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Rain World: Remix is the current major update for the base game, version 1.9, released alongside the launch of the Downpour DLC on January 19th, 2023. Among various tweaks, additions, and bug-fixes, it adds a native mod manager found under the new 'REMIX' tab on the main menu, used to enable and configure new official and unofficial 'modded' content.

Steam thumbnail for the Remix update

These official mods are:

Steam Store Description

  • Uncover the most popular mods from the thriving modding community with Steam Workshop Support.
  • Toggle new features and comprehensive customization options in Remix to suit your individual needs.
  • Learn new tips and tricks with updated tutorial messages to help players understand Rain World's intricate ecosystem.
  • Control your unique campaign with accessibility, speedrun, and difficulty options sculpted to your particular taste and style.


Background Customization

Within the options menu near the bottom right, next to Input Settings, there is a button with an illustration of a Lizard labeled Backgrounds, which allows for configuring the backgrounds for the title screen and sub menus, able to assign one of the available backgrounds to each. Aside from the title screen background, illustrations from the Story Intro, internally known as Tree, In Tree, Walking, and Hunting are unlocked by default, and if the Downpour DLC is enabled, the new title screen background is enabled by default and can be selected from the Backgrounds menu. The illustration from the Story Outro, known as Up Swim, is unlocked after completing the game, using the same trigger that normally unlocks Hunter and so can be unlocked with cheats. There are also Region themed backgrounds for the 12 base game Regions, which reuse the landscape scenes that are normally found within the Map menu, where Outskirts is unlocked by default and every subsequent background is unlocked once the player has discovered a Shelter within that Region. If Downpour is enabled, the 10 additional Regions are also available as backgrounds, using their respective landscape scenes and unlocked in the same manner as the other Region backgrounds.

Background Illustrations

This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!

Spoilers end here.

Remix Menu

The Remix menu is integrated into the 1.9 update itself, as it officially incorporates the Unity BepInEx plugin loader into Rain World to allow for advanced game modification, a task previously requiring user intervention and use of 3rd party sources for modification, typically through manual installation or community made mod loaders. As such, it is advised that anyone who has modified their game files prior to 1.9 to start with a fresh install in order to avoid complications from its now official integration.

Available mods are displayed as a vertical list on the left side of the screen, where most of the right side is reserved for displaying information about the current mod or general information if none have been selected. Available mods can either be viewed as a list of titles or with thumbnails, via a button near the bottom right side of the list, represented with an icon of a larger square with 3 small squares spaced out underneath it. The scroll button is on the left side, with arrow buttons on the top and bottom of the list to change the current selection, and a search function at the top to navigate through the mod list.

Player-developed mods can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop via the upload-arrow button within the top right corner of the info box. Uploaded mods can be downloaded by subscribing in the Steam Workshop, after which they can be activated in-game via the Remix menu. Some mods require game relaunch on activation.

Mods can also be manually downloaded by placing the relevant folder in the mods folder under StreamingAssets, after which they are also accessible via the Remix menu.

Official Mods

Rain World Remix

Technical details to supplement this section can be found at Remix/Rain World Remix.

Mod Info

(ID: rwremix)

Author(s): AndrewFM and Willburd

A wide variety of configurable accessibility features and community requested features, including new gameplay mechanics and bonus features. Use the configuration screen to toggle individual features on or off.

Rain World Remix Mod Thumbnail

Rain World Remix contains many options to customize the game experience, including quality-of-life, difficulty, speedrun and 'vanilla reversion'. These are organized under three separate tabs.



The options below can be used to quickly reset all settings to preset values. These are recommended starting points for different playstyles.

  • Remix: Standard Remix settings. Many mechanical tweaks that may mix up the way the game is experienced.
  • Classic: Similar to the original Rain World experience, but with a few quality of life settings enabled.
  • Relaxed: Settings designed to make the game significantly easier but may weaken the overall game experience.

