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Slugpup icon.png
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Code name
Fearful to Passive
Food Pips

3 Food pip.png Hunter head.png

DLC icon.png3 Food pip.png Artificer head.png

DLC icon.png1.5 Food pip.png Gourmand head.png

DLC icon.png1 Food pip.png Spearmaster head.png

Spawn Chance
Outskirts Safari Icon.png Outskirts (15% spawn chance)
Industrial Complex Safari Icon.png Industrial Complex (25% spawn chance)
Drainage System Safari Icon.png Drainage System (25% spawn chance)
Garbage Wastes Safari Icon.png Garbage Wastes (30% spawn chance)
Shoreline Safari Icon.png Shoreline (15% spawn chance)
Shaded Citadel Safari Icon.png Shaded Citadel (40% spawn chance)
The Exterior Safari Icon.png The Exterior (5% spawn chance)
Chimney Canopy Safari Icon.png Chimney Canopy (25% spawn chance)
Sky Islands Safari Icon.png Sky Islands (20% spawn chance)
Farm Arrays Safari Icon.png Farm Arrays (30% spawn chance)
Subterranean Safari Icon.png Subterranean (50% spawn chance)
Pipeyard Safari Icon.png Pipeyard (50% spawn chance)
Outer Expanse Safari Icon.png Outer Expanse (10% spawn chance)


Slugpups are creatures added in the Downpour DLC. They are unlocked after completing the Gourmand head.png Gourmand food quest and travelling to Journey's End, where they begin spawning in shelters in Survivor head.png Survivor, Hunter head.png Hunter, and Gourmand's campaigns. They rely almost entirely on the player for their survival.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Slugpups following Survivor head.png Survivor

Slugpups are the juvenile versions of Slugcat head.png Slugcats, and are roughly half the size of an adult. Slugpups' bodies and eyes come in a variety of different colors, with green and yellow hues being the most common, and red and violet being the rarest.

Food[edit | edit source]

Slugpups need 2 food pips to hibernate, and 1 may be stored for the next cycle.

Food pip.png Food pip.png Food line.png Food pip empty.png

On the cycle a Slugpup is found, their food bar is not visible. Due to this, a common mistake is to not feed them during that cycle, resulting in the Slugpup starving and needing 3 pips of food the next cycle. A found Slugpup has an empty stomach, and 2 pips of food is enough for them to hibernate successfully.

Slugpups can eat anything that Survivor can eat, including all kinds of Centipedes icon.png Centipedes.

Successfully hibernating with a Slugpup for grants passage progress towards The Mother Passage Icon.png The Mother. The amount depends on how many Slugpups are hibernated with.

Abilities & Behavior[edit | edit source]

Initially, Slugpups ignore the player until interacted with by means of grabbing or feeding. Upon being fed, Slugpups become friendly towards the player. Once sheltered with, a smaller food bar appears above the player's, indicating the Slugpup's hunger. Slugpups follow the player around unless distracted or given a stay command. Although Slugpups are capable of grabbing and eating food, such as Batfly icon.png Batflies on their own, the player may still need to feed them.

Slugpups can tug on the player and point, pick up and throw items like Spear icon.png Spears and jump over terrain. Upon entering a room with a hostile creature, like Lizards icon.png Lizards, any Slugpups that are not being held scatter. When captured, their food bar starts blinking red, alerting the player so they can save them. When killed, their food bar fades to a dull grey. While they cannot defend themselves when grabbed, if the player happens to be captured, they may throw Spears and Rubbish icon.png Rubbish in an attempt to rescue them.

Every cycle, Slugpups have a chance to spawn in the current region inside a random RW Shelter icon.png Shelter. The spawn chance differs per region; it is relatively high in regions such as Pipeyard Safari Icon.png Pipeyard and Shaded Citadel Safari Icon.png Shaded Citadel (50% and 40%, respectively), and lower in regions such as The Exterior Safari Icon.png The Exterior and Shoreline Safari Icon.png Shoreline (5% and 15%, respectively). However, when factoring in the number of shelters per region and general difficulty, Industrial Complex Safari Icon.png Industrial Complex is a recommended region to search for Slugpups, as there is a moderate 25% chance and traversing from shelter to shelter is relatively easy.

