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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.

Breathes underwater, and moves through the world with ease. These adaptations are essential, as you'll be pitted against a world of increasingly frequent floods, where time is of the essence.

The Rivulet is one of five playable Slugcats in the More Slugcats Expansion. They are incredibly agile, having the highest movement speed, swim speed, and jump height of any Slugcat, as well as greatly increased lung capacity underwater. Cycles are much shorter and shelter failures are more frequent in Rivulet's campaign.

Rivulet is unlocked as a playable character after completing the campaign as Hunter, Gourmand, or Artificer.

For the main Slugcats page, see Slugcat.


5 food pips are required to hibernate, while up to 1 may be stored for the next cycle.



The Rivulet's opening fades in to show a room in Drainage System. Two explosions are heard, before a dead Scavenger and Rivulet fall into water from a shaft in the ceiling. Rivulet also begins with the Mark of Communication.

Food: 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑|🌑

Karma: Karma 1

Area: Drainage System (DS_RIVSTART)


World Changes

  • Cycles are much shorter than usual[1], as little as 5 pips (2 minutes and 30 seconds) of length.
  • Shelter failures occur much more frequently.
  • Hard mode spawns are enabled, and aquatic predators are more common.
  • Brother Long Legs are nearly absent from Garbage Wastes.
  • Pieces of the Underhang have fallen into Shaded Citadel Memory Crypts, spreading the Rot and the native fauna into the subregion. Miros Birds are no longer present.
  • The pier at the western end of Subterranean has collapsed, making the gate to Outer Expanse inaccessible.

Abilities & Attributes


Lung capacity 6.67
Throwing Skill[†] 1
Spear Damage 1
Run Speed 1.75
Pipe Speed 1.6
Pole Speed 1.8
Mass 0.95
Loudness Standard
Crawling Stealth Standard

[†] Throwing skill affects velocity and trajectory.



Rivulet gaining large altitude from performing a backflip

Rivulet is much faster than Survivor at 1.75x speed, also possessing increased jump height, swim speed, and a very high backflip. When running at full speed, creatures cannot grab hold of Rivulet, allowing them to easily bypass predators such as Monster Kelp and Pole Plants. Likely an unintended side effect is that this affects the climbable tendrils of proto-long legs, which are required to progress in The Exterior.


Rivulet has a very powerful slide that is able to traverse around 2/3rds of the screen. This is ideal for traversing flat areas quickly. Jumping during the slide covers a great distance.

If Rivulet slides and jumps into a wall or other solid obstacle, they gain a massive burst of momentum and fling upwards with very little directional control; this is likely unintended.

Rivulet quickly traversing the terrain by performing a slide on the ground


Rivulet has significantly faster swim speed and a stronger swim boost. They can also eat food underwater. Contrary to several in-game descriptions, they cannot breathe underwater and merely have greatly increased lung capacity. Boosting depletes Rivulet's remaining air by a large portion. This can be toggled off in the Remix menu if desired.


If Rivulet enters water from a slight height and jumps out at an angle, they 'ploink':

The most consistent way to achieve this is to jump from a slope and hold while pressing .

Popping Bubble Fruit

Rivulet is capable of popping dry Bubble Fruit by simply holding it in their hand for a few seconds.


  • Ignore any fights that are not absolutely mandatory. Due to short cycles, traversing quickly between shelters is key - fighting is likely to waste valuable time. Rivulet's high speed means most predators cannot catch up and can be slipped past with ease. Enemies such as Monster Kelp and even all variants of Daddy Long Legs cannot grab a full speed Rivulet, so even they can be mostly ignored.
  • Players should avoid The Exterior The Leg and The Exterior Underhang unless they are well prepared. The sheer amount of rot makes traversal extraordinarily difficult especially before running out of time, and currently Rivulet cannot consistently grab onto the tentacles that are needed to progress.
  • If a shelter failure occurs, the player has more time to get progress done. Beware that this prevents cycling at the same shelter. Take note of routes to previous shelters if needing to build up Karma.
  • Rivulet has enough lung capacity to explore most underwater areas; however, their underwater boost swiftly drains their air supply. Use it with caution to avoid drowning.
  • Scavengers standing around Scavenger Tolls flee when the rain is close, making it easy to slip past with enough time to reach the next shelter.
  • Rain is much less dangerous for Rivulet than for other Slugcats. Their high air supply allows for travel in flooded areas, and flooding can be used to swim to normally hard-to-reach areas.


  • Rivulet has unique eyes among Slugcats, having large, visible pupils with magenta irises, although this is only reflected in official artwork and not in-game. All other Slugcats have pure black or white eyes.
  • Rivulet is based on an axolotl. As a result, they have a similar appearance to Salamanders.
  • Looks to the Moon calls Rivulet "Ruffles".
  • In Rivulet's campaign, Looks to the Moon starts with 7 Neuron Flies instead of her usual 5.
This section contains major plot details from Rivulet. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Rivulet, then read no further!

  • Rivulet’s character portrait on the selection screen changes what they are holding based on progression: it starts as a Bubble Fruit initially but changes to a Rarefaction Cell once acquired, and back into a Bubble Fruit once brought to The Heart.
  • If Rivulet enters Looks to the Moon's room from the left pipe after placing the Rarefaction Cell, they cannot move for the duration of her dialogue and so are unable to see her projections.
  • The game may freeze during the ending Broadcast in Auxiliary Transmission Array due to the snow layer.
Spoilers end here.


    This section contains major plot details from Rivulet. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Rivulet, then read no further!

    After removing the Rarefaction Cell from Five Pebbles, cycles return to a length similar to that of Monk's.
    Spoilers end here.