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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.

Frail and armed with a long tongue. Your journey will be one of perfect enlightenment, but walking this path requires patience, caution, and complete attunement with the world.

Saint is one of five playable Slugcats in the More Slugcats Expansion. They are able to grapple and swing from walls and ceilings with their long tongue, but they are otherwise weak and incapable of throwing Spears, making their agility essential to their survival.

Saint is unlocked as a playable character after completing both Rivulet's and Spearmaster's campaigns.

For the main Slugcats page, see Slugcat.


4 food pips are required to hibernate, while up to 1 may be stored for the next cycle.



Food: 🌑🌑🌑🌑|🌑

Karma: Karma 2

Area: Windswept Spires

General Changes

  • Eating meat gives no food pips 🌑 and briefly stuns Saint.
    • This does not apply to creatures' 'eggs'; however, Fire Eggs give progress toward The Monk, and Eggbugs are not present in Saint's campaign. The only way to attain The Hunter Passage is repeated starve cycling after eating meat[*].
    • In Expedition mode, if the player selects the Item Crafting perk, this can be bypassed by combining meat and a plant.
  • Saint always dies to Lizard bites.
  • Most non-lethal attacks leave Saint weakened, afflicting them with an extended exhaustion debuff. Some creatures that can inflict this status are Infant Centipedes, Snails, and the headbutt of a Squidcada.
    • Snails' shockwaves cause Saint to convulse for ~4 seconds and deplete their breath almost completely.
  • Spears cannot be properly thrown and deal no damage. Instead, they spin in the air and fall after a short distance. Other throwables like Rocks, Lilypucks, Grenades and Spore Puffs still work, however.
    • This means that, while unconventional, passages such as The Outlaw and The Dragon Slayer are technically attainable.
    • If Saint is in the grasp of a creature such as a Dropwig, they are able to throw a Spear to be released. The Spear will do 1 damage, same as if done by Survivor.
    • Saint cannot open Popcorn Plants with Spears; they instead open by themselves as the blizzard worsens.
      • Spears thrown by Scavengers are still capable of opening them.
    • In Expedition, Saint is capable of throwing Spears albeit with severely reduced velocity and damage, which does not apply to upthrows.
  • Echoes can be met at any Karma level and raise Saint's maximum Karma by 1. Meeting one while having Karma 5 5 maximum Karma raises Saint's maximum Karma by 2 instead.
    • Saint starts with a maximum Karma level of 2 and must meet 7 Echoes to reach 10 Karma.
    • Saint has 3 unique Echoes, and some vanilla Echoes have been moved or removed.
  • Nearly all Colored Pearls have been 'blanked' by the passage of time. Only 2 remain readable: The Pink Pearl at Farm Arrays and a Pearl that is special to a certain Iterator.
  • Saint takes 4 times as much damage from explosions, making them much more risky to use.
    • This prevents the use of Explosive Spears for movement in Expedition without the explosion resistance perk.

[*] This can be done by encountering an Echo on each of the starve cycles in order to reset the game state to pre-starve while keeping the passage progress. Exiting out during the 30-second grace period on the starve cycle, patched out with Remix enabled but possible to re-enable with the "Vanilla exploits" option, is an alternative.

World Changes

  • Snow falls all over the surface.
  • Almost every region is renamed to reflect the passage of time.
  • Water freezes Saint faster when the snow grows intense enough.
  • Scavengers can be found in more regions and in greater numbers.
  • Frigid Coast's waters are now fully clean. Fauna and flora from the Submerged Superstructure like Giant Jellyfish and Glow Weeds have expanded into the region. Miros Vultures replace regular Vultures.
    • The Leg and the part of the Underhang that contained the lower entrance to Five Pebbles have crushed the Karma Gate between Shaded Citadel and Shoreline, replacing it with a connection to the Silent Construct.
  • Looks to the Moon has gravity fluctuations due to Looks to the Moon's partial reactivation. The mostly intact Looks to the Moon Luna can be reached through the passages above Looks to the Moon's chamber while there is low gravity. Distant Towers upon Cracked Earth can be met at the western dead end, beyond the Five Natural Urges' representations.
This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!