Utility[edit | edit source]

Slugpups can hold extra Spears and other useful items for the player. Slugpups can also throw them to catch food and help the player escape when they are captured by a predator (e.g. a Lizard), and are sometimes able to free themselves when holding Rubbish. Slugpups deal the same amount of damage as Monk head.png Monk, and can be surprisingly adept at killing or distracting creatures. When held, Slugpups may take hits for the Slugcat from Scavenger icon.png Scavenger Spears, Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spider Dart Maggots, and Lizards icon.png Lizard bites. On Expedition, their attacks count towards the player's challenges and score.

A.I. Quirks[edit | edit source]

Slugpups have memory for food items, which works similarly to the 'Ignores' and 'Eats' behaviors other creatures utilize. when a pup is found, all of it's relationships with food are set to ignore and when the player gives a pup food, it changes it's relationship with it from Ignores to Eats. When left to walk around it will try to eat that food if it's available, pups spawned in arena mode seem to have their food memory all set to Eats, and will walk around eating everything in sight without the player's input. Slugpups can perform most of the same movement options that are available to the player, but aren't able to intentionally use them, like a backflip. Slides and rolls are impossible for Slugpups to perform, even if the player controls them through mods.

Playing & Player Interaction[edit | edit source]

Slugpups can be given certain commands.

  • If the player jumps while crouched (down + jump), the Slugpup is told to stay in their current location.
  • A singular jump without directional inputs tells a Slugpup to play with the player. In this "play with me" mode, Slugpups stay closer to the player and pick up items more often.
  • A jump with the up direction held tells the Slugpup to stop playing with the player.

Idle Slugpups occasionally play with items and shuffle them around in their hands, as a form of fidgeting. They may also wiggle and jump around, and tug on the player's hand. Slugpups may also decide to nap while idle, laying down on the ground and closing their eyes.

Food Preferences[edit | edit source]

Slugpups have unique food preferences. If a Slugpup likes a type of food, it dances around in joy to a level according to how much it likes the food. However, if a Slugpup dislikes a type of food, it closes its eyes in disgust and shakes slightly. If a Slugpup has a strong enough preference in either direction, they can also be stunned for a short moment, followed by the appropriate reaction.

Slugpup food preferences are impacted by personality traits, which can be modeled in the following table:

Food Preferences
Type of Food Trait that Likes this Food Trait that Dislikes this Food
Blue Fruit icon.png Blue Fruit Nervousness Energy
Bubble Fruit icon.png Bubble Fruit Sympathy Aggression
Jellyfish icon.png Jellyfish Energy Nervousness
Slime Mold icon.png Slime Mold Energy Aggression
Eggbug Egg icon.png Eggbug Egg Dominance Energy
Fire Egg icon.png Fire Egg Aggression Sympathy
Popcorn Plant icon.png Popcorn Plant Dominance Bravery
Gooieduck icon.png Gooieduck Sympathy Bravery
Lilypuck icon.png Lilypuck Aggression Nervousness
Glow Weed icon.png Glow Weed Nervousness Energy
Dandelion Peach icon.png Dandelion Peach Bravery Dominance
Neuron Fly FP icon.png Neuron Fly Bravery Nervousness
Adult Centipede icon.png Adult Centipede Bravery Dominance
Infant Centipede icon.png Infant Centipede Energy Aggression
Vulture Grub icon.png Vulture Grub Dominance Bravery
Infant Noodlefly icon.png Infant Noodlefly Aggression Sympathy
Hazer icon.png Hazer Nervousness Sympathy