~ HUD ~
  • Speedrun timer: Your total playtime for a character will always be visible as a UI element in-game during campaigns.
  • Hide rain timer in safe areas: Hide the remaining cycle time while in maps that are safe from the rain.
  • Loading screen tips: Periodically shows tips and tutorials during the loading screen between cycles. (These are informational sequences that play once every few cycles during Hibernation, often showing an animated graphic with text underneath. These detail both fundamental and more nuanced aspects of gameplay)
  • Extra tutorials: Introduces a few in-game tutorial messages for certain mechanics and scenarios. (These do not show up in More Slugcats campaigns)
  • Stronger bottomless pit indicators: Makes the death gradient on bottomless pits more visible.
  • Show underwater shortcuts: Prevents underwater shortcut symbols from being obscured by the water layer.
  • Visual breath meter: Show a visual indicator on the UI of your remaining breath time. (This is visually similar to Saint's warmth meter)
  • Slug senses: Show icons of nearby creatures on the minimap. (Dead creatures show as smaller, lopsided icons)
  • Rain timer tick-tock: The rain timer makes a tick-tock noise while the UI is visible.
  • Fast map reveal: Increases the speed that the minimap reveals itself.
  • Threat music visual pulse: Shows a visual pulse on screen when threats are nearby. (This pulse is a red version of the breath meter)
~ Remix ~
  • Additional Lizards voices: All lizard breeds have unique sound effects and voices.
  • Vulnerable Jellyfish: Jellyfish are vulnerable to being stabbed. (See bugs)
  • New dynamic difficulty: Dynamic difficulty[1] is influenced by number of regions visited more than number of cycles survived. (This only changes the formula used to calculate difficulty, not the gameplay changes related to difficulty)
  • Passage progress without Survivor: Allows certain passages to gain progress even before The Survivor passage has been achieved. (The Wanderer, The Dragon Slayer, and The Friend. The Martyr, The Mother, and The Pilgrim always track progress. See bugs for The Nomad functionality)
  • Increased stun times: Increases the time that rocks and snail pops can cause some creatures to be stunned for.
  • Extra throwing trajectories: Gives additional options for the direction and ways that objects can be thrown in certain circumstances. (Allows Slugcat to throw upwards during a backflip, and both upward and downward in zero gravity)
  • Pull Spears from walls: Gives the player the ability to dislodge spears that are embedded in walls. (Even if this setting is disabled, Electric Spears can be pulled out of walls, and Artificer can still pull spears out of walls)
  • Alpha reds: Red Lizards have a tongue and can snap spears in half with their bite.
  • Item stems in Sandbox: Items that typically attach to the terrain with a stem will spawn with their stems when placed in Sandbox mode.
  • Arena creatures cannot flee: Prevents injured creatures from fleeing to dens in arena mode.
~ Legacy ~
  • Vanilla exploits: Advantageous glitches and speedrunner exploits are made available to use again with this option.
  • Legacy tongue controls: Use the throw button to activate tongue controls rather than the jump button. (Affects Grappling Worms and Saint. Only affects attaching the tongue; Detaching is still activated by the Jump button)
  • Wall pouncing: Enable the wall pounce mechanic.

