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"Singularity Bomb"
Weapon, Swallowable

Singularity Bombs are blue throwable bombs added in ✔️DLCDownpour. They are obtainable via Gourmand's crafting mechanic, by combining a  Fire Egg with a  Grenade or a  Karma Flower; from  Elite Scavengers that spawn when playing as Hunter , Artificer or Spearmaster; and one spawns at the beginning of every cycle for ???, which is reskinned to look like the AndrewFM egg. They are capable of instantly killing any creature in its distortion radius, including  Guardians.



Detonation of a Singularity Bomb

When thrown, Singularity Bombs rise into the air and begin emitting lightning, distorting the area around them and pulling any nearby creatures in. Four seconds after being thrown, they release a shockwave that stuns and causes knockback to all creatures in the room. Anything (including the player) inside the distorted zone immediately dies. The distortion effect lasts for six seconds after the explosion.

This makes them a very powerful weapon, capable of taking care of any threat. However, they can stun and disarm Slugcat from over a screen away, leaving them open to attacks.

Singularity bombs cannot be used underwater, instead sinking downwards similarly to a  Grenade when thrown.

Other detonations

Singularity Bombs can also be detonated from a distance by any direct impact, including but not limited to:

However, unlike Grenades, Singularity Bombs cannot be activated by explosions.


Gourmand can use Singularity Bombs to easily craft  Fire Eggs. However, this has limited functionality, as a Fire Egg is required to craft the Singularity Bomb in the first place. Other outputs are as follows:

Crafting table


  • According to Looks to the Moon, Singularity Bombs are actually small damaged  Rarefaction Cells with lower energy density.[1]
    • They are unstable and dangerous, so she refuses to use them to power herself, as her systems would be unable to handle them safely.
    • She also believes using them as weapons is foolhardy and extremely risky, and immediately orders Slugcat to remove the item from her premises.
      • Throwing a Singularity Bomb in her room causes her to exclaim, "WHY?!".
  •  Miros Bird eyes flash colors when caught in the radius of the explosion.
    • This is likely due to the  Flashbang-like effect that accompanies the detonation.
  • If Slugcat throws a Singularity Bomb at Five Pebbles, he panics and ejects both the Slugcat and the Singularity Bomb from his chamber.
    • This results in a guaranteed death, as the Slugcat has no time to escape the explosion once they are out of his chamber.
      • This can sometimes glitch, however, if Slugcat throws two Singularity Bombs in quick succession. This results in only one detonating and Slugcat is not ejected. The Singularity Bomb pulls in his puppet and Pearls, but does not kill him.
  • The Singularity Bomb's shockwave can recharge  Electric Spears, but may also destroy them in the process.
  1. Take this and leave, now.

    If you must know... this is a low density mass rarefaction cell.

    The energy trapped inside this is incredible, and while my facility is capable of extracting it, the shielding on this cell has been damaged. Either through old age, or abuse.

    I do not doubt you found this with the scavengers, somehow. While they may not understand the things they find, they have a natural inclination for combat. Using these as a weapon however, would be horribly foolish.