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Need help, want something changed or want to debate about something? In the community portal you will find exactly what you need!
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The Rain World Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers, and open to anyone. If you would like to join in, creating a free account lets you edit pages, keep track of your edits, and participate in discussions. We also have a welcoming, close-knit wiki community under the Meta category of the Rain World Discord. Come over and say hello!

You can jump right in and start editing if you're interested! You can ask in the Discord where we need attention the most, or start smaller by fixing spelling, grammar, and other errors you come across - all contributions, big or small, help create a better wiki.

This page is for suggesting changes or additions to the wiki, discussing structural, style or policy changes, and community consensus building and decision making.
You can ask for help or advice editing the wiki on the talk page, and raise issues like vandalism or edit wars on the Admin Noticeboard. A couple of reminders for those engaging in discussion:

• Use ~~~~ to sign your name and time after your message. Always sign your posts!
• Use : to indent responses to previous posts. Use multiple colons (:: etc.) indent further.
• Use these two tools to keep discussion orderly and easy to read through.
• Please keep things civil and be respectful to other wiki contributors!

Community Portal & Admin Noticeboard revamp

I've just updated these pages and their talk pages to hopefully make the purpose of each clearer.

  • Community Portal - Structural changes, discussion and decision making.
  • Community Portal Talk Page - Help with the wiki, editing advice and tips etc.
  • Admin Noticeboard - Reporting issues that need administrative attention (i.e. vandalism).
  • Admin Noticeboard Talk page - Discussing issues raised on the Admin Noticeboard.

Some wikis do redirect their talk pages back to the Community Portal; while that is an option I think separating out help and suggestion/discussion posts might be a little neater in the long run. We could easily switch over if that was the preferred option! Axolittle (talk) 01:58, 13 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Connections to Buddhism

Rain world has a lot of lore inspired by Buddhism, and I personally feel like it might be interesting to have a page or at least a section discussing that, but I'm not quite sure if it'd fit well on the wiki. Maybe something like the section on the Karma page that talks about potential Karma symbol meanings? Whee23 (talk) 21:30, 12 June 2023 (UTC)Whee23Reply[reply]

Incorrect redirect for squidcadas.

I don't know where the master redirect list is or how to edit it, but the link that squidcadas redirect to when in a table (i.e. in the outskirts page) redirects to infant centipedes. Would someone be able to help or give me a pointer as to how to fix this? Thanks!

Fixed, thank you!
For future reference, if you're familiar with editing templates, you can find the links from these tables in Template:RegionCreatureTableBox. Here, I had to make sure the [[File:VoidBox.png|link=...]] after |Squidcada= redirected to the right page.
(Also, don't forget to sign you posts :> You can type ~~~~ at the end to automatically insert your signature)
-- Candlesign (talk) 02:38, 11 July 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Greetings from the Die in the Dungeon Wiki!

Hi, I'm from the Die in The Dungeon Wiki.

Originally, the wiki was on fandom, but a discord consensus was made to move the wiki to Miraheze.

I have just been approved for the wiki today, and I'm in the process of preparing for the next update. (which is tomorrow lol)

I know nothing about making stuff on this wiki, but I know for a fact y'all do. (because this wiki looks gorgeous)

I'm here to ask for how you managed to do all the formatting and backgrounding stuff. I think that the pages are pretty simple to make, but the overall wiki looks bare-bones.

So yeah, feel free to give me advice/help! ^^

(Also, sorry if this is off-topic or something, I'm still pretty new to this website and I don't know where to go for information) (https://dieinthedungeon.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page) <---Link to the Miraheze wiki if anyone's interested (just search up for the fandom one if you want to check it out) Pidgin (talk) 22:52, 30 November 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I think that it's fair to have these comments on this wiki, but this talk page isn't the right place for it-- I'm going to respond here so you get notified, but I'm going to move the discussion to Rain World Wiki:Community portal. LtDk (talk) 03:38, 1 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi! Happy to hear that haha, I hope I can help a bit.
There are a couple main things you can do to change a wiki's appearance:
  • Change its skin - You can browse the possible choices here, then enable the ones you want here. You can also try them out here if you just want to see what they look like before enabling them globally. On this wiki we use Vector (and Minerva on mobile but the wiki still isn't exactly optimized for mobile lol).
  • Add CSS - If you're not familiar with it, it's basically code that changes the appearance of webpages. If you want to learn more about it, sites like W3Schools or MDN are good references! On a wiki, there are a few pages that let you edit the CSS - I'd recommend looking at mw:Manual:Interface/Stylesheets for more info about that. On this wiki we mostly just use the main MediaWiki:Common.css page (for reference here's what it looks like: MediaWiki:Common.css. One thing there you could be interested in for example is the background image, which is set inside the body { selector. Don't rely too much on what we do though haha, the classes you may need to edit change depending on the skin you use. To find out what exactly you need to edit, the Inspect tool is always the most helpful).
  • (and then as a general piece of advice, you can join the Miraheze Discord server to ask any specific question you may have - it's all volunteer work, so people might not always be available, but they can be very helpful!)
Good luck with your wiki! :> (..And I hope the amount of links I just sent isn't too overwhelming haha)
--Candlesign (talk) 19:43, 1 December 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Inclusive French translation

Hi ! I'm primarily typing this to french translators, but feel free to contribute anyway :

I just finished translating Lézard Vert, and had to write using gendered syntax for Lizards, which kind of hurts... (all Lizards are therefore supposed to be males)

But the inclusive language is not yet well-accepted in France, so my question is :

Should we still use the gendered syntax for french translations (to follow the existing translations of this wiki, and to follow the regular french everybody knows (well, not everybody, but you get it)), or should we switch to inclusive language (maybe this will also show the example to people that comes by the wiki) ?