~ Quality of Life ~
  • Faster Shelter opening
  • Quieter gates/shelters: Reduces the volume for the sound effects of gates and shelters opening.
  • Reduce screen shaking: Removes visual effects that cause the screen to shake.
  • Stronger climbing grip: Prevents falling off poles when throwing objects.
  • Breath time leniency: Increases the amount of time before you are forced to come up for air while drowning.
  • Jetfish item protection: Prevents Jetfish from being able to knock items out of your hands.[2]
  • Key item tracking: Key items are tracked on the map and will respawn on subsequent cycles if they are lost, at the location they were lost. (Key items include colored Pearls and story objects. See bugs)
  • Key items on Passage: Passages bring all key items in a shelter with you to the new destination, rather than just the stomach item.
  • Scavenger kill squad leniency: Gives a grace period on cycle start and region entry before Scavenger kill squads can attack you.
  • Tweaked Rain Deer behavior: Adjusts deer behavior and adds additional mechanics to influence their actions. 'Wiggling around may startle this creature.'
  • No Hunter Batfly auto-grabbing: Stop Hunter from automatically grabbing Batflies with a free hand.
  • No stealing Hunter back-spear: Stops Scavengers from being able to steal the Spear off Hunter's back.
~ Minor Assist ~
  • Monk extended breath: Increases the amount of underwater breath time that Monk has. (0.83x to 1.25x standard)
  • Monk extra light assistance: Increases the radius of Monk's hologram light in pitch-black areas.
  • Wiggle out of grasps[3]: Gives a chance of escaping from different grasps by rapidly wiggling with the movement buttons. ('Wiggling' means rapidly pressing the movement keys and jumping)
  • No randomized cycle durations: All cycles will have the same duration and will always use the longest duration possible.
  • Centipede pipe protection: Centipedes will release you if you go through a pipe while you are grabbed by one.
~ Major Assist ~
  • No swim boost penalty: Swim boosting will not consume additional breath time.
  • Hunter Cycles: Changes the number of cycles Hunter starts with in their campaign.
  • Hunter Bonus Cycles: Changes the number of bonus cycles Hunter can receive during their campaign.
  • Slow Motion Factor: Reduces the overall game speed to assist with reaction times.
  • Monk-style gates for all campaigns: For all campaigns, gates will remain open permanently after passing through them once.
  • Disable all Karma requirements: Allow passing any gate for free, regardless of your current Karma level.
  • Rain Timer Multiplier: Multiplies the total duration of the rain timer by this amount.
  • Vulnerable jellyfish: This mechanic is likely intended to make Jellyfish able to be killed and deactivated; however, they are still impervious to all attacks.
  • Passage progress without Survivor: The Nomad is inversely affected; turning the setting on prevents The Nomad from tracking progress and turning it off enables it to be tracked.[4]
  • Key item tracking: Sometimes this causes items to spawn in unreachable locations. If this happens, certain key items can be spawned using Dev Tools.

Loading Screen Tips

Show tips between cycles?

Basic Essentials


Slugcat dropping a Spear

  • Pressing down and the pick-up button together will place the item in your hand
    on the ground without throwing it.

Slugcat HUD Rain Timer

  • Pressing the map button also reveals other information such as your food bar.
    The circle of dots in the bottom-left represents the time until the rain comes.
    Pay close attention to it!
  • You don't have to hold down to stay crouched. Tap down once to enter the crawling
    state, and tap up to return back to standing.

Basic Essentials Part 2

  • When possible, it's often better to avoid confrontation and escape from fights.
    Many predators are powerful and dangerous, so don't get overzealous.
  • A predator blocking the way can be overcome with many tactics. Create a
    distraction, lure them away with noise, deploy a sacrifice that they can eat
    instead of eating you, etc.
  • Rocks may not be a lethal weapon, but they have many practical uses. They
    can distract, deflect, disarm, stun, reveal weak points, knock creatures off
    of poles and ledges, etc!
Spear stick

Slugcat throwing and sticking a Spear into a wall, using it as a makeshift pole

  • Spears can be lodged into surfaces to create makeshift climbing poles. Use this
    to open up new routes and get to previously inaccessible locations.
Pipe flash
  • Pipe entrances flash when there is danger on the other side. The color of the
    flash can clue you in on the type of danger.

Basic Essentials Part 3


Slugcat swallowing and regurgitating a Pearl

  • Small, non-edible items can be stored in your stomach for safe keeping by
    holding down the pick-up button for a few seconds. Likewise, hold it to
    regurgitate the item back up.
Food types
  • Batflies and hanging fruits are far from the only sources of food. Some plants
    and creatures are edible, but only once certain conditions are met. Experiment.
Bat harvest
  • Knock batflies out of the air with projectiles to make them easier to capture.
    Skewer them with spears to capture multiple at once.
Hand order

Slugcat swapping a Slime Mold and Batnip between hands, then throwing them

  • The item in your right hand is the primary item that will be used or thrown first.
    Double-tapping the pick-up button will swap items between your two hands.
Death penalty
  • Death matters little until you are ready to move on. Take some time to throw
    caution to the wind and experiment, explore, learn the layout of land, learn
    food locations, etc.
  • Audible clues are often your first indicator of impending danger, even before
    the danger is visible. Listen carefully.

