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This page covers pole movement tech. Click here to go to the main Controls hub page and access other movement tech pages.

Vertical movement[edit | edit source]

Boost end-lag[edit | edit source]

Pressing up + jump while on a pole gives a short upward boost, the ending lag of which can be cancelled by entering room pipes, shortcuts, or jumping off the pole.


Boosting to top[edit | edit source]

Boosting to the top of a pole cancels boost end-lag and switches the Slugcat head.png Slugcat to the balancing position immediately.


Cancelling with jump[edit | edit source]

It is also possible to cancel boost end-lag by holding outwards and jumping off the pole mid-boost.


Pole re-grab[edit | edit source]

Switching to the other side of a pole while also tapping jump causes the Slugcat to let go of and instantly re-grab the pole in a couple of frames. While not useful on its own, this can be used to cancel boost end-lag as described below.

Regrab test.gif

Fast pole-climbing[edit | edit source]

Boosting up a pole then immediately re-grabbing resets boost-lag and immediately allows for another boost. This can be done repeatedly in a rhythm to quickly climb up poles, alternating sides each boost. Pressing jump too early causes a laggy boost, and switching sides too early causes the Slugcat to jump off the pole. Unlike other pole-climbing methods, this is applicable on all poles and vastly increases climbing speed, allowing the Slugcat to outrun fast pole-climbing Lizards icon.png Lizards. Note: This can be done in a slower sequence or as a single instance for practice! The “end” of this move is the pole re-grab (the boost end-lag cancel).

Fast pole climb test.gif

Dropping down poles[edit | edit source]

Pressing jump while holding down (instead of jump in isolation) allows for falling directly downwards from vertical poles instead of drifting to one side.


Horizontal movement[edit | edit source]

Jump-pullups along a pole[edit | edit source]

Pressing jump + forward mid-pullup propels the Slugcat forward, which is useful for long stretches of pole.


Jump-pole-hopping[edit | edit source]

Pole hopping is done by jumping, holding forward, and tapping jump while hitting the pole. Note: The timing can be tricky, remember not to press jump too early. This also does not work if holding any other button except forward when pressing jump. It is also possible to pole-hop while rising up through a pole from below.


Pounce-pole-hopping[edit | edit source]

To pole-hop from pounce, release and enter the upright position in mid-air by immediately pressing up, then let go of up and jump in time to hop.