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Rot is a mysterious type of creature consisting of several cysts with tentacles to draw prey in. It consumes almost all creatures, sometimes including other Rot, and can instantly kill Slugcat if they are drawn in. Most creatures are afraid of Rot and avoid it whenever possible.

Mobile Rot

Brother Long Legs

Brother Long Legs are the smallest mobile Rot cysts and are primarily found in Garbage Wastes. They are both blind and deaf, relying solely on their tentacles to feel and draw in prey. Because of their size, they are too small to consume large creatures like Green Lizards and Vultures, although these creatures are still afraid of it. Brother Long Legs are often colored brown to indicate their type, although some Brother Long Legs are colored blue like Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs

Main page: Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs are larger Rot cysts initially encountered in The Exterior, and although blind, can detect creatures with their hearing. They are large enough to consume most creatures and even Brother Long Legs, and are a formidable opponent that is often futile to fight. Daddy Long Legs flash in color whenever they hear sounds, often rushing to the source.

Daddy Long Legs are often colored blue to indicate their type, although very occasionally, brown Daddy Long Legs can be encountered in regions like Garbage Wastes.

Mother Long Legs

Main page: Mother Long Legs

Mother Long Legs, or Terror Long Legs, are the largest form of Rot cyst, introduced in the Downpour DLC. They are practically unkillable except with a Singularity Bomb, have substantially longer tentacles, and can even eat Daddy Long Legs. Often, even being in the same room as a Mother Long Legs means certain death.

Proto Rot

Main page: Proto Rot

Proto Rot is attached to surfaces and, being a stationary hazard, cannot be killed. It is often colored brown or blue to reflect the mobile rot found nearby. Blue Proto Rot can flash to indicate that it hears noises, though this is solely a cosmetic effect, since it cannot move.

Proto Rot is often accompanied by static tentacles hanging around which Slugcat can safely grab onto and climb.


This section contains major plot details from the "5P" region and beyond. If you have not progressed past this region, then read no further!

Rot originated from Five Pebbles when he attempted to circumvent the self-destruction taboo[1] and failed. Initially, Rot was dumped into the Garbage Wastes while it was still in the form of Mother Long Legs, and this is the form it takes during Spearmaster's campaign. Over time, it degraded into Daddy Long Legs and then Brother Long Legs, which is the form it takes in most Slugcats' campaigns.

By Rivulet's campaign, Five Pebbles has been unable to prevent the runaway formation of Rot and his superstructure is once again filled with Mother Long Legs, Daddy Long Legs, and lots of Proto Rot, even changing the name of the region to The Rot. By Saint's campaign, this has degraded into only a handful of Brother Long Legs in Silent Construct, after his superstructure collapsed.

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