Slugcat entering a shortcut pipe to avoid a lizard travelling from the other end

  • Utilize pipes to swap places with a predator that is pursuing you. This can be
    an easy way to shake them off your tail.

Move Tech Transition 1


Slugcat sliding across the ground

  • Press diagonally downwards plus the jump button while in motion to initiate
    a slide. You will slide across the ground covering distance quickly for a short
    period of time.

Slugcat rolling after dropping down a distance double their height

  • While falling a far distance, hold diagonally downwards to initiate a roll on
    contact with the ground. This will reduce the impact of the fall and give
    you some extra mobility.

Move Tech Transition 2

Slide leap

Slugcat leaping by jumping during a slide

  • Tap jump during a slide or a roll to chain it into a long jump. Use this to
    maximize your mobility and cover a lot of distance quickly.


  • Creatures can detect your presence not just by sight, but also by noise. Be
    mindful about being too loud, otherwise you may attract unwanted attention.
Shelter store
  • Items stored in shelters will stay there between cycles, and will persist
    even if you leave the region. They are the only safe places to keep your
    valuables from the rain!
Death recovery
  • The food chain is complex. If you're lucky, even after being grabbed by a creature,
    they may later lose grasp of you if they wind up in a skirmish or get eaten themselves!
  • Your actions develop your reputation amongst the ecosystem's populace.
    Be generous even to your enemies, and perhaps the favor will be returned.
    Otherwise you may become hunted by all.
  • Even if you are already full up on food, you can hoard extra supplies
    inside of your shelter to make future cycles easier on yourself.
Utility creatures
  • Not every creature is a predator to be avoided. There are many creatures
    that may be able to benefit you on your journey as well.
  • Don't travel empty handed. Having items immediately available can be the
    difference between life and death... you never know when you may need them.

Slugcat hyperventilating to regain their breathe

  • Pay attention to your breathing before jumping underwater. If you are breathing
    heavy, stand still and give yourself a second to catch your breath first.

Movement Tech

Throw boost

Slugcat first failing to jump over a gap, the second time throwing a held rock mid jump to propel themselves forward and cross the gap

  • Throwing an item mid-air gives you a slight boost in the direction thrown.
    Use this to extend the horizontal range of your jumps.
Tunnel boost

Slugcat jumping to boost themselves a short distance while crawling through a tunnel

  • Tap the jump button while crawling in a tight corridor to give yourself a
    slight boost in speed.
Tunnel turn

Slugcat rotating themselves inside a tunnel to change the direction they face

  • While crawling through a tight corridor, hold the jump button and the opposite
    direction of where you're facing to turn around. You move faster while facing
    the direction you're crawling.
Turn boost

Slugcat repeatedly hopping after quickly changing their direction

  • Quickly swapping direction of motion will give you a slight speed boost for a
    short time in the new direction. Keep hopping afterwards to maintain this
    speed boost for longer.

Slugcat performing a backflip by jumping immediatedly after switching their direction of movement

  • Quickly swap your direction of motion, and at the same time press the jump
    button. This will initiate a back-flip, which has slightly more height than a
    normal jump. Backflips can also be used to initiate a roll.

Slugcat weaving up and down through water in sync with paddling their arms

  • Move in a controlled snaking motion underwater to improve your swimming
    speed. Wiggle your body rhythmically up and down, or left and right.

Advanced Mechanics

Slide cancel

Slugcat cancelling a slide, producing a spark and propelling themselves backwards through the air to their starting position

  • During a slide, quickly tap the jump button plus the opposite direction of
    motion. This will cancel the slide and return you to where you started.

