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Code name
Food Pips

1 🌕 As Hunter

1 🌕 ✔️DLCAs Artificer

0.5 🌗 ✔️DLCAs GourmandAs Spearmaster


As any Slugcat: Drainage System, Garbage Wastes, Shoreline

As MonkAs Survivor: Industrial Complex

Downpour Regions

As any Slugcat: Drainage System, Shoreline, Chimney Canopy, Submerged Superstructure

As MonkAs SurvivorAs Gourmand: Industrial Complex, Garbage Wastes, Pipeyard

As HunterAs Rivulet: Garbage Wastes, Pipeyard

As ArtificerAs Spearmaster: Garbage Wastes, Pipeyard, Waterfront Facility

As Saint: Undergrowth, Rubicon

Snails are small, shelled creatures, most often found slowly waddling around watery regions. They are capable of emitting a loud 'pop' that stuns nearby creatures.


Snails are colorful, hard-shelled creatures. They have black bodies with small white eyes and two legs. Their bodies are protected by brightly colored, almond-shaped shells that they are able to retract into for self-defense. They are slightly smaller than Slugcat.



Sending Slugcat upwards

Snails can be held and thrown to temporarily stun creatures, giving Slugcat time to escape from predators. This is effective against Leeches; throwing a Snail into a pool of water stuns Leeches in a wide radius, allowing Slugcat to swim past safely. With a well-timed jump, the Snail's pop may also grant a good amount of vertical momentum, allowing Slugcat to reach high places, though this use is fairly niche.

Stunning a group of Red Leeches

They can be utilized as a distraction, as Slugcat can throw one at one of the Snails' predators, causing them to either catch the Snail and retreat to their den, or sometimes even get trapped in a near endless loop of grabbing the Snail, the Snail popping, the predator getting stunned, the predator attempting to grab the snail again, and so on. This can come in handy for passing dangerous creatures such as Centipedes and Monster Kelp, who often take a long enough time to kill or eat the Snail for the Snail to pop.

Abilities & Behavior

Climbing up

Snails wander around and ignore most other creatures. While slow, they can scale background walls, which allows them to easily traverse rooms.


Snails are capable of producing a loud pop from within their shells, creating a shock wave which can repel and stun Slugcat and any other similarly sized creatures. There are a few conditions under which Snails may pop:

  • When around other creatures. Standing near one causes it to shake with increasing intensity, before eventually popping. Snails may also produce a few smaller pops beforehand, which serve as a warning. The exact speed at which a Snail pops depends on distance, being near instant if touched.
  • Shortly after being thrown.
  • Hitting a surface with enough velocity. This can be observed when Slugcat drops from a height while holding a Snail.
  • Getting hit with a non-lethal object such as a Rock.

A Snail's pop radius is proportional to its size. Pops are considerably stronger in water, up to 5.5 times if both the Snail and the creature receiving the shock are submerged.

Dead Snails only pop when touched - once on death, and then once after every throw.


Default relationship Uncomfortable with (0.5)
Ignores Overseers (0.0)  •  Snails (0.0)
Afraid of Brother Long Legs (0.8)

Variants and Attributes

Snails' bodies vary in size. Their shells can take on almost any color except for grayish shades. Shells have an ~80% chance to feature a gradient and a ~20% chance to feature one solid color.


  • Snails boost certain moves, including backflips, longjumps, and walljumps, when held. This interaction is likely unintended, and simply a quirk of the physics engine.
  • Snails can only pop if they are touching a solid surface, background walls, or water. Though unlikely to ever happen in normal gameplay, this means that a Snail may get stuck on top of a creature's corpse, incapable of popping until moved.
  • It is possible to prime a dead Snail by inputting jump while on top of it.
  • Snails were revealed in Update #20 on the Kickstarter page and are the first backer-suggested creature.
  • ✔️DLC Saint suffers convulsions for a brief moment if a Snail pops near them.
  • Snails are sometimes referred to as Snailturtles by the community.