Slime Mold

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"Slime Mold"
Code name
Food Pips

1 🌕 As MonkAs Survivor

0.25 🌘 As Hunter

✔️DLC1 🌕 As GourmandAs RivuletAs Saint

✔️DLC0.25 🌘 As Artificer

✔️DLCInedible As Spearmaster

Locations (amount)
Shaded Citadel (29)
The Exterior (22)
Respawn time
2 to 3 cycles (variations: 9-12)

Slime Mold is a faintly glowing, edible object that can be found in Shaded Citadel and The Exterior Underhang. They are orange, circular shaped, and can be on the ground, walls, or ceiling. Slime Mold are accompanied by orange patches in the background that cannot be interacted with.



Slime Mold acts primarily as a food source. They can be found growing in groups of 2-5. They fill up 1 🌕 food pip when eaten (¼ of a food pip 🌘 as Hunter and ✔️DLC Artificer).

Light Source

Slime Mold provides a faint glow when held, though it is much dimmer than that of other glowing objects such as Flashbangs or Lanterns. Although weak, this light can reveal if a dark room contains Coalescipedes.


Gourmand holding a regular Slime Mold in comparison to a larger variant.
  • There is a large variant of Slime Mold that fills 2 food pips 🌕🌕 when consumed. It is exclusive to ✔️DLC Gourmand's starting room and one of Gourmand's challenges. This variant also provides a larger radius of light.[v1.9 More Slugcats Expansion only]
  • Although Slime Mold does not provide any heating properties of its own, the light attached to Slime Mold growths provides 0.3x the warming effect of a Lantern.[v1.9 More Slugcats Expansion only]