Slugcat shooting out the end of a pipe entrance

  • Tap the jump button right when coming out of a pipe to propel yourself
    quickly outward.
Vertical pole

Slugcat throwing a Spear downwards mid backflip to stick it into the ground and balance upon

  • At the peak of a back-flip, throw downwards with a spear to create a vertical
    pole in the ground. Use this to expand the places you can reach even further.
Power throw

Slugcat throwing a Spear mid slide to pierce the head of an approaching Lizard

  • Throwing a spear forward during a slide will give the spear extra speed
    and impact. This can stun creatures for a longer period of time, and can
    pierce certain defenses.
Super slide

Slugcat throwing a Spear behind themselves during a slide, producing a spark and propelling themselves forward significantly

  • Throw an object backward during a slide to dramatically increase the
    distance covered by the slide.
Pole hop

Slugcat jumping onto and hopping across the surface of a horizontal pole

  • Tapping the jump button just before intersecting a horizontal pole allows
    you to bounce off the pole. This can be chained to quickly hop across poles.

Slugcat inside a normally inescapable pit, pouncing into the wall and producing sparks by bouncing off to richochet between both walls repeatedly to reach the top

  • Pouncing toward a wall, then tapping the jump button directly on impact while
    holding toward the wall will greatly increase the rebound force of your wall jumps.

Karma and Passages


Martyr passage symbol

  • The Martyr discards their own survival, withering away until their body becomes dust.

Hunter passage symbol

  • The Hunter is the path of a predator, but in this cruel and uncaring world the
    spoils of their hunt do not always guarantee survival.

Monk passage symbol

  • The Monk is the path of prey. Foraging through the wilds of this world to survive,
    but this path does not guarantee safety in a world of predators.

Outlaw passage symbol

  • The Outlaw lives their life in battle. All that come near are slain, friend and foe alike.

Saint passage symbol

  • The Saint is a path of pacifism. To bring harm to another is to bring harm to one's self.

Nomad passage symbol

  • The Nomad experiences an ever-changing world. Living one life to the next as
    just steps in an endless journey toward an unknown goal.

Wanderer passage symbol

  • The Wanderer has seen every corner of this world, and all it has to offer.
    The journey beyond is only another step to them.

Dragon Slayer passage symbol

  • The Dragon Slayer embraces the hunt. They have brought the beasts of this world to heel.

Friend passage symbol

  • The Friend embraces the other and the unknown. The world is cruel and unforgiving,
    but together, comfort and protection can be found.

Chieftain passage symbol

  • The Chieftain embraces strength and community in the unknown. They have become
    part of this world, and with their new bonds, they will survive it.

Scholar passage symbol

  • The Scholar seeks to understand the world as it once was. Gazing into a
    crystallized past, and finding new meaning within it.

Additional Tutorial Messages

Periodically show survival hints and explain gameplay mechanics for new players?

  • Wiggling around quickly might startle this creature.
  • The use of some objects may not be obvious at first glance, experiment with everything you find!
  • There are many paths to explore in this world.
  • If you are struggling, try returning to a previous region.
  • You may find a new path forward, or discover something that makes your survival here easier.
  • However, there is nothing that stops you from overcoming this region's challenges as you are right now.

Dev Tools

Dev Tools is a collection of commands and interfaces for level editing and modding. As of the most recent patch, it cannot be activated within Challenges.

Mod Info

(ID: devtools)

Author(s): Videocult

Enables the in-game Developer Tools which provide the tools necessary to edit maps and regions, and to help with the process of modding the game.

Press O in-game to enable/disable Dev Tools, and press H to bring up the main Dev Tools interface.

Dev Tools Mod Thumbnail

Spawning Story Items

These items are tracked as Key Items if the Remix setting is on. They are spawned in by pressing the corresponding number key;

This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!

Spoilers end here.

✔️DLC Expedition

Main page: Expedition

Mod Info

(ID: expedition)

Author(s): LeeMoriya

Set out on an Expedition in this challenging new game mode. Complete random challenges whilst avoiding permadeath and work towards unlocking new useful perks, punishing burdens, and music tracks to play in the Jukebox.

