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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.

Revisit regions that were explored in the story campaigns, this time as an outside observer that watches the ecosystem unfold, uninterrupted by the antics of the player.

Safari is an Arena mode exclusive to ✔️DLCDownpour. Most regions contain a corresponding Safari Unlock, which unlocks that region for Safari Mode. In this mode, the player controls an Overseer while observing different creatures. The player can control individual creatures to create unique situations and experiment with how they interact.

In the menu for Safari, the player can select which region they want to use (Karma Gates do not work) and deactivate the rain so there is no time limit. The player can also choose which Slugcat's version of the region they want to use. Once a region is unlocked, it is available to any Slugcat who has hibernated in that region, even if they did so before the region was unlocked.


Creature Control

The player can cycle through rooms while playing as the Overseer. Pressing Jump teleports the Overseer to a random room. Holding Throw and a movement key selects an exit in the current room, allowing the Overseer to move between adjacent rooms.

While in an occupied room, the player can move their cursor between creatures using the movement keys. Creatures selected in this way are followed by the camera, including between rooms, but are not controlled by the player. Pressing Map with the cursor on a creature allows the player to take control of it. Creatures being controlled by the player have a mark above their head identical to the Mark of Communication. Pausing the game while in control of a creature shows the controls for that creature. If the creature the player is controlling dies, they return to playing as an Overseer. Incapacitation does not cause the player to lose control.

The player cannot play as Neuron Flies, Coalescipedes, Worm Grass, Grappling Worms, Jellyfish, Echoes, Iterators, or Void Worms.

Creature Controls
Green Lizard
Pink Lizard
Blue Lizard
White Lizard
Black Lizard
Yellow Lizard
Caramel Lizard
Strawberry Lizard
Cyan Lizard
Red Lizard
Train Lizard
Eel Lizard
Pole Plant
Monster Kelp
Garbage Worm
Vulture Grub
King Vulture
Lantern Mouse
Big Spider
Spitter Spider
Mother Spider
Miros Bird
Miros Vulture
Rain Deer
Infant Noodlefly
Adult Noodlefly
Giant Jellyfish


  • The color of the controlled Overseer is based which Slugcat's version of the region was chosen.
  • While Echoes cannot appear, visiting a location they reside in with a creature or the Overseer still causes a blue flash of light.
  • Players are able to eat their Overseer as a Leviathan, which causes the mark above the Leviathan's head to disappear and leaves the player stuck as the Leviathan until they exit to the menu. This can also be done as a Monster Kelp, although the Overseer can slip out of the Monster Kelp's grasp before being eaten.
  • While Stowaways can be selected to control, none of the controls do anything.
  • Although Grappling Worms cannot be controlled, they do have Safari controls defined in the code: THROW is Use Front Tongue, PICKUP is Use Rear Tongue, and JUMP is Use Both Tongues.
  • The only Region unavailable to play in Safari is Rubicon.