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Downpour-Exclusive Content

This page contains content exclusive to the Downpour DLC. This content is not available in the base game.
This section contains major plot details from Spearmaster. If you have not made significant progress or completed the game as Spearmaster, then read no further!

"Looks to the Moon"
Waterfront Facility Requires Karma 1
Waterfront Facility The Precipice Requires Karma 1
Internal name
DM (Depths of Moon)
Abstract Convergence Manifold
Memory Conflux
Neural Terminus
Rooms (Screens)
94 (282)
Threat music
Points of Interest (Spoilers)
Light Yellow Pearl

This page refers to a Spearmaster-exclusive region. For the Shoreline subregion of the same name, see Looks to the Moon (subregion). For the character, see Looks to the Moon (character)

Looks to the Moon is a mid-late game region that is only accessible in Spearmaster's campaign. It is Looks to the Moon's superstructure prior to its collapse, similar in appearance and layout to Five Pebbles combined with The Exterior.


The region is Looks to the Moon's intact superstructure. It consists of open air spaces acting as the exterior of the superstructure, Spider-infested vents, and a sprawling internal complex with fluctuating gravity and various chambers. Looks to the Moon contains various dilapidated chambers, having jutting pieces of rebar and dim red lighting.

Two Karma Gates to the west connect the region to the rest of the world. The lower one is similar to Five Pebbles' entrance to The Exterior The Leg, while the upper one is reachable via a bridge that connects Looks to the Moon's and Five Pebbles' own can, and collapses along with Looks to the Moon.

Looks to the Moon herself can be met at the heart of her superstructure. While more aloof than her future self, she's still friendly enough to not kill Spearmaster, as well as replenishing all necessary and stored food pips 🌕.

Similar to environs surrounding Five Pebbles, this region is unaffected by Rain. Lower sections become electrified, while the upper structure poses no immediate threats. However, unlike in Five Pebbles, the internal systems within the structure enter a state of dormancy, rendering traversal somewhat unfeasible.


Looks to the Moon Creatures

  • Blue Lizard


  • White Lizard


  • Cyan Lizard


  • Yellow Lizard


  • Pole Plant


  • Coalescipede


  • Big Spider


  • Spitter Spider


  • Dropwig


  • Lantern Mouse


  • Miros Vulture


  • Mother Spider


  • Inspector

  • Objects

  • Blue Fruit


  • Slime Mold


  • Neuron Fly


  • Pearl

  • Points of Interest



    A largely vertical area similar in design to The Exterior The Leg, but with a different baby-blue coloration of the glyphs paired with an abundance of chartreuse overgrowth. The area is filled with creatures otherwise native to Shaded Citadel, such as Coalescipedes, Lantern Mice, and a single Dropwig, paired with populations of Mother Spiders and Yellow Lizards.

    At the end of a cycle, a siren begins to play throughout Struts to signal the rain's arrival. It plays several seconds before the Rain appears, giving time to find Shelter.

    Likened to The Exterior, the Rain presents itself as a flux of various lethal lime green electricity, with this quality being applicable to the Vents as well.

    The upper two shelters in Struts are not properly protected from ElectricalDeath, try to reach these shelters in time rather than at the last moment.


    Similar to the The Exterior Underhang of The Exterior, consisting of horizontal stretches of platforms with poles and shortcuts connecting them, often suspended above death pits. The atmosphere is full of green particles and lightning alongside Miros Vultures that often appear if the player lingers in the open long enough. Both the left and right sides of Vents are connected to the interior facilities, although accessing the entrance on the right side poses considerable challenges due to the scarcity of Shelters.

    Similarly to Struts, a siren begins to play at the end of a cycle to signal the rain's arrival.


    Abstract Convergence Manifold

    A dense and twisted array of angular pathways and pipes that stretch across the western section of the superstructure, with several of these connecting rooms lined with pillars of high voltage flux condensers. When active, these glowing electric conduits instantly kill Slugcat and send objects flying on contact. Likely due to the deprivation of resources, the area has fluctuating power. This results in the conduits occasionally turning off, becoming silent and safe to pass for short periods of time.