Expedition Mod Thumbnail

✔️DLC Jolly Co-Op

Main page: Jolly Co-Op

Mod Info

(ID: jollycoop)

Author(s): Garrakx

Local co-op story and other gamemodes with up to 4 players. The journey is better with friends!

Jolly Co-op Mod Thumbnail

✔️DLC More Slugcats Expansion

Main page: Downpour

Mod Info

(ID: moreslugcats)

Author(s): More Slugcats Expansion Team i

An expansion adding five new playable campaigns, each unique in its spot on the timeline. This expansion includes new regions, creatures, items, music, alternate endings, new game modes, and much more.

More Slugcats Expansion Mod Thumbnail

(Requires additional mods: Rain World Remix)



Gameplay Assists
  • Disable shelter failures: Prevents the chance of waking up early before the rain has stopped.
  • Disable precycle flooding: Prevents the chance of a region being flooded during a shelter failure scenario.
This section contains major plot details from Artificer. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Artificer, then read no further!

  • Scavenger corpses have max Karma: If enabled, all Scavenger corpses in Artificer's campaign always have the maximum possible Karma level.
  • Lossless Scavenger corpses: If enabled, Scavenger corpses in Artificer's campaign don't lose Karma after each cycle. This option significantly decreases the difficulty of Artificer's campaign. The intended gameplay loop is to have to actively hunt fresh corpses. It is recommended you only use this as a last resort. Are you sure you want to disable this mechanic?
  • Artificer Explosion Capacity: The maximum number of subsequent explosion actions Artificer can perform before dying.
Spoilers end here.

This menu contains cheats to unlock content early. It is not recommended to use them on a first playthrough. Are you sure you want to continue?

  • Unlock all campaigns: Normally requires completing previous campaigns to unlock.

The following cheats unlock content you would normally obtain via finding unlock tokens. Are you sure you want to continue?

  • Unlock all arena characters: Normally requires finding Slugcat unlockGreen unlock tokens in the campaign maps.
  • Unlock all arenas: Normally requires finding Arena unlockOrange unlock tokens in the campaign maps.
  • Unlock all sandbox creatures: Normally requires finding Sandbox unlockBlue unlock tokens in the campaign maps.
  • Unlock all sandbox items: Normally requires finding Sandbox unlockBlue unlock tokens in the campaign maps.
  • Unlock all safari regions: Normally requires finding Safari unlockRed unlock tokens in the campaign maps.

The following cheats contain spoilers. Are you sure you want to view these?

This section contains details concerning the Downpour DLC. If you have not yet completed the DLC, then read no further!

  • Unlock all challenges: Normally requires completing campaigns and clearing previous challenges.
  • Unlock all collections: Normally requires delivering pearls and finding broadcast tokens in the campaign maps.
  • Unlock the Outer Expanse gate: Normally requires completing Gourmand's campaign.
  • Unlock Slugpups: Normally requires completing Gourmand's food tracker.
  • Unlock Developer Commentary mode: Normally requires completing all Challenge Mode challenges.
Spoilers end here.
  1. Affects bite lethality rate, Vulture aggression, Overseer guide frequency, and creature reputation.
  2. Jetfish item protection does not work unless the More Slugcats Expansion is enabled
  3. Grasps that can be wiggled out of: Leeches, Lizards (tongue), Giant Jellyfish, Big Spiders, Daddy Long Legs (tentacle), Proto Long Legs (tentacle), Stowaway (tentacle), Pole Plants, Monster Kelp and Worm Grass.
  4. This is because The Nomad is the only passage that is tracked during the cycle, when Slugcat travels through a Karma gate, rather than at the end of the cycle. When Survivor is incomplete at the end of a cycle, the intended behavior is for The Nomad’s tracker to be wiped, giving the appearance that it had never progressed. However, the Remix option changes the functionality of The Survivor being checked, resulting in the list not being wiped when unchecked, and wiped when checked.