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Sliver of Straw was an Iterator in the Local Group. She's the only Iterator who possibly solved the Great Problem.

About[edit | edit source]

Like most of her kin, she worked on finding a way of ascension. She seemingly succeeded, as she sent out the Triple Affirmative: That the solution had been found, that the solution was portable, and that the solution could be easily applied. All contact with her was lost after the other Iterators received her message. The other Iterators speculated on what became of her, only being aware that she was definitely dead. Some believed she somehow achieved self-destruction, despite the taboo of the same name that keeps Iterators from doing so. Others believe that the solution itself was what killed her, and that finding the solution was hazardous. Another group, of which Five Pebbles (character) icon.png Five Pebbles was a member, believed that dying was the key to ascension and sought to overcome the self-destruction taboo.

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This section contains details concerning the Downpour DLC. If you have not yet completed the DLC, then read no further!

The Downpour DLC added Sliver of Straw as a secret and special encounter. She can be faced in Challenge 70, which can only be accessed if all other Challenges are completed.

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