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The player can carry, throw, and use a variety of items to assist in survival. The Slugcat can carry up to two items at a time, and throws the item carried in their right hand (viewer's left) first. You can swap the items in the Slugcat's hands by double tapping the grab button. Certain items can also be carried in the Slugcat's stomach by holding the grab button, as though eating it, and then regurgitated by holding the grab button again (Note that, since this is the same controls as eating, the Slugcat eats any food being carried before swallowing any non-food, unless they are already full). Objects can also be dropped by holding down and the grab button, which does not trigger any on-throw effects for items such as Explosives. More details on object management can be found on the Controls page.

Most objects do not despawn when stored in shelters, even if the player is not in the same chamber. This is useful for storing valuable weapons or certain Pearls, or simply for ensuring that you have any necessary items for the next cycle, since most items are spawned procedurally, and may not appear in the same place on subsequent cycles.

Certain objects can also be given as gifts to Scavengers to raise the players reputation with them and obtain new items.





This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!