Sliver of Straw

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Sliver of Straw was the only Iterator who had potentially solved the Great Problem and to be confirmed exhaustively incapacitated. Little else is known about her.


Like other Iterators, Sliver of Straw worked to find a means of ascension. She seemingly succeeded, as she sent out a triple affirmative: that the solution had been found, the solution was portable, and the solution could be easily applied at scale. All contact with her was lost after the other Iterators received her message. They speculated on what became of her, but all they knew is that she was dead.

This speculation lead to the Iterator community being split into multiple groups. Sliverists believed Sliver of Straw had somehow achieved self-destruction, despite the taboo that keeps Iterators from doing so, and that this was the solution for Iterator ascension. Another group known as the Triangulators believed that the solution itself was what killed her, and that finding the solution was hazardous, and so should be implied without truly being discovered. Five Pebbles would partake in Sliverist conversation, and would promote such theories in other anonymous group chats under the pseudonym 'Erratic Pulse' (EP).

This section contains details concerning the Downpour DLC. If you have not yet completed the DLC, then read no further!

Sliver of Straw can be faced in Challenge 70 in Downpour's Challenge mode, which can only be accessed if all other Challenges are completed or if the Remix setting Unlock all Challenges is enabled.

This encounter has been confirmed by the More Slugcats Expansion developers to be non-canon.[1]

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