    Memory Conflux

    A repeating grid of isolated, screen-sized chambers located at the upper right of the superstructure. Each individual room harbors various white spiders that tend to red grids across the large gaping holes of each room. Certain areas seem to sustain decay, indicated by a lack of light and various components of the infrastructure strewn across the flooring of the region. A yellow Pearl can be found in the right uppermost of these rooms, which can also be found in the corresponding subregion within Submerged Superstructure.

    This sub-region shares characteristics with Five Pebbles' Five Pebbles Memory Conflux, both having the same name and intended purpose.


    A vertical outdoor subregion similar to The Exterior The Wall, albeit much shorter. It prominently features a large protruding weather vane-like structure, composed of several spheres stacked upon each other which are dominated by yellow lizards. the slugcat must navigate through them to ascend and descend. Past this climb is a portion of the roof of the superstructure that eventually leads to a shrine room of sorts. This room contains a shelter just before a climb to the top of a descending series of five elongated steps, where within the background is a unique mural above each step that depicts the first five levels of karma, similar to the depictions near the top of Five Pebbles. At the end of this staircase is a pipe that connects back into the interior, leading to Neural Terminus.


    Neural Terminus

    The central hub of the superstructure with Looks to the Moon's chamber at its core. The chamber is connected to the roof by a shaft that encloses the chamber from the rest of the room and creates a 'U' formation out of the current space. Meeting Looks to the Moon requires first exiting this area and traveling through one of two other subregions, Memory Conflux and Luna; then returning to Neural Terminus at a separate collection of shafts, which is the pathway isolated from the other side of the central room that leads to Looks to the Moon's chamber. A series of rooms that are identical to those found in eastern portions of Waterfront Facility but maintain functionality leads to Luna.

    Visually, the Neural Terminus appears as a linear array of vertical or horizontal chambers. Ambiguously shaped holographic displays, swarms of Neuron Flies, undulating red tendrils, and irregularly placed platforms can be found. At the center of the subregion is Looks to the Moon's chamber. Similarly to Five Pebbles General Systems Bus, a soundtrack of increasing volume begins playing as Slugcat approaches the central chamber.

    Despite the cycles of power failure that affect the rest of Looks to the Moon's superstructure, zero-gravity remains constant in this subregion.


    Arena mode unlockables

    Location Unlockables
    Looks to the Moon
    As Spearmaster

    Arena unlock Maps Conflux  •  Dark Tower
    Sandbox unlock Creatures Mother Spider
    Slugcat unlock Slugcats Spearmaster
    Safari unlock Regions Looks to the Moon


    • Looks to the Moon has the acronym DM in game files, which stands for Depths of Moon.
    • When entering the Neural Terminus, the soundtrack Reflection Of The Moon plays. This soundtrack, (especially due to where it plays), can be seen as Moon’s version of Random Gods.
    • Moon shares multiple components with Five Pebbles, which can be inferred to be critical components shared across all Iterator models, such as the large cuboid object in the Abstract Convergence Manifold.
    • Unlike Five Pebbles, Moon’s equivalents of The Wall (Luna), The Leg (Struts), and The Underhang (Vents), are not part of a seperate region (I.E, Exterior), and are instead all part of Looks To The Moon.
    • Looks to the Moon has 6 subregions, more than any other region.
    • The warning siren that exists in Looks to the Moon’s superstructure is absent in Five Pebbles. This is likely due to Moon being older, however the reason why Five Pebbles lacks this siren isn’t clear.
      • Due to Five Pebbles' clear distaste for wildlife crawling on his structure, it’s not out of the question that he possessed one, but intentionally disabled it.
    • The “Light Tubes”, Overseers, and Inspectors are yellow. This appears to be Looks To The Moon’s signature color, similar to how Five Pebbles and his equipment all have a bright blue coloration.
    • The audio file for the rain siren that plays in Struts and Vents is labelled MOON_SIREN in the game's files.


    Graphical Map

    Interactive Map

    Looks to the Moon Map ported by JuliaCat57, Original by Henpemaz.