If we do switch, I think I'll start to update the old translated pages first, then I'll continue translating other pages.

We will also maybe need to include a guide somewhere, with the headlines of inclusive french to coordinate the process.

--Mistera (talk) 20:49, 26 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ohh that's a good question. What kind of inclusive language are you thinking of specifically? (point médian, something else? since again it's not widely accepted so there can be several options)
Anyway hmm personally I would be tempted to keep the basic gendered language... In a way, inclusive language feels too gendered, by saying creatures can be male and/or female and/or whatever whereas it's hardly relevant or even confirmed in the game.
But! The usage of "they" for creatures instead of "it" brought up in the recent Style Guide update might follow that tendency to imply some gender instead of basic neutrality, so... Bewilderbark, any onion?
--Candlesign (talk) 18:26, 1 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Point médian" is well accepted, but I don't like it very much (for this purpose especially) because (as you mentioned it) it feels too gendered. To avoid that, I don't know if other methods would work (the "x" appended at the end of words instead of the regular suffix, or the fused words like "nouveaulle"), at least they remove the main issue of "point médian" that is showing that it's either one or another.
For pronouns (which I think is the main issue), I don't have a really great option to offer, the only "widely accepted" one is to spam the name of the subject instead of pronouns, but I find it really unfitting in sentences, and kind of pointless if coupled with gendered adjectives...
The least we can do is to try to avoid gendered syntax when possible (and when it's not weird).
I'm far from being a professional with inclusive language (I actually am a real beginner, just got interested with it when I joined the community), keep in mind that this is just my point of view !
--Mistera (talk) 19:55, 1 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I'm not a translator, nor do I know much french at all(I really should have stuck with that class...) but I can provide a bit of insight as to the use of they/them for both Slugcat and Creatures.
At least in English, pronouns aren't always related to gender, but also can be at the same time hahaha. It's a very social-related thing, and can be a bit boggling to wrap your head around. Someone could use they/them pronouns while still identifying as male, for instance, while that same they/them pronoun is used to imply neutrality for another person.
In the case of the creatures and Slugcat, they is not used to imply any form of gender nor is it out of any relation to gender. Rather, it is used in our latter case here- to imply neutrality (and plurality!). Speaking of, the choice for they with creatures actually stems from the fact that most creatures are referred to in the plural sense regardless (i.e. Centipedes, Lizards, Vultures, Scavengers) and so we started using they/them as opposed to it/its and it stuck. Many english speaking people also percieve it/its pronouns as implying a lack of sentience or sapience on top of this.
In the case of Slugcats, it's both a form of neutrality and because people began using traditionally gendered terms to refer to DLC-exclusive Slugcats on the wiki. We don't know anything about identity for any creature beyond Iterators ingame, so we stick to neutrality, or however I can phrase it. Joar himself says our traditional gender scheme doesn't exist ingame anyways.. CicadaA and B..
I'm not sure if my explanation will help in any decision making, but I hope it shows some method to the madness.
Bewilderbark (talk) 20:14, 1 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
This helped me a lot ! Thank you very much for your intelligible explanation !
--Mistera (talk) 20:32, 1 February 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Quick update, I’m currently trying to remove gendered syntaxes in Lézard Vert, please let me know what you think about it.
In my opinion, it does not look that redundant, but the ways to avoid gendered syntaxes are still very repetitive.
--Mistera (talk) 19:30, 11 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

May I ask if there are any requirements for Rubicon?

Rubicon Phantom pheonix (talk) 12:46, 26 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]


I don't know if ascending lttm or 5p is required to get to Rubicon Phantom pheonix (talk) 12:48, 26 March 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

It is not required, no! Bewilderbark (talk) 23:01, 11 April 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The Watcher content

Since a lot of us have been mostly mentioning this on the Discord instead of the wiki, it's good to lay down a set of rules we're following for Watcher content here:

  1. Since it's been confirmed from multiple sources that The Watcher is the original campaign that was planned for Nightcat, we've decided to start labeling them as Watcher instead of Nightcat in places. "Nightcat" still redirects to them since it still is and presumably will remain their name internally.
  2. Since we have no idea how The Watcher content will interact with the base game or the Downpour DLC, and since we have so little content to go off of right now, we're leaving Watcher content alongside base game content. Once we have a better idea of how the base game, Downpour, and Watcher will interact, we'll come up with a better plan for separating DLC and base game content.
  3. A lot of this is going to be confusing in the meantime, since as far as things go, they're still just Nightcat in the base game. However, this will be improved over time as more gets announced about Watcher and their DLC.

Hope this clears up a few things! While we appreciate people going out of their way to help out, please do not do any major restructuring of any Downpour or Watcher content without consulting the larger wiki community first. Note that since most of us are adults with lots of responsibilities, it may take a few days for some of us to respond. Please feel free to add a note to this page directly if you think something is important enough to discuss, even if you've already added notes to the relevant talk pages! It's not spamming, and actually appreciated since it's sometimes difficult to follow the recent changes list.

Thanks~ LtDk (talk) 22:59, 11 April 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]