  • Submerged Superstructure has a few changes to make it easier to reach The Heart, and Saint can find an additional, optional Echo inside of Bitter Aerie. Even with the changes, reaching The Heart is incredibly difficult without 10 maximum Karma. There is an alternate route to Bitter Aerie up through Looks to the Moon's Memory Cortex. The secret Echo Eight Spots on a Blind Eye lives near the Auxiliary Transmission Array.
  • Primordial Underground Ancient Labyrinth now has a visual distortion effect similar to the one in the Subterranean Depths, which is now gone entirely and replaced with a massive pit that leads to Rubicon. Rubicon cannot be accessed without Maximum Karma, and any attempts to jump down just teleport the player back up.
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Region Name Changes

Nearly all accessible regions in Saint's campaign have altered names, which are listed here. Omitted areas are either inaccessible or have kept their original name.

This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!


Main page: Blizzard

Rain is not present in Saint's campaign. Instead, snowfall gradually increases into a blizzard, decreasing all creatures' (except those immune to the cold) temperature until they hibernate or freeze. Warmth can be retained by maintaining proximity to warm creatures or objects, holding or swallowing warm objects such as Lanterns, and being indoors. When freezing, Saint may fall over or drop objects.

Abilities & Attributes


Lung Capacity Standard
Throwing Skill[*] 0 (Monk)
Spear Damage 0.6 - 0.9[†]
Speed Standard
Mass Standard
Loudness Standard
Crawling Stealth Standard

[*] Throwing skill affects velocity and trajectory.

[†] Only applies to Fire Spears and Expedition. Damage value is randomized on throw between 0.6 and 0.9, with an average of 0.66.


Saint possesses a long tongue they can use to grapple onto terrain, objects, and creatures. They can also grab onto poles upon retracting their tongue if it does not come into contact with a different surface. Similarly to the Grappling Worm, Saint's tongue can be used by pressing in midair and pressing again to let go. When Saint is hanging vertically or otherwise still, their tongue can be extended or retracted by holding or , and Saint can move 45 degrees horizontally in either direction. While attached to a surface, Saint can eat food while still and throw objects. While attached to a creature or object, Saint either pulls it or is pulled by it depending on the mass ratio. This allows Saint to grab Blue Fruit and ride Rain Deer without using a Spore Puff, among other uses. There is no cooldown on the grapple ability.

Saint can extend their tongue in 3 directions: diagonal-left, diagonal-right, and straight up. This differs from Grappling Worms, which can only extend upward. If no directional input is held, Saint's tongue releases in the last held direction. Saint only releases their tongue upward when is held. Releasing in a horizontal direction adds momentum which is not removed on switching direction, which can be initiated at any point.

If Saint initiates a backflip or slide-flips into a grapple, they become locked in a semi-permanent aerial roll state until they hit a surface. If initiated by a backflip, the roll can be paused by holding the opposite direction. If initiated by a slide-flip, Saint spins even faster and cannot stop or change direction. The rolling state can be used for faster vertical and horizontal movement respectively, at the cost of player control.


Jumping while grappled detaches the tongue and gives Saint upward momentum. This can be used to climb anywhere there is a reachable wall or ceiling. Although some surfaces automatically detach Saint, manually jumping propels them upward regardless of this property. On poles, this acts as a normal pole-boost. Saint gains the most height when vertically attached to a surface or when crouching.


Saint's tongue can be used to gain incredible speed as it is longer and more versatile than a Grappling Worm. This is mainly useful for traversing long horizontal rooms with ceilings by repeatedly releasing as late into the swing as possible; as each forward grapple adds momentum, initial speed is not required. Vertical momentum also applies to the grapple; however, this has limited use, as it is mainly encountered when grappling while falling from a great height, in which case Saint is yanked upwards relative to their speed.


