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"Popcorn Plant"
Popcornplant infobox img.png
Code name
Food Pips

Infinite Food pip.png Slugcat head.png

DLC icon.png5 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png

Locations (amount)
Farm Arrays (11, -2 as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Sky Islands (8, -1 as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Garbage Wastes (7, -2 as Hunter)
Industrial Complex (5, -1 as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Subterranean (2, +1 as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Chimney Canopy (2, -1 as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Shoreline (1)
Outskirts (1, none as Hunter head.png Hunter)
Respawn time
7 to 10 cycles

Popcorn Open.png

The Popcorn Plant, referred to in-code as the Seed Cob, is a plant-like organism reminiscent of a stalk of corn that consists of a tall, red corn-like ear attached to a black stem.

Function[edit | edit source]

Utility[edit | edit source]

Opening a Popcorn Plant.

Popcorn Plants are initially inedible due to the red husks covering the ear. They can opened by hitting the husk with a Spear icon.png Spear. When hit, the husk splits in half and the two sides of the husk curl upwards, revealing a cob with edible yellow kernels that then audibly 'pop' open, from the bottom to the top of the cob. Popcorn Plants remain inedible until all kernels have popped open.

Once a Popcorn Plant has been opened, its kernels can be grabbed, either by touching the cob or using the grab button to grab them from the cob (the automatic grab is slower than a manual one). Each kernel restores 1 food pip Food pip.png , even for Hunter head.png Hunter. Popcorn Plants provide a limitless supply of food until the end of the cycle, making them especially helpful when the player begins a cycle with a low amount of food pips, or during a starvation cycle. On the subsequent cycle after being opened, Popcorn Plants have a withered appearance and cannot be interacted with. After several cycles, withered Popcorn Plants regenerate and can be opened and eaten again.

Popcorn Plants are often found in groups of two or more, usually alongside permanently withered Popcorn Plants which cannot be eaten.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • A RW Shelter icon.png Shelter with a lot of Popcorn Plants nearby is ideal for earning The Martyr Passage Icon.png The Martyr passage, as you can simply starve, eat from the Popcorn Plant, sleep, eat 1 pip's Food pip.png worth of food from any other source, and repeat as necessary. Suggested shelters to do this are HI_S01 or HI_S03 in Industrial Complex Safari Icon.png Industrial Complex, and LF_S04 and LF_S06 in Farm Arrays Safari Icon.png Farm Arrays.
  • As the DLC icon.pngGourmand head.png Gourmand, Popcorn Plants can be used to regurgitate an effectively infinite amount of objects.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Popcorn Plants are the only food item that Slugcat automatically eats when within range.
  • The Overseer icon.png Overseer may indicate to Survivor head.png Survivor that Popcorn Plants are edible when first encountered. The Overseer's projection, pointed at the Popcorn Plant, alternates between the symbol for food Karma 4 Icon.png and a Spear.
  • As the DLC icon.pngSaint head.png Saint, the only way to eat Popcorn Plants is by letting the blizzard open them up and then picking up the DLC icon.pngSeed icon.png Seeds from the ground.
    • Once Saint has reached the state of attunement, they can utilize their Ascension ability to force Popcorn Plants to drop their Seeds.
    • In Expedition mode, Saint can throw Spears, but they bounce off Popcorn Plants.
  • As the DLC icon.pngSpearmaster head.png Spearmaster, regular Spears bounce off Popcorn Plants.

Map Locations[edit | edit source]

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All popcorn locations throughout the world.
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