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Default relationship Rwtooltip.pngIgnores (0.5)
Wants to eatEggbug icon.png Eggbug (1)  •  Infant Centipede icon.png Centipede (Infant) (0.6)  •  Batfly icon.png Batfly (0.5)  •  Infant Noodlefly icon.png Noodlefly (Infant) (0.4)  •  Vulture Grub icon.png Vulture Grub (0.4)  •  Hazer icon.png Hazer (0.4)
Afraid ofLeviathan icon.png Leviathan (1)  •  Rot (Brother Long Legs icon.png Brother Long Legs  •  Daddy Long Legs icon.png Daddy Long Legs  •  Mother Long Legs icon.png Mother Long Legs  •  Hunter Long Legs icon.png Hunter Long Legs) (1)  •  Inspector icon.png Inspector (1)  •  Vulture icon.png Vulture (King Vulture icon.png King Vulture) (1)  •  Miros Vulture icon.png Miros Vulture (1)  •  Miros Bird icon.png Miros Bird (1)  •  Red Centipede icon.png Red Centipede (1)  •  Pole Plant icon.png Pole Plant (1)  •  Monster Kelp icon.png Monster Kelp (1)  •  Stowaway icon.png Stowaway (0.9)  •  Spitter Spider icon.png Spitter Spider (0.8)  •  Lizards icon.png Lizards (0.6)  •  Big Spider icon.png Big Spider (0.5)  •  Mother Spider icon.png Mother Spider (0.5)  •  Dropwig icon.png Dropwig (0.5)  •  Centipedes icon.png Centipedes (0.5)  •  Aquapede icon.png Aquapede (0.5)  •  Centiwing icon.png Centiwing (0.4)  •  Giant Jellyfish icon.png Giant Jellyfish (0.2)
Considers as its packSlugpup icon.png Slugpup (0.5)

Personality[edit | edit source]

Slugpups have six personality traits that affect their behavior: sympathy, bravery, energy, nervousness, aggression, and dominance.

Out of these six, sympathy, bravery, and energy are hard-coded, and the other three traits are influenced by them.







A short, slim pup and a wide, tall pup.

Variants & Attributes[edit | edit source]

Like other creatures in Rain World, Slugpups are vastly varied in appearance and attributes. These attributes, such as metabolism, stealth, balance, etc. affect their physical appearance and performance. This can be seen in the form of a Slugpup's color, wideness, speed, and lung capacity.

Slugpups have a wide range of color with multiple variables. Pups may come in either a pale or dark range of colors, which is determined in the game files by a variable called Dark. Eye color is based on their body color, with darker Slugpups having pale eyes, and lighter Slugpups having dark-colored eyes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Slugpups cannot ascend as they are stopped by an invisible floor in the Void Sea. If carried, they still move left and right along the barrier with the player. Once let go they can swim to the surface of the Void Sea.
  • Slugpups also cannot gain Karma by any means and are attacked by Guardian icon.png Guardians upon entering Subterranean Safari Icon.png Depths. This can result in the player's death if they are carrying the Slugpups.
  • Despite being able to encounter Slugpups, Outer Expanse Safari Icon.png Outer Expanse is locked off to the Hunter head.png Hunter. Because Slugpups cannot ascend, if the player wants to complete the game, the only option is to abandon them.
  • Due to the Slugpups' low mass, they are significantly more vulnerable to threats like Coalescipede icon.png Coalescipedes and Worm Grass icon.png Worm Grass. Care should be taken in traversing through areas abundant with these creatures.
  • If Gourmand head.png Gourmand slides into a pipe while carrying a Slugpup, it is knocked off and stunned.
  • Slugpups are transported with the "parent" when using Passages to fast travel.
  • Tamed Lizards icon.png Lizards can target Slugpups, and due to being friendly to the player, they are exempt from hostile stasis at the start of cycles. Care must be taken when keeping a Lizard around Slugpups, such as sleeping in a large shelter, and being prepared to immediately grab the Slugpups once the cycle starts, as Lizards cannot bite them when held by the player. Another way to prevent this is to keep lizard reputation high, as the Slugpup's lizard reputation is tied to player's Lizard reputation, a high enough Lizard rep will make them passive to pups and otherwise safe.
  • If the player force enables Slugpups, there is a 100% pupSpawnChance in Rubicon Safari Icon.png Rubicon as, according to one of the developer commentaries, "all Slugpups go to hell".