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This page covers sliding movement tech. Click here to go to the main Controls hub page and access other movement tech pages.

Basic slide[edit | edit source]

Slides can be performed by pressing down and jump together while moving. A specific sound can be heard when performing a slide.


Pressing jump too late cancels the slide and cause a stumble.

Not holding forward long enough results in a shorter slide which cannot be jumped or flipped out of.

Slide-pouncing[edit | edit source]

Basic slide-pounce[edit | edit source]

Jumping mid-slide results in a long pounce.

Pressing the second jump too early or late results in a smaller pounce.


Landing upright from pounce[edit | edit source]

It is not possible to change to an upright state mid-pounce, and so unless able to roll, the Slugcat always lands in a crouched state, which slows the player down.

This can be avoided by pressing jump on landing, to enter a temporary upright state, and then pressing up to switch to standing.

This also conserves momentum, which is extremely useful for exiting all pounces and roll chains.


Slide-boosting[edit | edit source]

This can be done by throwing an item backwards mid-slide, and greatly increases distance travelled. As with regular slides, holding forward is needed to get a full length slide.


Slide-flipping[edit | edit source]

Basic slide-flip[edit | edit source]

Pressing jump while holding backwards mid-slide results in a long backflip. This move is also called whiplash in the game code.

Note: To slide-flip correctly, down and forward must be released, and backwards held, before jump is pressed. The jump window is the same as for slide-pouncing.

Pressing jump and back too early results in a regular failed slide-pounce due to the shorter slide. Forward must be held long enough for a regular slide, to slide flip.