Hunter)
Industrial Complex (1)
Outskirts (3 as the Hunter)
Respawn time
4 to 9 cycles

Noodlefly Eggs are large objects that can be found hanging from black, pulsating vines. They're made up of two pieces of dark shell, which seem to be held together with a flexible red material. Eggs are considered part of the foreground, meaning that they reflect thrown  Spears &  Rocks, and can be pushed around while on the ground.



Noodlefly Eggs hatch if hibernated with inside of a Shelter, spawning two  Infant Noodleflies which follow the Slugcat, as they would with an adult. Eating both right away provides a considerable amount of food pips from the start of the cycle. Holding a Noodlefly Egg aggravates  Adult Noodleflies, turning them hostile until the item is dropped. Eating the hatched Infant Noodleflies around adults has the same effect.


The hatched Noodleflies can be fed to a  Lizard, partially or fully taming it.


  • Noodlefly Eggs were added in the 1.5 update.
  • Noodlefly Eggs can move around on their own while on the ground or hanging from a vine. They also occasionally shake when held.
  • The band of red material in the middle can compress and expand, moving the two shell pieces closer and farther apart.
  • When an Infant Noodlefly hatches, a piece of shell is stuck to its tail via a sticky orange substance.
  • Noodlefly Eggs, alongside  Neuron Flies, do not have a Sandbox mode object.

Map Locations

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All noodlefly egg locations throughout the world.
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