Saint freezing to death outdoors

Saint has difficulty moving and is slower when below 1 pip of warmth. They may fall over while walking or climbing, and often drop held objects. This does not affect their tongue, so they can stay grappled onto a surface indefinitely, even after death.


This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!

Saint activating their attunement ability

Once Saint reaches a maximum Karma level of 10, they reach attunement and unlock the ability to fly and ascend creatures, instantly killing them. The player can take flight by pressing and while airborne. Upon activating the ability, Saint opens their eyes and a maximum Maximum Karma Karma symbol appears above their head. Their eyes and the symbol strobe through different colors.

The karma symbol is surrounded by green pips in a circle, indicating the remaining amount of time Saint can use the ability. Once the pips fully deplete, Saint cannot activate flight until they recharge. When not in flight, pips refill over time. Saint's current karma level changes the maximum length of time they can use it.

While in flight, Saint moves slightly faster than walking speed through air and as fast as Rivulet holding a Rarefaction Cell through water. They can breathe underwater until the ability is deactivated. They can pick up objects and eat but cannot throw objects.

Saint ascending a Lizard

Holding while flying allows the player to move the karma symbol over Saint's head via directional inputs. After 1-2 seconds, the center of the karma symbol 'pops' and instantly ascends creatures with a slight area of effect, effectively killing them. Disturbances like being grabbed or hit by Red Lizard spit cancel the current ascension attempt.

Ascensions do not count as kills unless Saint hits their target with a different attack first (e.g. a Rock). This makes it a viable method to gain The Outlaw or The Dragon Slayer. Additionally, ascending creatures such as Scavengers does not affect reputation with them. Ascensions work on any creature, including those that cannot ordinarily be killed. Guardians can survive up to 3 ascensions before dying. Ascension can also open Popcorn Plants, forcing them to drop their Seeds.

Five Pebbles and Looks to the Moon can both be ascended. Should the player die or quit in the same cycle as ascending either of them, they remain ascended upon continuing. If one or both are ascended, they offer special dialogue at the end of Rubicon.

In Expedition, Saint is permanently capped at 5 maximum Karma and is unaffected by Echoes, so reaching attunement is impossible. If a player selects Saint in Jolly Co-Op, attunement works normally and can be used to ascend other players.

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Echo Monologues


  • The only kind of Spears Saint is able to throw are Fire Spears, which are only found in the final region.
  • Lizards in Saint's campaign have hair-like structures on their heads.
  • Saint is the only Slugcat with fur.
  • Saint is the only Slugcat who can see Voidspawn without first eating a Neuron Fly.
  • The game takes screenshots of Saint at each Karma cap increase and displays them during their ending.
  • If Saint's tongue latches onto a Noodlefly or Firebug, they become aggressive.
  • Unlike other Slugcats, Saint can hold Batflies and Infant Noodleflies indefinitely without killing them.
  • Saint is killed if their tongue touches active flux condensers.
This section contains major plot details. If you have not made significant progress in the game, then it is recommended that you read no further!

Saint ascending held Batflies
  • If Saint has achieved attunement, attempting to eat a Batfly causes Saint to ascend them instead.
    • Saint cannot activate their attunement ability in Arena, but they can still ascend Batflies in this manner to gain points.
  • Saint's ascension ability does not work on Iterators outside of their own campaign. Instead, the Iterator is only displaced and does not acknowledge the disturbance.
  • If the player restarts Saint's campaign after completing it, the Slugcat selection screen art still displays their ending artwork.
    • If Saint finishes the game with an item in their stomach, they still have it after restarting; this allows for 'smuggling' items between playthroughs.
  • Saint's tongue can go through Void Fluid to attach to ceilings.
Spoilers end here.